The Top 10 Anime Archers Ever

Anime archers are rare: we don’t frequently see these fantastic archers in anime shows. They use their archery talent to take their place. Some archers prefer basic bows, but some have mastered crossbows. They can perform the most incredible action scenes.

Top 10 Anime Archers

We have listed below the top 10 unsung heroes of the anime world who proves archery more than a sport.

Ashitaka in Prince Mononoke

Famous director Hayao Miyazaki filmed an animated project named “Prince Mononoke.” Ashitaka was the character name of the prince who served the Emishi tribe. A giant demonic boar shatters the village and injures him. The demon also curses Ashitaka that his wound will kill him.

It would be best if you respected Ashitaka for his bravery and heroism. He is often accompanied by his loyal giant serow Yakul. He always prefers his village for his health. He has mastered his archery skills to maintain peace among the tribe. His affinity for peace is shown multiple times.

Kagome Higurashi in InuYasha

Inuyasha is a famous animated Tv series pictured in Japan. It runs from 2000 to 2004. Kagome was the principal female character in the series. Yokai pulled her into her sacred well, where she traveled back in time and met InuYasha.

She was like an open book. Without saying a single word, her feelings were shown by her expressions. At first, she was jealous of InuYasha about her sense of her past. But later, she managed to deal with it.

She adopts the same path of her past life and becomes the top anime archer of all time. Her archery skills are mind-blowing. She was a pure and bold girl. She persevered and learned it to the best of her abilities, albeit she wasn’t as proficient as her ancestor.

Yona in Akatsuki no Yona

It is a manga and anime series. Yona is the principal female character stared in the series. She was the only heir of the Kouka kingdom. Soo-woo killed her father on her 16th birthday, so she left the castle and traveled to the wind tribe with Hak.

She takes after her mother except for her red wavy hair. She is a little, slim girl with a bright complexion. She learned archery from her companion Hak and later mastered it under the guidance of Yoon.

In the beginning, her skill was worse than a newbie. She made her way through consistent effort and endless challenges. She developed into a bold and rugged fighter from a kind but innocent girl along the journey. She fights to protect her father’s people and to regain her throne.

Uryu Ishida In Bleach

A manga (Japanese comic book) turned into animated Tv Series as “Bleach.” In the series, he was a doctor at Karakura hospital. He has a friend named Ichigo Kurosaki. Uryu is usually quiet and by himself, but he makes an extra effort to appear calm when other people are present.

He can instantly kill Hollows with a single shot because of his excellent precision. He also possesses a unique trait of path control. He can control his arrow’s path after shooting. His control power limit is not estimated, but he can fire three simultaneously.

He can also negate the attack of the opponent. For that, he shoots his arrow with a reasonable charge. The hand strikes others and nullifies the impact.

Rei Hino in Sailor Moon

The anime was featured from 1995 to 2000 with other movies. Rei was the red-suited scout among female fighters. She fights for justice with planet Mars, known as “Sailor Mars.” She was very arrogant and proved hard on others. 

She often uses fireball attacks to shoot their enemies. For the first time in “Dreams of her own,” she used a fireball. When she extends her arm in an archery position, a Mars symbol appears with an explosion. A dynamo converts into a bow and arrow and fires as a biological weapon. Her special attack is “Mars Flame Sniper.”

Natsume Tsuchimikado in Tokyo Ravens:

In 2010, an animated TV series was released: “Tokyo Ravens.” Natsume was the reincarnation of the King of North Star known as Yakou. She dresses like a man in her school life. This creates humor in the series.

Natsume was the top anime archer, an Onmyouji, in Tokyo. She also has magical powers. She uses her unique spells before shooting to get her enemy down.

Sinon in Sword Art Online

It is a series of animated TV series and manga novels. Asada Shino was the main character, also known as Sinon. 

She is an excellent and calm archer. In battle, she always controlled herself, but Kirito made her angry for once. She exhibits a very generous heart and is always willing to forgive.

In the third arc, Sinon is called Phantom Bullet. She was afraid of guns due to her childhood trauma. So, she opts for a better option and master archery. She is an expert archer who never misses her target.

Borgoff Marcus in Vampire Hunter D

Hideyuki Kikuchi writes Borgoff Marcus in Japanese. The book was published on May 11, 2005, by Asahi Sonorama. Borgoff Marcus is the leader of the Marcus clan. He belongs to a group of vampire hunters who recuse a kidnapped girl.

Borgoff uses his ancient bow and “chasing arrow” method to trap Mayerling. He controls his enemy so that two earlier shots puncture both of his shoulders. He can also make his legs big as a giant.

Pokkle in Hunter X Hunter

Pokkle was a shooter wearing a red vest and white pants. He later served as Fantastic Beasts Hunter. During the Hunter Exam, he carried a bow and an arrow quiver over his back.

He is a master in fighting and paralyzing chemicals and is in the custody of an antidote that can neutralize the effects of a Squadron Leader’s poison. He used a bow and an arrow made of wood for archery. He was able to headshot many Chimera Ants with his Nen ability.

Yoichi Saotome in Owari no Seraph

A member of the Moon Demon Squad of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. His sister, Tomoe Saotome, was murdered by a vampire. He masters archery to avenge his sister.

Yoichi possesses a high natural barrier to demon energy’s paralyzing effects. He also has a Gekkouin, a demon weapon of the Black Demon series. The gun appears like a large, black bow with bright green eyes-like features on its top and bottom curves. The green pentagram symbol zooms in on the target and produces multiple arrows. So he can seek his enemy before them.


The top 10 anime archers ever are listed above. Now you can identify the hero of your type. These anime archers are a source of admiration and inspiration. All of these are brave, bold, and masters of their own. Want to know about traditional archery, here you can read.

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