How To Make An Archery Target

18 Ways to Make An Archery Target: Quick and Easy

Archery has been around for thousands of years, and it’s no coincidence that the sport still enjoys strong popularity today. Archery is fun, it’s social, and it’s also a great way to get exercise and enjoy being outdoors. That’s why it’s essential to know how to make an archery target. To get the most out of your experience with archery, you’ll want to pick up some supplies so you can shoot whenever you want to and don’t have to worry about hitting random trees in the woods.

 However, creating an archery target can sometimes be difficult and expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are 18 quick and easy ways to make an archery target with things you may already have lying around the house!


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18 Quick and Easy Ways to Make an Archery Target

Undoubtedly, DIY archery targets can save your money and time. Here are 18 quick and easy ways to make archery targets.

1) Old Pool Noodles

Old pool noodles, pool floats, and plastic bottles are all great options for archery targets. Take a pool noodle and cut it in half lengthwise with a knife. Stand the two halves up with one end on the ground, then put a target in the middle. Cover the target with old clothes or another material to make it easier to hit. Cut off the top of the pool float so that you can easily see through it. 

2. Make Homemade Archery Target With Canvas Bag

The second best option to make an archery target is a canvas bag. Let’s see how can you make this target at home:

  • Find a large canvas bag. If you can’t find one, paint on a white canvas with acrylic paint, then let it dry for at least 24 hours before continuing. 
  • Cut the bag’s opening into four strips, careful not to cut too close to the seams that form the bottom of the bag.
  •   Fold each strip in half lengthwise, and stitch or glue along the fold.
  •  Connect the top edges of all four strips by sewing along the top edges only – do not sew down both ends! 
  • Turn the bag inside out, so the right side is on the outside. 6. Sew around the edge of your newly-made archery target with solid thread. 
  •  Fill the inside of your target bag with pebbles.
  •  Close the open end by tucking in any fabric until it forms an excellent seal. Finally, your homemade archery target is ready now.

3. Old T-shirt 

Old T-shirts work well too if nothing else is available. Just cut up the shirt into strips and attach it over your target. Be creative with what you have around the house to create new ideas. You can also use a paper plate or something easy to aim for! Place different colors of tape about 4 feet away from each other on the ground, then take turns throwing darts at them to test accuracy. 

4. Cardboard Tubes

Archery targets are often built with some form of cardboard. Cardboard tubes can be found in many stores and are perfect for building archery’ targets. You can make homemade archery targets with cardboard very easily. The tubes come in various lengths, which you will need depending on the size of your target. The length you need is determined by the height of your target or how tall you want it to be. 

A standard-sized tube should do just fine, but you may need more if you want your target taller. Another good thing about these cardboard tubes is that they come with caps, so the ends won’t unravel while being used. 

 5.  Soda Cans

This is also a perfect way to make an archery target. Take two soda cans and cut one of them in half. Put the open end against a tree or wall, then push the other can over it until it is tightly jammed into the can with its side facing out. Tape both cans inside so they don’t move around when you shoot at them. 

Use pieces of cardboard from milk cartons for extra protection. Place this contraption about 15 feet away from your target for 10-foot archers or about 20-25 feet away for 20-foot archers, and let your arrow fly! 

6. Pringles Tins

Pringles can make for a pretty good target if you don’t have any other materials. You need a couple of holes poked into the bottom of the can with a screwdriver or nail, and you’re good to go! Another option is to cut off the top two inches of a Pringles can so it stands up on its own without falling over. Take three more cans and poke two holes in each one as well. 

Place them upside down on top of one another so that they stand up, then put your first standing can in front of them, so it balances between them. Now you’ll have three levels–low, medium, and high–to shoot at, depending on how far away from the cans you set your bow.

 7. Logs 

One of the most popular ways to make an archery target is using logs. To create this style of a target, find two logs that are long enough to span at least 10 yards (9.14 meters) with a thick enough diameter that they will not break on contact. Place one log down on the ground so it points in the direction you will shoot arrows from, then place another log on top of it at a right angle, ensuring they are parallel. 

Use rope or wire to tie them together, then tape around the joint. The thickness of the logs may vary depending on what type of wood you choose but remember that thicker wood means a more difficult shot for archers. 

8. Tree Branches 

The tree branches are one of the best archery target materials. You can  use tree branches instead of logs to create your target. Attach two branches like before and cover with duct tape. It’s crucial that when you finish assembling your target, it is sturdy enough to withstand heavy impacts because if not, the whole thing could come crashing down!

 9. Bubble Wrap

Another of the easiest ways to make an archery target at home is with bubble wrap. Cut a square into the center of the roll, tape it down on both sides, and you’re all set! This target will still be easy for beginners but also challenging enough for more experienced archers looking for a new challenge. You can also mix up your options by changing the size of your hole in the bubble wrap and switching up which side you tape down. 

You can do this without specific tools in about five minutes or less! All you need is a ruler, scissors, clear packing tape, and some bubble wrap. Have fun making your archery targets at home!

10. Coffee Cups

One of the easiest ways to make a target is with coffee cups. You will need two for each target. All you need to do is stack them on top of one another, then tape them together with masking tape. This great way to use finished coffee cups or take up space in your cupboard. It’s also easier than many other methods because it doesn’t involve cutting out any pieces of paper or taping pieces together. 

One disadvantage is that it can be hard to see where the arrows hit if other targets are nearby since this method involves stacking cups onto one another instead of leaving them flat against a surface. 

11. Shower Curtains

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to make  an archery target, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to turn a shower curtain into the perfect DIY archery target in five simple steps. You can even do this one with your kids! 

1. Put the shower curtain flat on the ground, then fold it at one end to form a triangle.

 2. Fold it over again at that point, so there’s no fabric between folds, and tuck the top edge under itself like you would when folding a fitted sheet on a bed. 

3. Take the bottom of the fold and roll it around the other side until it makes another triangle, tucking that new edge underneath. Once everything is set up, tie some string across the front of the arrow holder/tree branch and attach it securely on either side before wrapping it back around and tying it off in front of the holder/branch behind your target. 

12. Pizza Boxes

Follow below steps to make cheap homemade archery targets  from pizza boxes:

1. Start with a pizza box. Poke a hole in the middle of one end of the box, about two inches from the top edge. 

2. Cut a small circle from the center for your target face; it should be big enough to fit over your arrow shaft.

 3. For your target face, use black construction paper or newspaper scraps taped with masking tape or glue or paint over the inside of your circle with black paint if you want more durability. 

4. Place the box on a table, propping it up against something, so it is angled towards you like an archery target. Tape it down to the table at each corner so it can’t move while you shoot arrows into the holes.

 5. Aim through your circular cut-out and shoot away.  

13. Use Toilet Paper Rolls to An Make Archery Target

You can use toilet paper rolls for accuracy if you don’t have a regular archery target. Cut them, tape the two halves together, then spray paint them red. When you want to take a shot, line up your arrow with the center of the target. Then when you shoot, ensure the arrow hits near the edge of your target, so it falls off to the side. If it does hit near the center or within 1-2 inches from any edge, put a mark on that spot and try again.

14. Use A Large Poster Board

Fold a large poster board and cut it into two equal-sized pieces. Place the two halves face-to-face, with the outside edges aligned, then glue the paper together along the edge of the board. Turn one of these halves over so its open edge is on top of the other half’s open edge, then glue these edges together. Cut several small squares out of cardboard and use them to create a grid by placing them at the intersections of the fold lines created by your cutting. 

Cut out triangles from any material you want and put each triangle onto one square in your grid. Cut off the corners of each triangle so they are rounded off like targets would be when shot at. 

15. Make your archery target with foam frame

Use a foam frame from the dollar store, cover it with fabric. Cut a piece of fabric into a square that is as wide as the length of your foam frame. Place over the frame, centering it, so you have even fabric on either side. Use pins to secure all four fabric corners onto the foam backing. Punch holes in the fabric where you want arrows to be shot at. Place paper backings on either target side. Cover with duct tape for protection. 

Using masking tape, make two stripes down the center of each paper backer – these will serve as guides for where arrows should be shot. At last, you have succeeded in making an awesome DIY archery target.

16. Turn Empty Cereal Boxes into Pop-Up DIY Archery Targets 

To make an archery target from empty cereal boxes turn empty cereal boxes into pop-up targets. Layer them inside another box at various distances. Label each section approx x yards, so you know how far away you are shooting. Build a target out of scrap wood or anything around the house.  Cut up old milk jugs, fill with water, freeze, then place on the ground in a 4×4 pattern. 

Shoot arrows through the holes as close to the bulls-eye as possible. The closer you shoot to a bulls-eye, the more points you get. Don’t forget to put this game back in the freezer before you leave!

17. Use Carabiners + Rope to Create DIY Archery Targets 

Create your archery target using carabiners, rope, a bucket, and water. Fill the bucket with a few inches of water and then attach the carabiners to the center of both ends of the rope. Pulling back on one side of the rope will create tension in the other end while simultaneously dipping or raising that side of the bucket. This makes it easy for archers to practice their skills without worrying about arrows getting stuck in a bulls-eye!

18. Tie A String Across Two Trees + Use Rocks as Makeshift Targets

For those who want to be more creative, tie a string between two trees at the desired shooting distance. In place of the traditional bulls-eye style target, try creating makeshift targets out of things found around your backyard like rocks, bricks, logs–anything that can be thrown in any direction.


Archery is a great activity to try with friends or family. However, it can be challenging to find a suitable target. If you have some extra time, consider making one for yourself. With the ideas outlined in this post, you’ll be able to make your archery target in no time! There are eighteen different ways that you can make an archery target. The most popular is using a cardboard box, but there are plenty of other options. Whatever method you choose, don’t forget that safety always comes first, so wear safety goggles while constructing and shooting arrows into the finished product.

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