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Who Makes Xpedition Bows? Are They Worth Your Expectations

If you want to use Xpedition Bows, the question that might come to mind is, Who Makes Xpedition Bows?

Who Makes Xpedition Bows

Xpedition Archery is the manufacturer of Xpedition Bows. The company was incorporated in 2013 under the umbrella of Xpedition Enterprises.

The office of Xpedition Archery is located in Decorah, USA. They built their brand name in a brief period.

They are producing bows, crossbows, and accessories used in Archery.

Mark-it Services acquired Xpedition Archery in 2018. Mark-it services is a parent company of many outdoor, tech & services brands. The commitment of Xpedition Archery never changed after the acquisition as well.  

Xpedition Bows

In Archery, you may get perfect results through clear and straightforward directions, so if you want to buy Xpedition Bows.

I’ll discuss all the bows made by Xpedition Archery.

I’ll also discuss the significant differences in the product of all the products made by Xpedition Archery. So, please read this article carefully. You’ll get valuable information after reading this article.

MX – 32

MX – 32 results from two of the Xpedition Archery’s best-performing bows into one advanced package. The product was created to meet the demand of their customers. The Bow has 32″ ATA and 6.5″ brace height which helps to offer a similar experience in shooting.

MX – 32 comes in multiple colors with the ETS system. It is one of the complete hunting bows in the history of Xpedition Archery. User’s reviews against the MX – 32 perfectly explain the product. 


This is one of the fastest bows in the catalog of Xpedition Archery. The company claims that smoke is the best choice if you want to get bone-crashing results in hunting. It’s a limited edition, so be sure to touch your supplier about availability.

The Bow has a 32″ ATA and 5.375″ Brace Height. It is a mixture of black and graphite colors. The weight of a bow is 4.4 lbs.


FLX is designed with the enhancement of brace height. To meet the consumer’s needs company incorporated an efficient ETS system along with LVR cams in the FLX bow. The manufacturer of the Bow keeps sustainability, hard-hitting, and accuracy in mind while designing FLX Bow.

The Bow has 33.625″ ATA and a 7.125″ brace height. The weight of the Bow is 4.5 lbs, and the company produces an FLX bow with multiple colors.


APX is one of the best bows of Xpedition Archery. It’s a moderate prices product, and the company’s focus in the Bow is draw’s length. The draw’s adjustment of this Bow is 26″ to 30″ with the ease of rotating mod.

The Bow has a 33″ ATA and 6.75″ brace height. The weight of the APX bow is 4lbs, and raisers of the Bow come in two colors, i.e., black and Realtree Edge.


The Xperience is a budget-friendly bow. The company never compromises the quality of the product. The Bow is budget friendly and covers a wide range of archers. It’s a youth/beginners style bow.

The Bow has a 30.375″ ATA and 7″ brace height. The weight of Xperience is 3.3 lbs, and the raisers of the Bow come in two colors, i.e., black and Realtree Edge.  


The company produces the following two types of crossbows:-


The crossbows have a feature of higher shooting performance at affordable prices. The ATA Height of the X430 is 13,” its weight is 8 lbs, and the length of bows is 37″. The shooting speed of X430 is 430fps.


X380 is a bit cheaper than X430. The ATA Height of X380 is 14,” and its weight is 6.7 lbs. The length of the Bow is 36,” and the significant difference in both crossbows is their shoot speed. X380’s speed is comparatively lesser than X430’s. Its speed is 380 FBS. 


Archery lovers always want to choose the equipment as per their mentor’s recommendations and exact requirements. If you are not choosing the Bow as per the expertise level, you are in danger. It may cause hand injury in Archery if you are not choosing the equipment as per the expertise and recommendation of the mentor. 

Following are some questions that may come to mind after reading this article. For ease of the readers, I have answered all of these questions. If you still have any queries, you may send us an email. 

Who makes Xpedition bows?

Xpedition Archery itself is a producer of Xpedition Bows. The origin of the company in the USA.

Where are Xpedition bows made?

Xpedition Bows are produced in the USA.  

Are Xpedition bows good?

Yes, Xpedition Bows are good bows. Pricewise they have managed to satisfy all of its customers by producing budget-friendly bows and high-priced bows for expert archers. 

Which Xpedition bows are the best?

Although, my choice from Xpedition Bows is MX-32. All the bows of Xpedition Archery are magnificent, but you should have to buy your Xpedition Bow as per your desires and the endorsement of your mentor. 

Who sells Xpedition bows?

Xpedition Archery is producing and selling their bows by themselves. 

Who owns Xpedition bows?

Mark Heck is the Owner of Xpedition Archery. 

Final Thoughts

Xpedition Archery achieves its targets in a brief period. The company delivers quality bows as per the need and expertise of archers. They have focused on both experts and budget-friendly archers. Before selecting the Bow for yourself, please remember the following points.

  • Buy the Xpedition bow as per the requirement and level of expertise.  
  • Read the detail and specification of Xpedition bows before selecting them for yourself. 
  • Buy the equipment used in Archery as per the recommendation of your mentor.

Xpedition Archery itself is a producer Who Makes Xpedition Bows.

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