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12 Diy Saddle Hunting Platform: Here Is How To Make Them

Having a DIY saddle hunting platform is crucial because DIY saddle hunters hang from a rope in the tree. It accomplishes two key goals.

  1. It gives the hunter a place to rest their feet 
  2. If necessary, remove some weight from the saddle.

You become a better hunter and have improved hunting skills thanks to saddle platforms. Due to its spectacular hunting use, one saddle platform costs a lot of money at the modification shop. In addition, it takes months to receive the order.

When it comes down to it, the essential tools for saddle hunting are a climbing technique, a tree saddle and bridge, a lineman’s rope, and a tree tether. After that, nothing further is essential.

Due to these factors, it is recommended that you learn how to construct a DIY saddle platform before you go hunting. 

Method To Make A Diy Saddle Hunting Platform

Here’s how to transform API hunting sticks into the saddle platform of your choice. It is lightweight because it is built of an aluminum bar. You need a lone wolf in the middle of the stick to hang the rope from in order to gather it. To make the hunting sticks for the saddle platform shorter, trim a few inches off of it, then fasten an auxiliary cord to the base.

 DIY Saddle Hunting Platform

This saddle hunting platform requires the following materials: a pencil, 3″ machine bolts or screws, 2″x2″ pieces of 3″ external plywood, 3″ metal but, and a few wrenches.

  • Finally, you’ll need a 90-degree roofing system angle, a screw gun, or an impact drive to drive the bolt down the side of the stand.
  • The next step is to begin assembling the components after obtaining the necessary equipment and supplies. 
  • You’re almost finished when you cut the plywood into pieces and drill holes in the roofing angles.

Tree Saddle Platform Diy

  • Making tiny homemade sticks is the first step in the alteration. 
  • The stick’s construction uses 32-inch API hunting sticks.
  • The aluminum was reduced to 7 inches, and the aiders were fastened with 7 mm supplementary cords. 
  • Webbing wraps around the accessory cord’s central section. It is not the customary 32 inches, but rather a relatively little space between each stick.

DIY Hunting saddle

Are you interested in horseback hunting but hesitant to start because of the expense? You won’t need to worry; with a little alteration, your saddle platform will be ready for usage. If you have a tick harness, the modification enables you to create a simple saddle platform for roughly $40.

DIY Saddle Platform Made From Recycled API Stand Aluminum

How to recycle an old API aluminum stand is given here.

  • Cut the old hunting staff from the tree stand API to the appropriate length.
  • Cut two pieces of square tubing
  •  to fasten the API stick to the tree. 
  • You should also knot an auxiliary cable to the stick and the tree.
  • Attach a metal rack to the platform to make it easy to climb and fold up when not in use.
  • You are now ready to go.

Under $100 for a DIY Saddle and Platform

Four by four by three-inch metal plates, a speed square with a sliding ruler, a metal grinder, a metal wheel, a clamp, and a metal tube removed from a hunting stick are the materials and tools required. Place the metal tube in a clamp and use the metal grinder to cut one end at an angle. The next step is to join the steel plate and metal tube.

DIY Climbing Platform with Sticks

Your saddle hunt stick needs to be modified to ensure that they maintain its quality. The metal plate platform that is affixed to this climbing stick is an improvement.

Like every climbing platform, the metal plate platform enables you to balance on the tree while holding onto the bar. You can stay in it and turn in whichever direction you like because the weight is not too heavy. Setting it up is simple.

Build A Cheap Saddle Platform

Here is a simple and inexpensive saddle platform that you may try out if you want to create a saddle tree stand for the tree in your backyard. The tree stand features a great tip that fits into the tree securely and keeps the platform from swaying in the wind. 

You can likewise get this result by cutting the Rio of the stand at a 45-degree angle. The top will fit into the tree at an angle.

Homemade Hunting Saddle Platform

The components of this DIY saddle hunting platform are the steel metal container platform, grade A bolts, 12″ steel square tubing, and a 34″ thick flat steel plate. On the platform of the metal box, make two notches.

After that, cut the 1/2 inch square tubing to provide support for the metal box’s bottom. Cut two triangle-shaped pieces from the flaring steel plate at this time. You’re good to go once you cut the triangles with notches on one side.

Homemade Tree Saddle

Do you want to start saddle hunting but find the cost of a saddle platform prohibitive or lack the patience to wait for an order to be placed? This video uses sit drag, climbing rope, and a rock harness for safety to learn how to build your own saddle platform. You must be very careful and pick a sturdy string while choosing one for the saddle platform to ensure your safety.

DIY Saddle Hunting Platform

As a result, saddle hunting platforms are straightforward to assemble. It is constructed using a metal plate, metal square tubing, bolts, welding equipment, spray paint, and an angle grinder. 

The platform plate should be ready, and the treestand should be welded to it. After soldering the components together, you must spray-paint the platform with your chosen color. It’s time to mount it on the tree after that.

DIY Hunting Platform with a Tree Saddle

Do you have any questions about using a tremendous sling to secure a saddle hunting platform? Stop worrying now. Here is a guide that will show you how to do it.

  • Create two loops: one on one end of the whoopie sling, which will be fixed, and one on the other, which will be movable.
  • Pull all of the leftover rope through the fixed loop after you’ve positioned it in one of the platform stand’s hokes.
  • On the opposite side of the platform stand, repeat the procedure for the elastic loop. 
  • Amsteel Blue is used to make the Whoopie sling.

DIY Tethered Camouflage Platform

Here’s how to assemble a camouflage tethered platform. The lengthy metal tubing and the flat tethered plate are the only components of the camouflage platform. 

After obtaining these materials, painting them should be done first. Rive the tape and other objects covering the flare plate to accomplish this. 

Clean the flat plate by filling a container with warm water and liquid soap. After that, grab the suitable spray paint and cover the plate with it using a sponge. The base color for the platform will be the color of the paint on the plate.


These DIY saddle hunting platforms can be made at home by you. Some are simple modifications to an existing saddle platform rather than being whole new creations. However, overall, these are simple projects to try out. Other helpful guides.

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