Best Arrow Rest For Recurve Bow

Best Arrow Rest For Recurve Bow: 2024 Updated List

You need a highly durable recurve arrow rest regarding archery, whether practicing for targets or going on a hunt. While shooting a recurve bow is a lot of fun, you’ll need a quality arrow rest if you want to hit your target and not damage your arrows in the meantime.

You’ll need an arrow rest if you purchase a trendy recurve bow. An essential plastic arrow rest will work if you have a beginner’s bow. A metal arrow rest is suggested for Olympic recurve bow owners who want to fine-tune their rig.

When using a recurve bow, arrow rests may be particularly puzzling. Hopefully, the information in this blog will clear things up a little for you and helps you choose the best.

Best Arrow Rest for Recurve Bow:

1.   Bear Archery Weather Rest RH (Bear Archery)

Probably the most well-known of the arrow rest, you’ve likely seen the Bear Weather Arrow Rest.

It comprises a flexible plastic that bends forward as you shoot, preventing your vanes from colliding with the rest as they release from the bowstring. Because it has an adhesive back, all you need to do to install it to your riser is peel off the sticker and glue it on there.


  • The strong arm will assist you in getting the most out of the flight of your arrow.
  • Self-adhesive foam backing for increased adherence.
  • Compatible with all bows.
  • Developed explicitly for traditional archers and was created by Fred Bear more than sixty years ago.
  • Shoots vanes or feathers.
  • Easily attached to the riser.

2.   Recurve Bow Rest Tabiger

This has to be one of the greatest arrows for recurve bows on the market. Tabiger is a well-known and very reputable brand in the market for archery, and with this Tabiger Arrow Rest, they have not disappointed.

From top to bottom, it is built of durable composite materials. Even if some force is exerted, the composite material employed here will not fracture or shatter very soon. Additionally, it will not rust or wear down, at least not for a few thousand rounds or more at the very least.


  • The Tabiger Arrow Rest is perfect for keeping your arrow safely and securely so you can quickly shoot.
  • It contains a whisker biscuit, which, in our view, is currently one of the nicest varieties of biscuits available.
  • These whiskers are the ideal combination of soft and firm.
  • Significantly, the Tabiger Arrow Rest can retain arrows securely while allowing the fletching to travel unimpeded.
  • The Tabiger Arrow Rest provides a simple attachment mechanism.
  • Just use the screw supplied in the package to connect it to your bow.

3.   Hsakei Arrow Rest

The Hsakei Arrow Rest is an excellent choice to go with since it is a type that can be purchased for a low price yet still performs well. If you’re looking for an affordable arrow rest, this one will be your best option. Because of this, it is more than suitable for novices and those just starting out in bow shooting. Our preference for whisker cookies is precise since they are the most effective of all arrow rests.

One notable feature of the Hsakei Arrow Rest is that it may be used effectively by either left- or right-handed archers. It is designed for right-handed shooters when mounted. To accommodate left-handed shooters, the mount may be turned around and used as a right-handed mount.

As simple as it gets when it comes to setting up the Hsakei Arrow Rest. Installing it on a recurve bow is easy since it comes with both an Allen wrench and the necessary hardware. Even when done in reverse for left-handed shooters, the mounting operation should only take a few minutes to complete.


  • Sought-after bow proficiency levels ranging from beginners to experts
  • Elevation adjustments are easily accomplished.
  • A biscuit wrapped in a composite shell, as tough as boots.
  • Suitable for both right and left-handed use.
  • Our courteous customer service representatives will be happy to help if you have any questions concerning the goods.

4.   The Cartel – CR 301 Hunter Arrow Rest 

CR-301 Hunter rest is a magnetic rest that has a longer, bend-resistant flipper arm to guarantee arrow shafts clearance during essential shots. The CR-301 Hunter rest has a longer, bend-resistant flipper arm to ensure that there is sufficient space for the fletching on those key shots.

The Cartel CR-301 Rec-Hunter is an inexpensive magnetized arrow rest for recurve archers. The steady plunger is designed to outlast conventional arrow rests due to its length and durability.


  • It has a changeable magnetic flipper arm that folds away
  • CARTEL CR-301 Rec-Hunter has an extra long hole to place Cushion Plunger
  • It retains full fletching clearance
  • CARTEL CR-301 Rec-Hunter has a 6.5-centimeter-long base
  • It is great for recurves
  • Attractive black finish
  • Only right-handed versions are available
  • It is constructed of sturdy metal.

5.   Truglo Recurve Archery Rest

This arrow rest is considerably different from the ones we have examined. But despite its high price, it’s one of the most effective on our list. As a result of the Truglo Arrow Rest’s rapid and simple installation, there is no need for a bow press. It merely takes a few minutes to attach it to your recurve bow. There are also a number of advantages to the TRUGLO Arrow Rest, such as its ability to be utilized by both left and right-handed shooters.

The Truglo Arrow Rest has a high-performance drop-down design, another advantage. This increases the downward velocity of your arrows when they exit this rest. The arrow rest is composed of a unique material to reduce friction and noise while drawing and releasing the arrow.


  • An arrow rests in the form of capture.
  • Adjustable and interchangeable dual–coil launcher.
  • The ability to make modifications to the tune with ease.
  • Made to withstand extreme conditions in every climate.
  • Excellent for hunting, 3D shooting, and target practice 
  • Ideal for 3D shooting, hunting, and target practice.
  • Installation is a breeze and takes very little time.

6.   Aketek Recurve Arrow Rest

The Aketek Arrow Rest is a wonderful option if you are searching for a low-cost arrow rest for your recurve bow that is suitable for novice archers just beginning their training. The choice on our list will cost you the least amount of money to go with.

Being adaptable is one advantage you gain here. Since the Aketek Arrow Rest can be turned around in either direction, it does not matter whether your dominant hand is your left or right. To put it another way, its default mounting position is intended for right-handed shooters, but it can also be switched around for left-handed shooters. In addition to this, the whiskers are constructed in such a way that they facilitate the passage of an arrow, complete with its fletching.


  • The Aketek Arrow Rest has a decent amount of longevity because of its construction.
  • Aluminum is the material used in its construction, and although it is not the strongest, it is also not the weakest.
  • It ought to survive for quite some time, provided that you are cautious and maintain it appropriately.
  • Biscuits are quite durable and allow for a smooth passage through.
  • They are inexpensive and allow for deviation and height adjustments.
  • The reversible form makes it easy to attach.

How to Find the Best Arrow Rest For Recurve Bow

The majority of novice archers will purchase an entry-level or Olympic recurve bow. Thus you will need to get an arrow rest. When looking for an arrow rest, here are things to consider:

  • How effectively it maintains the arrow:

Retaining the arrow is the most noticeable and crucial factor. Not only will it be very annoying if it doesn’t hold your arrow, but if it falls off the rest while you’re shooting, you might miss the aim.

  • How much it gets in the way of the arrow:

Arrow relies entirely on the component that keeps the arrow in place. And if the arrow rest comes in the way of the arrow, this will make you less accurate, so you should find a middle ground between these two bad things.

  • Arrow rest adjustability:

You should check the tuning of your arrow rest when you initially put your bow together. There are instances when slight changes are required because of interference or because the rest of the device does not hold the arrow.


You can see that recurve bow arrow rests are available in various high-quality varieties. There are more alternatives than the six reviewed here, but from our point of view, these are the finest arrow rests for recurve bows currently available.

Always look for a simple mounting system, easy windage and altitude adjustments, a rest that does not hinder flight or damage arrow shafts, and an easy-to-use mounting system.

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