15 New Homemade Deer Crack Recipe Cheap, Easy and Quick

15 New Homemade Deer Crack Recipe: Cheap, Easy and Quick

Anything that draws deer to a particular place is considered a deer crack. We usually pay hundreds of dollars for store-made deer crack. 

Below you’ll find the 15 Low-Cost Homemade Deer Crack recipes. 


Deer crack: what are they?

Anyone or anything that may entice deer into an area is a “deer crack/ attractant.” Baiting is the term used to describe this practice, which is illegal in several states. Before concocting this sweet-tasting lure, double-check your state’s restrictions on hunting.

It’s a practice that’s been around as long as hunting itself.

Apples, plums, cabbage, and a slew of other popular garden and orchard produce are all fair game for deer. They’re drawn to salt as well. Because of this, many Native American deer hunters set up their blinds near salt springs or natural salt deposits to catch deer.

New Homemade Deer Crack Recipe

Choosing the proper deer attractant is crucial to the success of practically every deer hunting excursion. Homemade deer attractants luring huge buck deer into the open for hunting are plentiful.

You may position yourself advantageously with the proper attractant to wait for them to approach you. To choose which is ideal for you, you need to weigh your alternatives and see what else is out there. Here are 15 homemade recipes for deer crack.

  • Deer Treats Using Corn and Molasses

  • Combine equal amounts of corn and oats.
  • Add the molasses to the pot.
  • Mix the ingredients together.
  • Put the meal in a feeder specifically designed for deer. 
  • Food Blocks

  • In a bowl, combine equal parts of honey and molasses and stir until well combined.
  • Mix your molasses and water, and then pour it over the stale bread.
  • Add corn kernels that have been drained of their moisture.
  • Place it in a baking dish.
  • Bake the ingredients at 200°F (93°C) in a pan.
  • Mix it up for your deer and serve it to them.
  • Making a Paste to Attract Deer

  • Mix the maize and oats together in equal measure.
  • As a binding agent, use a sticky material like peanut butter.
  • Make it spreadable by adding water to the mixture.
  • Don’t forget to cover any trees or structures with the mixture.
  • Apple-scented Deer attractant made at Home

  • Place pine needles and dead leaves on the bottom of a big plastic container.
  • Put the blender pitcher, apples, clothespin, plastic bag, and gloves in the tub.
  • Refrigerate the tub/container overnight, sealed.
  • Chop the apples and puree them until they resemble apple sauce in the blender.
  •  Add the apples to the natural water. Soak a towel for an hour in the blender.
  • Seal the rag in a ziplock bag with a clothespin. When ready, pull it out and drag it behind you into the Stand.
  • Peanut Butter Crack for Deer

  • Screw or hang a large peanut butter jar. Hang it 5 feet above the ground.
  • Make sure deer can get the peanut butter. You can get this on Amazon also.
  • The scent of Acorns Crack

  • Gather 3-5 pounds of acorns.
  • Fill the pot halfway with water and add the acorns. The acorns should be boiled for around 30 to 40 minutes until they’re mushy and easy to handle.
  • Use the Potato Masher to mash the acorns. Add more water to the saucepan and bring it back to a boil.
  •  Remove all of the acorns from the water using a sieve.
  • Spray your hunting area with the acorn water that you’ve collected in the Spray Bottle. The stink might remain for up to 30 days. 
  • Deer Scent Stick

  • Add Coconut oil and 2-oz Doe Urine (Or Estrus) to a glass basin.
  • Mix Coconut oil and Doe Urine (Or Estrus)  with two tablespoons of Polysorbate 20.
  • Mix ingredients well. 
  • Bag the Doe Urine Mixture (1-foot). 
  • Dip 15 unscented incense sticks, powdered ends down, into the ba.
  • Close the bag. 
  • Stand the bag for two weeks. 
  • After 2 to 3 weeks, put the Doe Scents on tree branches surrounding your stands to attract Bucks. 
  • This is a wonderful rut strategy.
  • You can purchase this from Amazon too.
  • Apple Deer Block: 

  • In a big saucepan, bring one gallon of water to a boil, then add apple pieces and begin stirring.
  • Boil the apples for a few minutes or until they are just tender to the touch.
  • Transfer six pounds of Di-calcium phosphate to the big container using the empty three-pound container. Add six pounds of salt and nine pounds of trace minerals. Stir the mixture well.
  • Combine the apple mixture with the mineral solution and whisk once more.
  • Add molasses and two more gallons of heated water. Stir it well once more. Now it’s done!
  • Pour the Crack and Mix into a tiny hole, along with a portion of the soil from the hole. This will naturally produce apple-flavored Deer Block in the soil, which will persist for several months. It is also available on Amazon.
  • Peanut butter-apple mixture crack

  • Place diced apples in a bowl.
  • Scoop a lot of peanut butter into the bowl with the apples and start to mix them.
  • Scraping the concoction onto trees surrounding your Stand creates a pleasant smell.
  • Tarsal Gland Crack

  • Put deer tarsal glands in a bag labeled with the animal’s gender. 
  • Freeze them until needed.
  • Cut the hair from the tarsal glands and place it in a basin with water; then begin stirring.
  • Pour the tarsal gland-flavored water into a spray bottle.
  • Persimmon-scented deer lure

  • A spray bottle or an airtight bag/container may keep the mixture fresh. The longer you leave the container/spray bottle in a dark spot, the more powerful the stench will be.
  • The spray bottle/container should be shaken well before every use. The greatest outcomes will be achieved if this is done.
  • If you haven’t already, the juice from the persimmon may be stored in a spray bottle for future hunting trips. This persimmon scented deer crack is also available on Amazon.
  • Plant-Based Deer Crack

  • Bring the gathered plants and leaves to a boil for at least 10 to 20 minutes in a saucepan of boiling water. Do not boil for too long, or you may lose some of the plant scents, and use just approximately one-third to one-half as much water as the gathered components.
  • Filter the mixture using a cloth or other material to remove the leaves and plants, leaving just plant-scented water! You do not want these particles to block the tube of your Spray bottle. 
  • Saltwater Deer Crack

  • Fill the 5-gallon Bucket with water. As the Bucket is filled, add salt until you can’t add anymore! This will be an excellent crack virtually immediately and for absolutely little money!
  • Pour this crack on your feeding spots or tree stumps for optimal results! 
  • Attracting Minerals to Deer

  • Empty all of the bags into a container that can hold at least 200 pounds and mix all of the components!
  • After mixing all of the components, it is ready for use! You may feed the deer 20 lbs. every two weeks at a time! This will last around six months, or from September through February, the whole hunting season!
  • The greatest results will be achieved by placing the crack in an area of cleared-out earth, a hole, or tree stumps.
  • A mixture of items on a feeding site

  • Choose the feed site location. You want this in a hunting area. Have a successful hunting plan. Good approach and departure strategies prevent deer from seeing or hearing me. I highly recommend using Trail Cameras to observe the area’s traffic.
  • Remove twigs, leaves, and other fodder from a 10×10-ft area. You want dirt revealed. Using a rack is the easiest.
  • Cover a 10×10-foot area with homemade deer crack/ attractant. Don’t pour all the feed in the center.
  • Spread Plain Salt on the Feeding location. 2 lbs should cover the area gently. After it rains, the salt will dissolve into the soil, attracting deer even when the feed is gone.
  • Dump apples and acorns at the Feeding location. Apples alone attract deer. You may also apply the homemade apple scent crack to improve the Feeding site.
  • Drizzle doe and buck urine about the feeding place to quiet deer. Using Doe Estrus pre-rut–post-rut Could Attract a Monster Buck! You should use smell management to lessen pressure and order in that region, particularly when it’s near your treestand.

Why use deer attractors?

Why should deer crack/ attractants be used? This is an excellent strategy for drawing deer to your treestand. While it won’t necessarily draw in deer from four properties away, the deer that regularly traverse your property will be drawn to specific spots like your treestand.

Depending on whatever type of crack you use below, they will also be able to get some more nutrients. This will attract additional deer to your land, increasing your chances of shooting a mature buck. As long as you don’t over-pressure the area, you’ll be in a wonderful position to take down the Big Buck in your region since it enhances the deer’s daytime mobility.


Keep in mind that Deer cracks are an excellent approach to focus deer activity! It may not attract deer from far away, but it is an excellent method to entice the large buck that has been frequenting your neighbor’s land over to yours! You will be pleasantly pleased by the outcomes if you take action on these suggestions.

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