Whisker biscuit vs drop away

Whisker Biscuit Vs Drop Away: Compare Speed, Accuracy, Reliability

There is always a debate on whisker biscuit vs drop away rest. Both of the rest are common among veterans as well as newbies. Both schools of thought, i.e., whisker biscuit-biased and away lovers, think they are the best. Drop-away dudes claim that nothing is more important than accuracy, speed, and field hunting. On the other hand, the whisker biscuit rest guys claim that beginner friendliness, price, and reliability are everything. Now, if you are going to buy a bow’s rest, then it is my recommendation that you don’t forget to read this article till the last word. It will help you to be clear about your decision for the future type of rest. 

Whisker biscuit vs Drop away rest

We will begin by introducing both of the rests, and you can decide which is better for you, between whisker biscuit vs. drop away.

Whisker Biscuit

Everything was going smoothly in the bow-hunting industry. But it was 2003 when the whole industry received a shock wave with the introduction of whisker biscuit rest. It was revolutionary equipment due to its simplicity. Moreover, it was a unique arrow rest than the previous ones. Whisker biscuit offers complete stability and simple insertion. Therefore, it became quite famous among newbies. The other thing that makes it a hot favorite among bow hunters is its extraordinary stability, with almost no moment. 

The rest that holds the arrow is made with synthetic bristles. These synthetic bristles offer a complete perimeter for tightly holding the arrow in its place. Complete encasing perimeter allows archers, either veterans or newbies, to shoot the arrow at any desired angle or position. Only this point stands it out from competitors and makes it a hot favorite among tree stand hunters.

Its quick shot feature is another big thing that catapults the archers to use the whisker biscuit rest. The quick shot benefit comes from the V-shaped engineering cut, present alongside the synthetic bristles. It’s an entry slot for quick and efficient arrow loading. There are two main types of whisker biscuit rest available in the market, which are explained in the following. 

Synthetic whisker

  • Its brush holds the arrow at any angle.
  • Easy to tune. 
  • 0.325” center hole can hold almost all of the popular arrows. 
  • The synthetic material actively responds to any weather condition. 
  • V-notch offers quick and easy installation.
  • Its design offers the easy replacement of the synthetic brush.
  • It suits both left and right-hand shooters. 

Three-prong Whisker Rest

  • It is made of plastic, a sturdy and durable product. 
  • It ensures the arrow’s stability, safety, and precision.
  • It enhances the hit rate by 15%.
  • It is compatible with straight, recurve, and compound bows. 
  • Its design makes it suitable for both left and right-hand shooters.

Drop-away rest

Drop-away rest has been a big name among bow hunters since the 80s is a hot favorite among bow archers due to its outstanding features. There are three types of drop-away rest, but all these operate similarly. However, these types are distinguished from static rest, i.e., Whisker biscuit. 

It holds the arrow upright during the draw cycle and falls out of the way as the archer releases the tension. Nothing impacts the arrow’s flight when falling away from the rest. This makes it more accurate and faster than the other bow’s rest. It’s a favorite among hunters because it holds the arrow firmly while the bow is fully stretched. This feature helps hunters during unpredictable situations. 

As discussed, there are three different types of drop-away rests. Types are in the following. 

Limb-driven rest

  • First-ever limb-driven rest with a full capture option.
  • You can adjust the spring tension according to your desire.
  • It offers a free-floating launcher arm. 
  • It supports the arrow 70% before being pulled off, which results in enhanced accuracy and helps to meet the speed needed for stabilization. 
  • It weighs only 4.8 ounces.
  • It is built with aluminum. 

Inertia rest

  • It’s made with aluminum.
  • It weighs only 2.48 ounces.
  • It is featured with a rubber damper that guarantees silent arrow loading.
  • Its unique locking system supports the arrow in both horizontal and vertical ways.
  • By having this bow, you will get the opportunity for quick and easy arrow installation.

Cable-driven rest 

  • It’s featured high-performance arrow clearance and vertical drop technology.
  • It offers 100% arrow containment with its V-notch.
  • Light in weight, away from the danger of rusting, and no chance of wear and tear.
  • Cable-driven rest makes sure a perfect release.
  • Any arrow goes well with its V-notch drop.

Which one is better?

No one can say which is better, i.e., Whisker biscuit vs. drop-away rest. It depends upon your needs. Any rest that meets your desires will be the most suitable for you. Here in the following, you will find some parameters which help you to make an absolute decision about which is better for you, i.e., whisker biscuit and drop-away rest. 

Easier on Arrows

Drop away rest is easier on an arrow than whisker biscuit rest. Because whiskers of a whisker biscuit damage the arrow’s fletching, this problem worsens when the arrow is not properly installed in the bow. On the contrary, drop-away rest has nothing such an element that affects the arrow’s fletchers. Drop away rest is also suitable for those who don’t like to re-fletch their arrow all the time. 

Speed and accuracy

While comparing both, one thing you should remember about shooting distance and the experience with any bow. If you’re aiming to shoot the target from a shorter distance, then speed and accuracy matter a lot. But in long-distance target hitting, drop away rest surpass whisker biscuit rest. The Whiskers offer resistance to the arrow while shooting at the target. Friction largely affects speed and accuracy. However, it’s minute but present there. 

Whisker biscuit rest causes a loss of 3 to 6 fps speed. On the other hand, drop away rest offers only ¼ or 50% arrow contact, which greatly enhances speed and accuracy. Nothing resisted while shooting with drop-away rest. It makes its shot much deadlier. However, whisker biscuit rest shots are also more lethal if trained well. The sole reason to use drop-away rest is its accuracy. 


Whisker biscuit rests stand out in terms of simplicity and reliability every time. You can easily hit your target with the help of Whisker Biscuit rest as you could with the drop-away rest. But the accuracy reduces from farther distances with whisker biscuit rest. Drop away rest drops its superiority when one spot prey on the field and stretches his bow to hit the target. It’s been a big headache for bowhunters since the 80s. However, they are trying to sort out this issue but cannot completely eliminate it from drop-away rest. 

Whisker biscuit rests annoy hunters with its often damaged bristles. But it can be compensated compared to mechanical failure of drop away rest. Moreover, whisker biscuit rest stands out in a tree stand hunting. 


Whisker biscuit rest is your best friend if you’re a beginner. It offers better shooting capabilities to young corps. Moreover, it holds the arrow tightly and makes shooting much easier. Moreover, it is also a suitable option in terms of affordability, simplicity, and full arrow containment. Beginners are also boss with the help of Whisker biscuit rest. 

Quick comparison table

ParametersWhisker biscuit restDrop away rest
Easier on arrow×
Speed and accuracy×
Beginner friendly×


Whisker biscuit rest do well in terms of reliability and beginner friendliness. In comparison, the drop away rest surpasses in terms of easiness on arrows, speed, and reliability.

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