Mighty Exodus or Dynamic VPA 3 blade

Mighty Exodus or Dynamic VPA 3 blade? Which one to choose?

 Mighty Exodus or Dynamic VPA 3 blade? Which one to choose? Well not to worry. Here is a detailed guide for you.

Mighty Exodus or Dynamic VPA 3 blade

Exodus arrowhead area unit is 100 percent prepared and made within the smart ol’ USA. The highly packed head offers it the stability to smash through the most rigid bones.

With significant task SST fabric, you ne’er ought to trouble concerning the blades keeping up as they break around and strike through the most critical beast you challenge to contest.

By matching the size of a domain purpose, the Exodus acquires exactness ne’er earlier an intimate with from a hard and fast edge, with razor-edged, sturdy cutters and a steep curve, the Exodus tiptop the broadhead market in piercing.

VPA 3-Blade arrowheads area unit is rock solid and machined with preciseness to grant you excellent flight.

No weld lines or brazing combined with the pyramid vogue distinct points offer the broadhead “bone-splitting” strength. Compatible with all bow and arrow mixtures.

Straightforward to take care of because it is built to be put flat on a sharpening stone for a fast shut down and re-use. Place VPA 3-Blade Broadheads in your quiver and knowledge the difference!


Another face of the multi-piece style is that you will replace the blades rather than sharpen them. While these blades aren’t as secure as those in different models, they’re short. They manufacture additional spin to boost accuracy and piercing by being each short and wide.

You should consider the Exodus if you recognize what you would like during an arrowhead. It’s a model you will use in season one due to the standardized blades. However, it’s dearly won. You don’t need to settle on them, so decide whether you like a single-piece or three-blade model.

Trophy hunters can, in all probability, profit additional from this broadhead than those attempting to find the game. It’s penetrative and damaging. Therefore it will bust plenty of meat. Whereas you oughtn’t to be as correct to induce a kill shot, it might get frustrating once you’re business with your ruminant.

  • Fastened blade, cut-on-contact broadhead with field purpose accuracy while maintaining outstanding penetration
  • mammal genus (Cutter Over Pole) high-tech permits for a brilliant short head & precise accuracy
  • Tempered four hundred series chrome steel
  • Rock-buster toughened SST tip Weight: a hundred gr.
  • Cut width: 1-1/4″
  • Blade Thickness: .040″

VPA 3-Blade Broadheads

VPA 3-Blade Broadheads area unit is rock solid and machined with preciseness to grant you excellent flight when. No weld lines or brazing combined with the pyramid vogue points offer the broadhead “bone-splitting” strength.

  • “A-Z Power!”
  • From bovid to equine or no matter your game, the VPA 3-Blade can beware of business. Compatible with all bow and arrow mixtures.
  • Made from High steel
  • Easy to sharpen and resharpen
  • Hardened to fifty Norman Rockwell
  • They were designed and created by bowhunters for bowhunters!

Important info concerning Exodus:

• Austenitic steel manufacture. A close-packed, robust head guarantees compatible, correct trials and prime stabbing. Super-sharp, athletic edges area unit zero. 040″ thick.

• Sharp angle improves stabbing and range. A briefer style shows a trial just like a sphere field purpose. Close-knit machining patience force mixed with the more straightforward style to confirm preciseness swirl.

• Earth-Buster solidified SST nib for value-added . Fastened cutters area unit standardized. Weight: one hundred twenty-five kernels.

• Cutting Diameter: one. 25″. Cutter Length: 77″. Model: BX125-F.

By matching the length of a field purpose, the Exodus achieves exactness ne’er before practiced from a hard and fast blade. The extremely compact moderator offers it the strength to smash through the most rigid bones. With solemn obligation SST material, you ne’er have to be compelled to stress concerning the edges grip up as they strike through and crash down the most significant beast you dare to challenge with razor-sharp, sturdy edges and a vertical angle.

Important information about VPA 3-Blade

Three blades

They are excellent steel; the edge can rust unless you coat the sting with Vaseline or chapstick. They’re robust as I have killed uncountable cervid and hogs with them and haven’t been able to harm a head in any approach.

High-carbon steel

It’s assembled out of a solid chunk of high-carbon steel one-piece style. Edges of the VPA 3-Blade Bevel intruder square measure zero.065 inches thick and square measure dropped at an illustrator hardness of fifty-five. The pointing diameter of the Double Bevel head is 1-1/8 inches


  • CNC machined from high steel and heat-treated to fifty illustrator
  • Machined with preciseness to relinquish your excellent flight anytime
  • Pyramid vogue distinct purpose for bone cacophonous performance
  • Straightforward to sharpen and resharpen
  • Cutting diameter: 1-1/8″


 The VPA 3 blade broadheads were comparatively strong; however, they were not the strongest they can. 

They overlooked to burst the band with one key, and no carve was needed. It solely took the thought of advance to photograph the crew.

They were noticeably tougher to sharper than the waster broadheads. However, they pointed out the absolute sense that you may shave off with them. However, I knew they’d be a lot to supply.

They additionally control their sensitivity quite well. Point up with zero over steel if you have no dents in them when attacking. If you probably did devour a couple of dents, handing a file over them of times, stoneware steel would bring them about to razer sharp.

Flesh harm

There was still excellent stabbing at thirty courtyards, and it worked to fall nearly eighteen inches into the target. It had no problems stabbing flesh or bone.


The VPA 3 blade is within the more elevated worth for fastened blade broadheads. However, there’s no distinction connecting the VPA 3-blade and the waster broadhead.

Given the harshness, flawless figure grade, and sturdiness, it’s truthful to mention that it’s a good worth. The benefit of enhancement and the sturdiness add the original price to the current broadhead.

There square measure three during a pack that is business commonplace. However, I may see these broadheads enduring a very lengthy with borderline supervision.


Those who have shot each, and they will ever nice get the duty done; however, I abundant like the Exodus for the following reasons:

1Exodus invariably spin like topnotch thanks to their super short style and preciseness machining (can’t say a similar for all of the VPA’s I’ve shot). Exodus flies higher on my behalf of me.

2. I like the broad, bombproof tip of the Exodus to the pointier VPA 3-blade tip that ought to encounter bone on the approach. I am convinced that sharp needle tips do not handle bone like a broader tip.

3. Exodus blades, whereas standardized, square measure super rugged (0.40), have the most effective edge retention I’ve seen during a broadhead. I’ve shot similar heads through multiple critters with no blade harm.

5. Whereas I relish broadhead sharpening (if I have time), throwing new razor-sharp blades on the Exodus could be a fantastic option. I may get the VPA 3-blade sharp; however, obscurity close to Exodus is intense.

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