Best Arrow Rest For Recurve Bow

Best Arrow Rest For Recurve Bow In 2024: Hunting Tips

Recurve bows are perhaps the most challenging bow to shoot accurately, but with a good archery rest, you can improve your accuracy and get closer to your target.

The best arrow rests for recurve bows are usually adjustable, so they’ll fit any size bow and allow you to adjust the angle of your bow where it touches the rest. They should also be lightweight and durable, so you won’t have to worry about breaking them when you lean against them.


Try Unique Arrow Rest

It’s important to note that many different recurve rests are out there; not all of them will suit your particular needs or preferences. If you’re looking for something new or different, consider trying something new.

2 Types of Bow

We will frequently use the terms ‘beginner bow’ and ‘Olympic recurve bow’ when discussing the bows mentioned in this article. There are two types of bows, both of which are recurved bows.

Beginner Vs Olympic Bow

But beginner bows tend to lack some characteristics common to Olympic recurve bows. A bow with a wood riser (the part of the bow that connects the two limbs) is probably a beginner’s bow, as it has a longer riser

Best Arrow Rest For Recurve Bow

Best Arrow Rest For Recurve Bow
  • SAS Screw On Arrow Rest
  • Plate and Rest for Calf Hair Arrows
  • Hoyt / Easton Arrow Rest
  • Bear Weather Arrow Rest

SAS Screw On Arrow Rest

  • A cheap and durable product
  • A set of five SAS screw-on arrow rests.
  • Attaches to any bow with a threaded hole.

SAS Foam Rest

In addition to the SAS Screw On Arrow Rest, another elevated rest can be used: the SAS Foam Rest. If you don’t like sticking things to your bows, this can be a great alternative (just be sure to check if your bows have enough space by the shelf to screw this thing in).

People’s Preference

Some people prefer this rest model since the rest itself juts out a little further from the rest itself. This could mean that there is more clearance between the rest and the arrow’s vanes and that the vanes will not contact the rest.

The idea of being able to capture that in slow motion is something I have never seen before, but it seems reasonable to me.

Manual Adjustable

Additionally, SAS Screw On Rests are manual adjustable (unlike adhesive rests, which stay where they are).

A simple solution could be to adjust the vanes of your arrows to make sure they do not hit the bowstring as they are leaving the bowstring once they leave the bow.

SAS Screw On Arrow Rest

Best arrow rest for recurve bow


  • 5 x SAS Screw-On Arrow Rest
  • Cheap and Tough
  • Screw on any bow with threaded hole
  • RH or LH Options

Plate and Rest for Calf Hair Arrows

  • A 2-piece set of Traditional Calf Hair Archery Arrow Rests and Plates in the form of an oval shape – for recurve – longbow (RIGHT HAND).
  • Natural calf hair of the highest quality. The shelf strip and side plate are included.
  • Calf hair can be carefully trimmed to fit a variety of bow shelves with this adhesive-backed product.
  • Traditional archery rest is trendy.

Natural Look

Nevertheless, the Calf Hair Arrow Rest seems to be the most natural-looking to me. I don’t know if it is natural calf hair or a composite. It does look similar to fur to me. 

Side Plate

You have a side plate to protect your arrow from hitting the riser, and that’s one of the best additions you can make to a set like this. Shooting off the shelf is going to be quite tricky if there is nothing that will help ease the left-to-right motion of the arrow.

Plate and Rest for Calf Hair Arrows

Best arrow rest for recurve bow


  • Material: Natural Calf Hair
  • Color: Varies Natural Calf Hair
  • Brand: Trad Gear

Hoyt / Easton Arrow Rest

  • Right and Left Hand (Right Hand) Hoyt/Easton Archery Bow Arrow Rest – Stick ON Adhesive
  • Great for target bows and recurves.
  • It is constructed from durable molded plastic.
  • Stick-on arrow rest from Hoyt / Easton.

Positive Brand

Archery Arrow Rest by Hoyt / Easton. As a hobby, I use many products that Easton makes; this company has been around for quite some time, and I have bought almost everything they have made to be well-built

Materials Used

Having worn the Bear Weather Arrow Rest for some time now, I can tell you that it is a great rest made of soft, lightweight plastic, pliable and flexible.

This is for you if you are ready to start using a plunger button after you have had a little experience under your belt.

Remarkable Merchandise

This rest has one of the best details in my opinion, and it’s a small but crucial consideration, especially since it is parallel from top to bottom, which means we can see with great clarity if I place this rest correctly. 

Hoyt / Easton Arrow Rest

Best arrow rest for recurve bow


  • Hoyt / Easton adhesive stick on arrow rest
  • Great for recurves and target bows
  • Durable molded plastic construction
  • Available in both RIGHT & LEFT hand models

Bear Weather Arrow Rest

  • Weather Rest for Archery RH, Black, One Size.
  • The Bear Weather, Feathers, And Vanes Guide Is Designed To Make Your Life Easier.
  • Holds arrows with self-adhesive back and finger.
  • You have seen our first arrow rest on the range or a friend’s bow because it may be the most popular one on our list.

Soft Plastic Made

There is an arrow rest called the Bear Weather Arrow Rest. To keep your vanes from coming into contact with the rest when you release your bowstring, the rest is made of a soft plastic that flexes forward when you shoot

Remove Adhesive Back

This sticker has an adhesive back, so all you have to do is remove it from its protective sheet and place it on your riser. That’s it; it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Best Option with Feather Vanes

This is a perfect option for you to consider when using arrows with feather vanes. The Samick Sage is an excellent bow if you’re a new archer who will use one in the future, so this is a great addition.

Most of the time, we purchase a few at a time and then store them in a bow case.

No Hole

One thing you should consider when purchasing a rest is that most rests have a hole through which the plunger button can stick out. This rest does not have that hole, so if you use a plunger, you might want to consider it.

Bear Weather Arrow Rest

Best arrow rest for recurve bow


  • Designed To Help You Get The Most Out Of Bear Weathers, Feathers And Vanes
  • Self-Adhesive Back And Finger To Hold Arrows
  • Model Number: 2135
  • Package Dimensions: 1.52cm ( H ) x 9.14cm ( L ) x 9.4cm ( W )
  • Sport type: Tactical & Military

Are arrow rests necessary?

Depends Upon Experience

One of the most common questions is whether or not an arrow rest is necessary. There is no doubt that arrow rests are not essential for experienced archers, but for those who have never worked with a bow up close, this may seem silly to them.

It would be helpful if I could answer this question as quickly as possible.

Arrow Rest With First Bow

When you purchase your first bow, you will most likely have to purchase an arrow rest. It is unnecessary to use an arrow rest if you buy a traditional bow with an integrated shelf

The majority of beginner bows are not equipped with an integrated arrow rest. The same goes for most Olympic recurve bows. This means that you will have to attach your arrow rest.

Arrow Rests: What are their purposes?

Flight Of Your Arrow

As small as it may seem, arrow rests play a vital role in the flight of your arrow, and they have a dramatic effect on the flight of your arrow, even though it’s an easy thing to overlook because it is such a small piece of equipment.

A bow rest stabilizes an arrow until it departs the bowstring. Otherwise, the arrow will fly away. 

Effect Of Shaft & Vanes

The arrow’s flight path would be affected if any part of the arrow came into contact with another part of the riser, such as the shaft or vanes


At the same time, the rest is designed so that the arrow does not come into direct contact with the arrow in the sense that it alters its trajectory while simultaneously keeping it from falling.

Considerations when purchasing an arrow rest

Common Bows

A beginner archer or an Olympic recurve bow will be one of the most common bows you can buy when just starting; therefore, you will need a proper arrow rest if you are just starting.

The following four points should be taken into consideration when you are searching for an arrow rest:

Retain the arrow

It is essential to retain the arrow well. Having the arrow rest fail to retain the arrow will not only be incredibly frustrating but also result in a misfire if the arrow is accidentally dropped while you release the shot.

An arrow’s interference

Likewise, the amount of interference the arrow rest has with the arrow depends on how tight it holds onto the arrow.

To avoid such interference, you must strike a balance between these two evils; therefore, by doing so, you will be able to improve your accuracy.


The arrow rest should be able to be adjusted quickly when you first assemble your bow; it is essential to make sure your arrow rest is installed correctly when you first assemble your bow. 

Nevertheless, finding the perfect balance does not always stop there; sometimes, you must make minor adjustments, especially if you have trouble retaining your arrow caused by interference or the rest is not working correctly.

Various types of arrow rest

There are indeed many different types of arrow rests available on the market today. Generally, these arrow rests can be classified into five types and categories

Plastic Arrow Rest-Thick

Best Arrow Rest For Recurve Bow

In most cases, this arrow rests at events and training sessions for new archers and tournaments. As far as the durability and the price of this arrow rest are concerned, they are both advantages of this product. 

Several factors will make the thinner counterpart more susceptible to failure, such as breakage, which makes it unsuitable for these occasions.

Retains The Arrow

Additionally, this arrow rest has another benefit: it helps retain the arrow very well when fired.  Therefore, even if you start shaking while pulling the arrow or use the incorrect technique, you will still be able to pull the arrow back. 

Less Flexible

A disadvantage of thick plastics is that they are less flexible, so your arrow is likely to be hampered more by the thick plastic.  You may not notice this when you begin archery because you are just starting. However, it is worth thinking about it.

Many archery styles use this arrow rest due to the higher poundage of arrows used in traditional archery styles.

Rest For Thin Plastic Arrows

The type of arrow on this page is often chosen by new archers buying their first bows. There are a lot of benefits to using this arrow rest as opposed to the thick plastic one, including the price. 

Lasts Long But Not Durable

It will last very long with regular use, even though it is not as durable as the previous arrow rest. When it comes to bows, it is unnecessary to have an arrow rest that is very sturdy if you are gentle with your bow. 


As a result of its flexibility, this arrow rest is not as likely to interfere with the arrow as other arrow rests, which is one of its advantages. It is impossible to adjust an arrow’s elevation angle when resting on this type of arrow rest. 

Alter The Angle

As a result, when you stick the arrow rest on, you must ensure that the beam is aligned correctly to appear straight.

Although you can bend the plastic shelf of the arrow rest to alter the angle of the rest, this is not going to be as handy as it could be.

Standalone Button Vs Built In Button

Compared to the other types of arrow rests, this one is less robust but interferes less with the shooting of the arrow.

Due to my usage of a standalone button instead of the built-in button, I decided to remove the built-in button from this arrow rest.

Arrow Rest On A Metal Stick

Best Arrow Rest For Recurve Bow

Sticky Tape Needed

The overall form factor and attachment mechanism of this arrow rest are very similar to those in the plastic arrow rest. As with the other two options, you will need to attach this with a piece of sticky tape to secure it

Metal Made

It is worth noting that this arrow rest is made from metal and is fully adjustable, making it different from most others. 

Adjust Angle & Elevation

Regardless of whether you want to adjust the angle of the shelf as well as the elevation of the arrow, it is possible. This arrow rest category can also change the wire on most rests.

Reduces Interference

It also reduces interference with the arrow to a bare minimum with this arrow rest. Generally, these arrow rests are made by using a magnet that will slap out of the way if it interacts with the arrow when it is hit. 

Magnet Preferred Over Spring

Various cheaper options are also available that rely on a spring as an alternative, but we would recommend using a magnet type over a spring.

The arrow rest can be adjusted in height and angle simply by loosening or tightening a screw in the back. 

Because a small magnet holds the wire in place, it is elementary for the arrow to rest to be shifted out of the way, significantly reducing the interference between the arrow and the arrow.

Arrow Rest On A Metal Screw

Best Arrow Rest For Recurve Bow

A piece of sticky tape was still attached to the previous arrow rest that was attached to the bow. Due to vibrations, however, some archers have noticed that their arrow rest will fall off due to the vibrations. 

10 extra tape rolls

This situation has occurred to me many times, so we purchased a pack of 10 extra tape rolls because I’ve experienced it many times. I am sure you can imagine how annoying this would be if it happened during a competition or at any other time. 

For this reason, manufacturers developed an arrow rest that does not rely on sticky tape for attachment but instead uses screws to fix it to the arrow.

Second Screw Hole

In most contemporary recurve bows, there is a second screw hole behind the string, which is not visible to the naked eye. It looks like your screw hole where you would attach a button. It could even be used to attach a button with a screw. 

Permanently Attach

Could you please tell me if this allows you to move the button forward? No, permanently attach the button to the first screw hole closest to you while drawing the bow. If you are using a bow, this is the closest screw hole to you. 

Screw Attached

This arrow rest must be attached to the arrow using the second screw hole. There is a greater level of security with these arrow rests since they are attached with a screw rather than a bolt. 

The rest of the features of this arrow rest are identical to those of the previous arrow rest. Two types of wire arrow rests are often referred to as ”wire arrow rests.”

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