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The 5 Best Archery Binoculars of 2024: Hunting and Target Shooting

A good pair of binoculars is a must-have for any serious hunter or archer. But with so many different binoculars on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are the best for your needs. 

This blog post will look at some of the best archery binoculars on the market, so you can make an informed decision when it comes time to buy.

The best binoculars for archery are listed below:

  • HD Vortex Diamondback
  • Steiner Predator Pro
  • Vortex Crossfire HD
  • Vortex Viper HD
  • Nikon Monarch 5 8×42
  • Cabela’s Intensity HD 8×25

Comparison of the best hunting binoculars on the market

Product model:Pricing range:Considering weight:Field of view:
8×42 Vortex Diamondback$$$25.2 oz420 ft
10×42 Vortex Crossfire$$23.3 oz325 ft
8×42 Vortex Viper HD$$$$24.2 oz347 ft
Predator 10×42/td Steiner$$$26.5 oz316 ft
Cabela’s Intensity HD 8×25$$8.3 oz357 ft
Monarch 5 8×42 Nikon$$$20.8 oz330 ft
10×42 Vortex Fury HD$$$$$31.8 oz314 ft

Here are some of the best archery binoculars for hunting.

Generally, you should purchase binoculars within your budget that have the best magnification, the most expansive field of view, coated lenses, and are waterproof, fog-proof, and lightweight. We’ve narrowed the area to find the top picks for most hunters in various price ranges.

HD Vortex Diamondback

In deer hunting, you can choose between hunting in the woods or across open fields. Thus, deer hunters must buy binoculars with higher magnification or a brighter and larger field of view.

For whitetail hunting, 8×42 binoculars are an excellent choice. With a wider field of view, you get good magnification. The higher magnification is not necessary for wood and bow hunting. 

The lower light environment needs a broader field of view and a brighter picture. In this case, quality binoculars with an 8×42 magnification are strongly recommended. A 10*42 would be an excellent choice if you hunt fields or are an avid muzzleloader.

As the best deer-hunting binoculars, we highly recommend the Vortex Diamondbacks. Hunting enthusiasts highly rate these bright, lightweight, high-quality glasses—they cost around $300 or less, which is excellent.

Steiner Predator Pro

German optics are well known for their precision and quality, and Steiner belongs to this group. Steiner Heritage Lifetime Warranty covers Predators made in Germany. Users highly rate this model, costing less than $500–600.

The 10*42 binoculars are strong enough for good downrange scouting, making them ideal for North America’s extensive farmlands and open fields. 

Predator binoculars have Color Adjusted Transmission lens coatings in low light conditions such as dawn and dusk. Predator 10*42 is a top option if you stalk big turkeys or hunt deer with a rifle and bow.

Vortex Crossfire HD

Entry-level Crossfires may be cheaper than premium models, but they’re anything but cheap. Although they lack the fancy phase-corrected prisms and fog-proof features of the Diamondback and Viper series, they come with fully coated lenses and Vortex’s rugged body.

Vortex 8×42 and 10×42 models weigh about the same as the other Vortex Their dimensions are slightly larger at 6.0-6.2″ high and 5.1″ wide. There are four magnifications available for Crossfires. 

In addition to 10 and 12*50 models for long-range scouting, some models are suitable for most hunters, including bow and field hunters. Combined with Vortex’s VIP warranty, Crossfires are easily our top pick for cheap hunting binoculars.

Vortex Viper HD

The Vortex Viper HD is a high-performance roof prism binoculars perfect for various outdoor activities. The Viper HD produces bright, clear images with high contrast and color fidelity with its fully multi-coated lenses and dielectric prism coatings. 

Additionally, it is built to last thanks to its rugged and durable construction, allowing it to be the perfect binocular for all their outdoor adventures.

The Vortex Lifetime Warranty makes these binoculars one of the best hunting binoculars you can buy. 

With all these features and excellent performance, you have one of the best hunting binoculars you can buy. Read more reviews here if I haven’t convinced you of Viper HD’s awesomeness.

Nikon Monarch 5 8×42

Choosing binoculars with an 8×42 field of view is excellent for bow hunting. They are powerful enough to pick out details in thick cover yet small enough to carry into a tree stand easily. If you choose an optic with an objective of 42 or less, you’ll have versatile enough optics to be used for most types of hunting.

When bow hunters can only shoot animals from 25 yards away, binoculars may seem unnecessary. Your tree stand may need to be moved if you cannot pattern those animals’ movements with binoculars. After a shot, you can also use them to track the animal.

In the past, I have tracked deer with my binoculars until they died, making tracking much more effortless. The series is well known for its optical clarity and ease of use. ED glass and easy focus make the Monarch 5 a good choice for bright images. As well as being some of the lightest binoculars in their respective sizes, the Monarch 5 often weighs up to 5 ounces less than the competition.

Cabela’s Intensity HD 8×25

If you enjoy hunting light and fast, you might be interested in compact binoculars. Compact binoculars have an objective lens of 28mm or less. The most common sizes are 8×25, 8×28, or 10×25. Due to their smaller sizes, the amount of light transmitted to your eyes is reduced.

The tubular shape was achieved by reducing the diameter of the lenses (25mm objective). The smaller lenses provide a substantially less bright image to achieve the same magnification as the larger models. You’ll see a more colorful image when you move down in e or lower. An ideal option for active hunters or those who travel light is compact hunting binoculars.

Intensity HD binoculars are true compacts. Tubes can be folded under the bridge for storage and are nearly straight. A lot of good stuff is packed into a small package at Cabela’s. Water and nitrogen are purged from the Intensity HD to prevent fogging. 

A full multi-coating is applied to both sides of the lenses, and phase coating is applied to the prisms to enhance light intensity.

The best compact hunting binoculars for the money can be found at Cabela’s. Compact binoculars often get a bad rap as being the cheapest ones available. You also get a microfiber cleaning cloth and a soft-sided carry case with a strap with the glasses. Intensity HD offers good optics in a compact and lightweight package.

The best rangefinder binoculars are the Vortex Fury HD 5000.

On TV hunting shows, have you seen these marvelous creations? These binoculars feature a built-in laser range finder. Lasers are used to measure the distance to a target in rangefinder binoculars. 

To determine the target range, they use sophisticated technology to measure the reflection return of the laser from the binoculars. A new pair of Vortex Fury HD Rangefinder binoculars has been released. 

They are expensive, no doubt, but not bad compared to the competition. Viper HD’s optics and construction are similar to Vortex’s stout and balanced designs. Two large, easy-to-toggle buttons are located on the bridge’s right side to control the rangefinder. 

Users have reported the rangefinder function to be fast and accurate, although it may be a little washed out with low light backgrounds.h low light backgrounds. Vortex Fury HD is a worthy alternative to Swarovski and Leica ranging binoculars.

Hunting binoculars allow hunters to spot and track games from a distance. But with all the different binoculars on the market, it can be tough to know which features to look for. 

Here are a few important features to remember when shopping for binoculars for hunting: 

1. Magnification: 

Binoculars are two telescopes mounted side-by-side and aligned to point in the same direction. The combination of the two telescopes allows for a much brighter and clearer image than what can be seen with the naked eye. Binoculars are often used for outdoor activities such as birdwatching, stargazing, and hunting.

The magnification of a binocular is determined by its objective lens diameter and the eyepiece lens diameter. The larger the objective lens, the more light collected and the higher the magnification. The eyepiece lens determines how much the image is magnified. A bigger eyepiece lens will produce a higher magnification.

2. Objective Lens Diameter: 

The second number is in a binocular specification. The 10*42 designation on a binocular means that the objective lens is 42mm in diameter. In the magnifying lens near your eyes, the objective focuses that light into the prisms, which flip the image right side up. 

Light is gathered more efficiently from the field of view with a larger objective diameter. As a result, a 10*50 binocular will produce a brighter image than a 10*42 binocular. Prices and sizes increase as accurate power increases. 

The 42mm objective has proven to be the most popular size objective due to its excellent performance and compact size.

3. Field of View:

Binoculars’ optical design determines their FOV. At a given distance (usually 1,000 feet), this is the picture’s width you can see through the binoculars. Better binoculars will often have a wider field of view, so pay attention to this number.

Which Magnification is best for hunting, 8×42 or 10×42?

The answer to this question depends on personal preferences and hunting conditions. You should keep a few things in mind to help you choose the right magnification for your needs. A lower magnification like 8×42 will be sufficient for hunting in open terrain. 

This will allow you to scan a wider area and spot the game from a distance. If you are hunting in thick brush or woods, a higher magnification like 10×42 will be necessary. 

This will help you see the foliage and pick out a hidden game. Ultimately, it is important to experiment with different magnifications to see what works best for you. Depending on the terrain and your hunting style, you may prefer a different magnification than what is considered “standard.”

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