Tracker 700 EPS ATV

Tracker 700 EPS ATV- Ultimate Features & Performance Review

Today we’re going to be reviewing the tracker 700 Eps. This is the tracker’s version of the 700 Atv that’s commonly found in the marketplace. Today and during this review Article, we’re going to look at things such as price, specifications,  performance, and features. And by the end of the article, I hope you can decide whether or not this is the Atv for you.

The tracker 700 EPS ATV has class-leading front and rear suspension travel and electronic power steering, plus a ton of other features I’m going to be looking at for you.


Specifications of tracker 700

Let’s take a look and see some of the specifications of this tracker 700 eps.

  • it’s 83.4 inches long
  • 48 and a half inches at its widest
  • 49.5 inches tall at its highest point
  • The front axle is to the center of the rear axle, and that’s 52 inches.
  • The total weight of this unit comes in at 699 pounds which is also 317 kilograms.
  • The 700 is available in three colors, black, green, and red.

The frame of Tracker 700


I’ve learned about the frame tracker that ATV frames are built from what’s called HSLA, which means High Strength low Alloy Steel. This material maximizes strength, and it’s a lot lighter. I encourage you to compare that to many ATVs as I did. You’ll learn many are made using common carbon steel frames.

Another thing to compare is when you look at the tracker Atv the frame runs to the back. A lot of their competitor’s frames stop at the rear differential.


Now, why is that important to you? Because the additional steel makes the frame stiffer and more durable, but without picking up additional weight, now you see why HSLA steel is so great. It’s got better performance than you.

Highperformance suspension

High-performance suspension makes for a much smoother ride and allows the ATV to be more stable and much easier to control. Watch how the tracker 700 clearly shows that the left and right suspensions are fully independent of front to back and side to side.

Skid plate of Tracker 700

It’s a full-length Skid plate that runs front to back, and it’s made out of high-strength polymer. What it does is it protects the frame and the drivetrain from any sort of debris or big rocks while you’re on the trail.

Tracker has added these polymer plates to protect critical areas like the shaft and the engine. The polymer material means it won’t corrode in the elements that can range from water to mud to manure.

Tires of Tracker 700


The tracker 700 eps comes standard with general-purpose ATV tires, and there are two benefits to that number. One, they’re great on the flat ground, give you a smooth ride, and they’re aggressive enough to get you out of some mucking mud and snow.


This tread pattern also helps to shed excess mud or snow quickly, which helps the traction in slippery conditions. The tires in the front are 25 inches tall by 8 inches wide, and they’re mounted to this 12-inch wheel. The tires in the back are bigger and measure 25 tall and 10 inches wide.

Now they are wider in the back because it adds traction and balances the vehicle’s weight better. The wheels are tough powder-coated steel specially designed to absorb the bumps and jolts of Atv light.



The tracker 700 eps has variable electronic power steering, and that’s a huge deal; why, well, let me tell you, at slower speeds, it really helps you turn those handlebars, and you can feel it helping you turn, making steering a breeze the faster you go it electronically dials back the power because you need less input it backs off letting you feel the road, and at higher speeds, you don’t want your steering to be overly sensitive.

Braking System

hydraulic braking system

I want to briefly talk about the braking system to the 700 eps for just a second now it uses a single lever all hydraulic braking system, what that means with a simple pull, and it’s very easy to pull because of the hydraulics.

It distributes brakes amongst all four tires very effortlessly, so look with two fingers, and you’re slowing this machine down. Being hydraulic means very low pressure with your fingers makes the brake go to work without you having to pull hard like on most older ATV models.

Engine’s power of Tracker 700


Now let’s talk about the engine’s power and how that power is transferred to the Wheels. The tracker 700 eps uses a CVT transmission to get the job done. CVT means a continuously variable transmission, and they are found in automobiles like the Toyota Prius or even snow machines; tons of vehicles use CVT these days. 


And it’s no wonder why because it’s known as the shiftless transmission. Basically, it automatically takes care of the shifting for you; it’s very smooth, and it provides power at every speed without a surge or a pause that you may be used to on older units. 


You might be asking yourself, how fast will this Atv go? Well, that’s a great question, and the answer is actually it depends First, I’ll tell you speed can vary a lot by the conditions that you’re in; what is your total load weight? Are you a big guy or a small gal? Is it ground level, or are you on a hill? There are a lot of factors and causes that can affect your top speed.


The battery is right in the slot, easy to get to; it’s not underneath the machine. When you compare that to other models, it really makes you appreciate a battery that’s going to be easy to change.


The seat feels really comfortable, and it’s a solid foam that shouldn’t sag or break down over time. It’s been comfortable for a long ride, and when I consider the seat along with the 700s generous travel suspension range, it really does impress just how smooth it rides upfront. The tracker 700 offers an impressive cockpit with an array of instruments that keeps you informed during your ride.


The digital gauges give you a speedometer for how fast you’re moving, an odometer for total miles on the unit, and a trip meter that you can reset for each trip as desired, and the tachometer lets you keep an eye on the RPMs of the engine

The gear indicators show if you’re in park neutral high or low or reverse there’s a fuel gauge that has a low fuel warning when needed that’s the radiator temp, and it warns you if things get too hot and here’s a good feature this is an hour meter for overall engine run time.


This is especially handy for maintenance because, unlike a car, an ATV needs to have its oil changed or other maintenance items based on total run time or interval hours between maintenance. Keeping a log based on engine hours can really pay off in the long run.

Rounding out the digital gauge, you’ll find a clock high beam headlight indicator and a battery voltage gauge. The lighting system on the tracker 700 includes dual led tail lights that are both running lights and brake lights upfront.

There are dual halogen headlamps that feature a high and low beam setting. These are very bright, which is especially helpful in really dark conditions.


So in this review so far, we’ve taken a good long hard look at the specifications and the features of the 700, but we haven’t looked at the performance yet, and what better way to do that than get it out here on the test course and see how it actually does in real-world situations

Now keep in mind this course wasn’t built for speed it was built to mimic everyday riding things you’re going to encounter in the field.

So let’s get on it and see how she performs to really review the performance of the 700. I wanted to see how it would do in steep conditions, slippery conditions, wet and rocky areas, and over obstacles like this waffle course. The 700 is impressive in two-wheel drive and in four-wheel drive.

It’s not impossible to get stuck, but you might really have to work at it. First, check out the great on steep hill. The 700 will handle it with no problem. Next to this little double hill, it’s high in the middle to show you the impressive ground clearance of the 700 when it’s wet, muddy, and even rocky all in one. 

Warranty of Tracker 700

You know, I really didn’t think this review would be complete without touching on a consideration you might not have thought of, and that’s the warranty. While this Atv looks to be well constructed out of solid materials and tight tolerances, isn’t it nice to know there’s a 12-month warranty compared to just 6 to 12 months for many other brands.

Plus, you can easily extend your warranty from 12, 24, 36 and even 48 additional months that’s up to five years of coverage for your new tracker off-road vehicle plus know that you can get this warranty service at authorized tracker off-road dealers.

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