Who Makes Quest Bows

Who Makes Quest Bows? Should You Or Should You Not Buy?

You get a better-built bow for a good price with Quest bows. But who makes Quest Bows?

Who Makes Quest Bows?

Quest Bows are made by G5. G5 was incorporated in 1966. Louis “Leo” Grace Sr. started his business in Memphis, Michigan, United States. Over the years, the company became recognized for evolving advanced production practices and high-quality archery products.

G5 introduced QUEST Bowhunting in 2009. The company started a business to bring a bow produced with the best techniques and class the business has seen for affordable prices. Prime Archery engineers all the bows produced at QUEST

Quest Bows

It is necessary to buy archery equipment as per the endorsement of your coach. So if you want to buy QUEST Bows, I’ll provide you with complete information about the bows made at QUEST Archery in this article. I’ll also give precise changes to all the bows built at QUEST Archery. 


CENTEC Bows are the most economical bows available on the market. Prime Archery engineers QUEST CENTEC bow. The company is using Centergy Technology in CENTEC bow. Its center grip riser provides you the lead to get the aim faster. The Centec also provides the same draw set to Prime, using similar cam technology without the fragmented cord tracks. 

Detailed specs of CENTEC Bow are as follows:-

  • The bow has 32 Inches Axle-to-Axle, and 6.75 Inches brace height
  • The draw length of CENTEC Bow is 25.5 to 31 Inches.
  • The bow’s draw weight is 40-55 and 55-70 lbs.
  • The bow speed is 325 fps.
  • The bow’s physical weight is 4.4 lbs.
  • The bow has seven colors, i.e., NEW Morel Scar, Boulder Gray, Army Green, RealTree, Edge RealTree, Escape, and Gore Subalpine.


The company has introduced Quest CENTEC NXT to target beginners. The CENTEC NXT is the best hunting bow that provides an exceptionally lighter design with all the features of a genuine hunting bow. 

The company is using Aluminium and Centergy Technology. It also provides an easy-to-modify cam technology that creates the Centec NXT the impeccable bow for Beginners. CENTEC NXT bow is one of the best selections in the category of hunting bows.

Detailed specs of CENTEC NXT Bow are as follows:-

  • The bow has 26 Inches Axle-to-Axle, and 6 Inches of brace height
  • The draw length of CENTEC Bow is 19 to 26 Inches.
  • The draw weight of the bow is 15-45 lbs.
  • The bow speed is 270 fps.
  • The bow’s physical weight is 2.8 lbs.
  • The bow has six different colors, i.e., Galaxy, Blue Scar, Recon Gray, Ghost Green, Realtree Edge, and Gore Subalpine

Prime Archery

Prime archery is also a subsidiary of G5. They produce a large variety of hunting and target bows. The company produces bows for everyone, whether you are an expert or an emerging beginner archer.

The Bows in the line-up of Prime archery are as follows:- 

Quest Hunting Bows

  • Prime Inline 1
  • Prime Inline 3 
  • Nexus 2
  • Nexus 4

Quest Target Bows

  • Prime inline 5
  • Nexus 6

The company uses the latest cam technology in all bows produced at Prime Archery. Prime Inline 5 is the top-rated target bow of prime archery. The bow’s speed is 342 fps, which helps always help you shoot with no time. 

While on the list of hunting bows, the Nexus 4 is at the top of my list. The speed of Nexus 4 is more than prime Inline 5. The bow’s speed is 345 fps. Both the products are the best of expert archers, but if you are a beginner, please get instructions from your mentor before buying a bow.

Final Thoughts

As per the sensitivity of the archery ground, it is necessary to consider the following before purchasing a bow.

  • Bows and arrows have a substantial part in archery, be cautious while purchasing bows and arrows.
  • Read the description and features of the products carefully before purchasing. 
  • Buy the equipment as per your necessities after getting an expert’s opinion. Getting an opinion from an expert will always help you buy the product more comfortably. For example, as a beginner, you don’t know what kind of safety precautions you must consider while buying if you don’t get an opinion from your mentor.

G5 owns both QUEST and Prime Archery engineers Prime Archery and the bows produced at QUEST. The group of companies is also producing different kinds of products used in archery. I am sure you got the answer to your question (Who Makes QUEST Bows). My request to all the readers of this article is that you please do not buy any archery product with the endorsement of your mentor. Inappropriate use of archery products may lead your hand to injuries.


Who makes QUEST bows?

G5 is a parent company that owns both QUEST and Prime Archery.

Where are QUEST bows made?

QUEST Bows are finished in the USA.  

Are QUEST bows any good?

Yes, QUEST Bows are good bows. One of the great things is that they produce bows at meager prices with the latest technologies. The company is also focusing on the new archers; based on this aspect, they are producing lightweight bows (CENTER NXT)

Which QUEST bows are the best?

Both the bows produced by QUEST are suitable for beginners and developing archers.

Who sells QUEST bows?

QUEST Bows is making and marketing their bows by themselves.

Who owns QUEST bows?

Louis “Leo” Grace Sr. is the owner of QUEST Archery. 

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