Huntworth Camo Review

Huntworth Camo Review 2024: Find the Best Hunting Clothing

Huntworth camo is designed by hunters. They’re very well thought-out and very high quality for a lot less money than some of the high-end camouflages. Their biggest distributor that you can find nationwide is actually Walmart.

In this article, we will review Huntworth camo as well as its popular products. Now, let’s get started.

Huntworth digital pattern, Disruption, is extremely popular with both deer hunters and Western game hunters who demand a pattern that helps them disappear in any terrain.

Huntworth Camo Review

The Huntworth offers basically 5 camo patterns for hunters to choose from. These are Disruption, Tarnen, Hidd’n, Snow Camo, and Lifestyle patterns.

We know different camo patterns work better in different areas. For example, the snow camo pattern from Huntworth provides perfect concealment during winter.

However, Huntworth also provides camo patterns for all seasons and terrains.

The digital camo, also known as Disruption, help you fade into the background at any distance. Comparatively, hybrid camo, also known as Tarnen, is inspired by natural images and shapes. 

Here is our Huntworth camo review

Disruption Camo

  •  Computer generated graphics
  • Fade into the background at any distance.

disruption huntworth camo review


It is a digital approach to concealment designed with computer-generated graphics.

Disruption features a high level of random and abstract visual noise to create a three-dimensional pixelized pattern that animals can’t perceive. With disruption, you remain undetected.

Disruption is a versatile pattern that blends well from the rocky terrain out west to the mountain ranges and open plains to the hardwoods in the east and across all seasons at ground level or in a tree stand silhouetted against the sky.

The colors in disruption make it a year-round pattern that works throughout the fall during the winter months with a light layering of snow on the ground and into the spring. Disruption takes concealment to the next level

disruption huntworth camo review


  • Created using images and shapes found in nature 
  • Blend into your surroundings

huntworth camo pattern tarnen

It is labeled as a new approach to concealment. It is built with shapes found in nature, distorted to introduce visual randomness and added layers for depth perception.

Tarnen is our most versatile pattern ever designed to work in a wide range of terrains. From hardwood trees to evergreen trees, in open plains, in mountain ranges, and across all weather seasons. Whether you are skylined in a tree, in rock formations, or on the ground. Teren is designed to work.

The organic elements and depth of its pattern will ensure you blend seamlessly in your surroundings. It is claimed to be the next level of concealment

huntworth camo pattern tarnen

Popular Huntworth Gears

We have organized a list of top Huntworth gears that are popular among many hunters

Huntworth Men’s Heavy Weight Windproof Soft Shell Hunting Pants

  • The heavyweight pants from Huntworth are constructed from a triple-layer fabric. The outside is constructed from a stretch polyester bonded to a windproof and breathable film.
  • The inside layer is a bonded sherpa fleece treated with micro ban antimicrobial product protection for scent reduction.
  • The pants are treated with a durable waterproof repellent (DWR) finished making water beat up and roll off the fabric.
  • They also feature reinforced knees and seat with durable abrasion resistant material along with zippers with storm flaps. The heavyweight pants are the perfect choice for freezing weather.
  • The rubberized non-slip grip inner waistband keeps the pants from falling. And if that isn’t enough they have five belt loops along with suspender loops to help keep the pants where they belong, around your waist.
  • The pants include two large cargo side pockets, two front slash pockets and a knife pocket on the right leg and one zipped rear pocket. All of which are the perfect size for keeping your handheld gear secure and your hands warm.

Huntworth Men’s Heavy Weight Windproof Soft Shell Hunting Pants

Huntworth Men's Heavy Weight Windproof Soft Shell Hunting Pants

  • Huntworth Disruption camouflage 
  • Perfect for late-season hunts 
  • Warmth without the bulk

Huntworth Mens Mid Weight Performance Fleece Hunting Hoodie

  • The men’s performance fleece hoodie from Huntworth is made from a two-way stretch performance fleece.
  • This hoodie has a large kangaroo pocket for storing small gear and keeping your hands warm. The hood is fully lined with a second layer of performance fleece in camo.
  • It also has an additional zip pocket on the left arm for extra storage.

Huntworth Men’s Mid Weight Performance Fleece Hunting Hoodie

Huntworth Mens Mid Weight Performance Fleece Hunting Hoodie

  • Huntworth Disruption camouflage 
  • Wear alone or layered

Huntworth Men’s Light Weight 1/4 Zip Shirt

  • The men’s lightweight quarter-zip shirt from Huntorth is constructed from a hexagon pique knit fabric.
  • The interior layer is chemically treated for scent control which in turn will help you get closer to big-game animals.
  • This shirt features a quarter zip front with a chin guard, a one-zip chest pocket for carrying small gear.
  • The quarter-zip lightweight shirt also features a tag-free collar for ultimate comfort.

Huntworth Men’s Light Weight 1/4 Zip Shirt

Huntworth Men's Light Weight 1/4 Zip Shirt

  • Huntworth Disruption camouflage
  • Wear alone or layered
  • Scent control

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