bow shooting to the right

Why Your Bow Shooting to the Right? How to Fix it

One of the most common problems for beginners in archery is Bow Shooting to the Right. If you are facing a problem with accuracy in shooting, this article will help you to overcome it.

Bow Shooting to the Right

Inadequate anchoring, poor bow grip, weak arrow spine, out-of-tune sight/bow, and poor environment can cause bow shooting to the right.

All of the problems mentioned above look simple and easy. It’s a bit difficult to identify the actual problem and the solution how to overcome that problem. Let’s discuss all these problems and the solution to the problems.

Bow Torque

Torque is a force that creates a rotation. Bows generate torque, which is not a big problem for expert archers. They know how to tackle it by using appropriate techniques. If you cannot understand the techniques to overcome the torque issue, it creates a problem of Bow Shooting to the Right.

The most frequent causes of bow torque are inappropriate bow grip and discordant archery equipment. If you are an expert archer, you can quickly identify the problem when you’ll hold the equipment.

However, you get accurate results in archery only if you buy archery equipment as per your coach’s recommendation and after testing the equipment. 

How to fix it?

Eliminating the torque is easy; it comprises testing and improving your grip. Following are the steps to improve the grip:

  • Hold your bow and make V with the help of your index finger and thumb.
  • Your hand should be on the bow’s grip, and the fleshy portion of your palm should be relaxed.
  • Pull the bowstring, and sense the stress build.
  • There should not be any bent in your wrist.

If you follow the abovementioned steps, you’ll eliminate bow torque.

The problem in Sight or Bow

One of the significant causes of Bow Shooting to the Right is out-of-tune sight/bow.

If your bow is out of tune, you should go for tuning the bow. Taking your bow to the bow builder from where you bought it is highly recommended. 

They are professionals in bow building, and it is necessary to deal with your equipment professionally so that you may avoid injuries.

Inadequate Anchoring

Inadequate anchoring is also one of the causes of Bow Shooting to the Right. Archers always focus on anchoring while shooting because it is necessary to get maximum accuracy.

Followings are some technical error people usually practice while anchoring.

  • If you grip the drawing hand from one side, your shots might go to the Right. Many shooters practice their chin or the side of the face as an anchor point, but it may still be slightly off.
  • If you want to confirm that anchoring is your problem, try moving your anchor point to the Right.
  • Note that slight movement in the anchor point might significantly upset the shooter’s position.

Weak Arrow Spine

One of the causes of Bow Shooting to the Right is that the spine of your arrows is too weak. As the arrows are incompatible with your bows, they will bend in the flight, which will cause them to miss the target.

If you are a beginner and want to buy arrows, you should have to take an opinion from your mentor or should go to buy arrows from a professional archery shop. They will check your bow and provide you with arrows compatible with your bow.

Environmental Problems

Some environmental factors may significantly affect your shots. Issues can be further impaired by wind, sloped ground, and other factors.

Although the wind can significantly alter your shots, it will always guide your arrows in a different direction, which can signify that the wind is the real problem.

If you are facing this kind of problem, you can make some changes like close-range shooting can cover the environmental problem, or you need to learn how to counter the factor of wind. Another choice is to use weighted arrows, which are less vulnerable to wind.


Should your arm be straight when shooting?

Your release arm’s elbow should be directed away from the target, and the forearm should be parallel to the floor. Your bow arm’s elbow should be angled slightly outward and downward away from the bow. The elbow of the bow arm has a slight bend when it is in the correct position.

Should bow string touch your nose?

When you shoot, a specific bow string touches a spot on your nose.  

Do heavier arrows fly better?

A conventional bow with a much heavier arrow has more incredible momentum and would be more likely to penetrate the animal, but a modern compound bow shooting a lighter, faster arrow produces noticeably higher kinetic energy.

Final Thoughts

You are overcoming the problem of Bow Shooting to the Right by adopting the methods mentioned above. It is also highly recommended that an opinion from the expert archer/mentor might add more accuracy. Furthermore, it would help if you had to go to a professional outlet to overcome the technical issues in the archery equipment.

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