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Who Makes Black hunter bows in 2024?Updated Guide

Black hunter bows are one of the best bows used in archery. These bows are designed for archers who seek the best tools available in the market. The primary reason these bows are considered the best in the industry is that they provide an ideal balance of pace, precision, and convenience for archers.

Who Makes Black hunter bows?

Black hunter bows are made by a Chinese company called Junxing. These bows are rebranded by various global retailers, who then sell them to customers under their brand names. 


Archers prefer black hunter bows throughout the world because their distinguishing features make black hunter bows stand out. Some of these features are listed below.

Classic Design

Black hunter bows are based on a classic design, and these bows perform outstandingly well in different conditions. This also makes them very easy to use. 


These bows also have a takedown design. This design makes it convenient to ship or carry the bow when moving outdoors for hunting because it can be very easily assembled or de-assembled in a short time. Therefore, black hunter bows are portable and easy to carry and transport. 

Ergonomic Design

Hunters are very much concerned about the grip of the bow as they want comfort and enough power. Black hunter bows are ergonomically designed with impressive rounded edges and a pleasing finished wooden bow riser. The ergonomic design with a smooth edge fits your hand perfectly. The round design makes it easy to grip and simple to aim with.  

Comfortable Grip

The above-mentioned feature of a comfortable grip provides an added advantage to the hunters. Therefore, one of the first things to note about black hunter bows is how comfortable the bow feels to hold and use. These bows are incredibly lightweight but still have a sturdy feel – precisely what hunters want. 


Black hunter bows have advanced limbs. These limbs are made of bamboo and fiberglass, making them lightweight. The manufacturing techniques used in making these bows make them durable. These bows are laminated with German-based laminate glass. With the combination of bamboo, fiberglass, and German laminate glass, back hunter bows provide toughness and power, which other competing bows fail to deliver.  

Replaceable Limbs 

Another essential feature of the black hunter bows is that their limbs can be replaced. This way, archers can increase or decrease their draw weight by purchasing only a new set of limbs. So, archers can customize the bow as per their suitability. 

Maintained Finish

Since these bows are made of fiberglass and then laminated with German glass, the natural wear and tear of the bow and degradation caused by dust are minimal. So, the fine finish of the black hunter bows is maintained throughout their life. 

Available Variety 

Black hunter bows are available in a variety of colors and bow weights. Archers can choose the color and weight as per their requirements and preference. Moreover, archers can choose whether they want a bow’s left- or right-handed version. 


Black hunter bows are effective for both indoor and outdoor applications. Moreover, these bows can be used by beginners and advanced hunters. So, these bows can be used by archers having different experiences for different applications. 


The bow comes in four parts and is well-packaged for security. An instruction manual is also provided with the package to facilitate the customers. The bow can be quickly assembled by consulting the instruction manual. A great addition to the hunter bows can be a string silencer. Archers can also invest in string silencers to make them silent if they intend to hunt with the black hunter bows.  


For various reasons, black hunter bows are among the best bows in the world. These bows are easy-to-use, accurate, and lightweight. Black hunter bows are suitable for beginners and hunters of all capabilities and most sizes. Versatile draw weights are offered to make them ideal for almost all strengths. The fiberglass limbs and the takedown design of black hunter bows make them lightweight, portable, and durable. 


Who makes black hunter bows?

Junxing is a Chinese company that makes black hunter bows. After manufacturing, these bows are rebranded by various retailers around the globe. After branding, retailers sell these bows to the customers. 

Where are black hunter bows made?

Black hunter bows are made in China. A Chinese company, Junxing, manufactures these bows, which retailers then sell.  

Are black hunter bows good?

Black hunter bows are considered one of the best bows in the world. The black hunter bows’ numerous distinguishing features make them stand out from the competitors. For instance, their takedown and ergonomic design make these bows portable and convenient. Black hunter bows are very lightweight and accurate but sturdy as well. Their durability is exemplary, and the finish of black hunter bows is maintained throughout their life due to their German glass coating. 

Which black hunter bow is the best?

Various kinds of Black hunter bows are available in the market. They also have a wide range of different weight options to choose from. The hunter can choose a black hunter bow according to his own needs and preferences. Therefore, the best hunter bow depends on the hunter himself and his application.

Who sells a black hunter bow?

Junxing is a Chinese company that makes black hunter bows. After manufacturing, these bows are branded by various retailers around the globe and then sold to customers. Some renowned retailers of black hunter bows are Obert, Glurak, and MK II. 

Who owns black hunter bows?

Junxing is a Chinese company that makes Black hunter bows. After manufacturing, these bows are branded by retailers like Obert, Glurak, and MK II, which sell them to their customers. Archers purchase these black hunter bows based on their experience and application. 

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