Broadhead can get blunt and not perform the way it used to when it was new. To have the best broadhead sharpener and for being an avid hunter, you need to be mentally sharp, but your broadhead also needs to have fine and razor-edged sharpness to cut and shoot down the target.

To sharpen the broadheads, our top picks for the best broadhead sharpeners are:

  • King Sharpening Stone
  • G5 Montec Sharpener
  • K.M.E. Broadhead Sharpener
  • G5 Stick Sharpener

These are some of the best and latest versions to assist you in improving your skills on another level.

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best Broadhead Sharpener Performance

The broadheads you own must possess sharp edges like a razor to offer the cutting force needed to kill your target immediately. Unfortunately, the top-quality broadheads can get dull or blemished with time for various reasons, such as enough practice sessions. These situational errant shots let the blade encounter dirt or get in contact with sticks.

However, these aberrants aren’t considered suitable for the blade’s sharpness and the incredible power you require for a shot. If you are someone who wants to find out how to sharpen broadheads through the best broadhead sharpener on various hunting forums?

You are at the right place for valuable and quick answers. Not all individuals can afford to update top-notch heads; therefore, sharpening broadheads is indeed considered a fantastic way of saving some money when you prepare for the bow season.

Even if you plan to preserve your older blades for the practice session, you must learn how to sharpen the broadhead blade because it will be a value-added skill. Below mentioned are the steps that you can follow:

Steps In The Sharpening Process

The procedure of sharpening can vary between three distinct types of broadheads. You cannot sharpen a traditional broadhead so that you can point the three-blade broadheads. This is because few of them are made up of solid metal pieces. The other ones are the individual blades that are bound together with the help of a ferrule.

The solid 3 blade broadhead is convenient to clean as you can keep the head flat on a stone and squeaky clean the two edges all at once. For ferrule broadheads, the process is the same for each blade, and then you can reassemble.

Search The Blade Angle

  • The first step in the sharpening process is to find out the right angle for your broadhead.
  • Get a sharpie marker and use it to color over the angled edge of the required blade.
  • Rub the blade slightly over the sharpening stone to see if the color is being removed evenly. If yes, know that you have the right angle to sharpen the broadhead.

But if you find out that only the edge got cleaned, your inclination might be too high, or you must flatten it out. You can use a tool such as Smith’s Broadhead Station or K.M.E. Sharpener to execute this step efficiently.

Beginning Of Sharpening

The second step is to find flattened spots on the edges or nicked-up spots. These spots must be flattened by using a coarse sharpening file or stone. If you don’t possess the stone, you can easily tape coarse sandpaper such as 400600, or 1000 grit on a piece of glass. The glass material is ideal for this as it usually is flat, and such surfaces are essential to achieve a blade edge that is sharpened perfectly.

Edges Polishing

The third step is to execute the sharpening process by taking the cleaned-up broadhead blades.

  • Firstly, you require a way to properly grab the blade while working on it on the stones. Best broadhead sharpeners such as Smith’s Broadhead Station and K.M.E. Sharpener have these in-built. But if you don’t have any specific and specialized device, you can utilize other ways such as window scraper, needle nose vice grips, or Exacto knife holders for tiny blades.                                                                                                                                                              
  • Hold the polishing compound or honing oil and a sharpening stone in the form of a fine diamond. Utilize a sturdy pressure but not so that you won’t be able to move the blade, enough force that you feel a bit of resistance. Make controlled strokes until you have smoothly removed the marker from each side of the blades. You must keep in mind the number of strokes you have made to remove the exact amount of metal on the edges.

Stropping technique

Stropping technique is a process of furbishing metal molecules in an aligned way, creating scary, stubborn, and sharp edges that bowhunters genuinely desire.

Bring the blade up to the stropping surface by utilizing a controlled movement with the help of a cutting-edge trail. A little pressure is all you need to execute the step. You can test the edge by pulling a piece of rubber across the border while you use polishing compounds as required.

Sharpener Reviews

The Sharpeners below are the best broadhead sharpeners and are selected on the basis of performance, verification, ease to use, and customer reviews.

King Sharpening Stone

King Sharpening Stone is an all-time best broadhead sharpener and an incredible whetstone that serves a dual purpose. It can be used with the help of hunting knives and also broadheads. Japan-made best broadhead sharpener which is positioned as a kitchen knife but can also be used for hunting purposes.

The best broadhead sharpener has two sides with 1000 and 6000 grit. You can both sharpen and hone by using the same tool. You must soak the stone in water till the air bubbles deplete and the stone is ready to sharpen broadheads.

King Sharpening Stone


  • Grit:01096 1000/6000
  • Qualitative And Affordable
  • Sturdy Plastic Base
  • Thickness: 8″ x 2 1/2″ x 1″

G5 Montec Sharpener

This stone is considered more compact compared to the King. It involves a nylon case that makes it easy to carry anywhere. The measurements include 3-1/4″ length by 2″ width. It also has dual sides, one for sharpening (600 grit) and another for honing (1,200 grit). It is a diamond stone, so it doesn’t require water. But you can use honing oil.

G5 Montec Sharpener


  • FLat
  • Casing: Vinyl
  • Measurements: 2″ x 4″

K.M.E. Broadhead Sharpener

It is a small yet excellent device for intense bowhunters. It includes an aluminum frame with jaws and a flexible steel roller pin. While sharpening, the jaws have a good grip and hold the blades in place. And the roller pin allows you to find the right spot to sharpen while adjusting itself. This tool is ideal for sharpening only traditional flat-sided broadheads. You can merge this tool with the high-end diamond stone.

K.M.E. Broadhead Sharpener


  • Manufacturer: USA
  • Aluminum Frame and Jaws
  • Stainless Steel
  • Category: Sharpening Sets

G5 Stick Sharpener

This fantastic tool works well to push the broadhead blade via the carbide sharpening bits. The adjustable carbides allow you to use them for the long term. It is a fantastic tool, but it is not considered as precise as you might require by doing a full-fledged sharpening procedure

G5 Stick Sharpener


  • Size: 9 x 5 x 1.25 inches
  • Weight: 0.2 Pounds
  • Easy to use
  • Works on: Broadheads & Knives
  • Ideal for resharpening all G5 broadheads

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