Best Bow for Short Draw Length in 2022

Best Bow for Short Draw Length in 2024: Guide & Learn

Your kids will love archery as an outdoor activity, which can be a great way to keep them active. It is very important to ensure that you buy the right equipment to encourage your kids to take up archery.

This article will guide you in choosing the best bow for short draw length in 2022.  Finding a versatile bow that can perform well in short and long draw lengths can be challenging if you’re hunting or competing.


Choose The Right

It is essential to consider the right bow for your particular draw length.  This means that the best bow for you will depend on your type of shooting and how well you can fully utilize it. 

Before buying one, here are some things to consider to ensure you get the best adjustable short-draw length bow.  If you look at our shortlist, you might find that the following five bows will be appropriate for your children.

In detail, let’s talk about the best bow for short draw length in 2022. 

The 5 Best Bows For Short Draw Length in 2022

  • Recurve bow from CenterPoint Archery ABY215
  • Bear Archery Crusader Youth Bow
  • Bear Archery Firebird Youth Bow
  • Wizard Youth Bow  Bear Archery
  • Titan Bow Bear Archery
  • Right, Draw Weight Selection

If you’re just starting archery or looking for a new bow to help you get better, this list is for you! Here are the five best bows for short draw length in 2022.

Recurve bow from CenterPoint Archery ABY215

ABY215 Sentinel Youth Recurve Bow is one of CenterPoint Archery’s longbows explicitly designed for elementary school children

For Beginners Only

Keep in mind, however, that this set is only for beginners. This inexpensive weapon is a good choice for introducing your kids to the fundamentals of martial arts before moving on to a more advanced one.

Designed For Children

Using the right arrows, your children can easily hit targets within 20-30 yards. Despite posture and aiming errors, the brace height of 8 inches is very flexible.

Because it was designed to be aimed at children, the bow is relatively lightweight at hand.

This CenterPoint bow set combines a toy replica of a bow and a fully functional bow. This kit combines the best of both worlds to introduce your child to archery.


All-weather string system

All-Weather String System: Launch arrows with an ideal trajectory with a custom all-weather string system. Using this string, the arrow will follow a straighter path since it generates enough tension.

Center Shot Composite Riser

Designed for ergonomic grip and mobility, the Center Shot Composite Riser is constructed of composite material.

The riser of this bow is designed to meet the needs of a delicate age group, and the weight and shape of the riser are tailored to their requirements.

High-Quality Components

Quality-tested materials are used to ensure the components’ safety and long-term durability. Plastic makes the bow flexible so that it can be pulled easily. Toxic materials are absent.


  • Suitable for 4 to 8-year-olds
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Right-handed users only
  • Reduces string tension by bending too much

Recurve bow from CenterPoint Archery ABY215

Best Bow for Short Draw Length in 2022


  • Model Number: ABY215
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs
  • Length: 45″
  • Brace Height: 8″
  • Draw Weight: 20 lbs
  • Max draw: 25″
  • Limbs: 1 Piece Composite
  • Riser: Composite

Bear Archery Crusader Youth Bow

We’ll round out our best bows with one more Bear Archery bow for a short draw lengths list. Children aged nine and up should use the Bear Archery Crusader Youth Bow.

Entire Set

By purchasing the entire set, you will be able to get your little archer everything they need to get ready for their first session at the range as long as you purchase the entire set.

For Education

In our opinion, this bow should be used strictly as an educational tool only, as it is too underpowered to be a severe competitor in archery tournaments.

Precision & Strength

There is a problem with the number of arrows in this set. To get better precision and launch strength, we would recommend using 28-inch or 27-inch arrows. Only a few pounds go into the weight of the bow.

Improve Skills

Several years of use can be expected from the bow parts made of hardwearing fiberglass. You can use this bow to hone the skills of your children as they transition from one bow to another. Handling and maintaining it is easy.


Low Draw Weight

The bow is accessible to more minor children with a low draw weight of 10-20lbs. The low draw weight of the bow makes it easy for children to pull the string.

Sight Pin & Finger Rollers

The sight pins and finger rollers are designed to make it easier for the user to simultaneously target the weapon and protect their hands.  The finger rollers shield your fingers from the arrow’s trajectory, and the sight pin helps you focus on the target.

Ambidextrous Riser Design

An ambidextrous riser design allows archers to use the bow with either their right or left hand, depending on their preference. Your child’s hand orientation does not need to be a concern.


  • Educative archery set
  • Long-lasting
  • Portable


  • Accuracy is poor

Bear Archery Crusader Youth Bow

Best Bow for Short Draw Length in 2022


  • Model Name: Crusader “bow only”
  • Brand: Bear Archery
  • Color: Grey
  • Material: Other
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous

Bear Archery Firebird Youth Bow

Junior Level

Best bow for short draw length in 2022

Among the many high-quality junior-level bows available at Bear Archery, the Firebird Youth Bow is an excellent bow for even the youngest archer. We recommend this bow to anyone aged 12 or older, just like the Titan bow.

Learning Purpose

This would be a great bow to teach your children how to shoot arrows with, as they would have a lot of fun doing it. Only one part of the assembly process needs to be done by you: stringing the bow. It is the exact string used in Bear Archery Titan in polyester bowstrings.

Depending on your needs, you may find this the best bow for short draw lengths to shoot some targets in if you are looking to do some target shooting under short distances.

The body made from fiberglass is one of the first things that will impress you at first glance.

Beautiful & Sturdy

The bow is beautiful to look at, and as soon as you hold it, you’ll realize how sturdy it is. With the 60-inch raiser, you will enjoy better comfort and enhanced performance due to the synthetic handle and armrest.

Entry-Level Archers

It is ideal for entry-level archers as it assigns a draw weight that is just right for them. As long as your young child can pull the shaft back at maximum momentum, they should have no problem releasing the arrow.


When considering the utility level you will get from it, there is not a lot of money to spend on purchasing this bow. The bow can produce enough penetration power to kill a small animal if it has sufficient penetrating power.

This means that it can be used for hunting small game as well. Generally speaking, when it comes to purchasing a recurve bow, this would be an excellent option for kids and adults who have just begun their archery careers.


Heavy Draw Weight

With this bow, a bow carries enough draw weight to be able to participate in some extra-curricular activities in addition to training. You can do many things with this, including hunting small animals like rabbits, turkeys, and grouses.

Ambidextrous Rise Design

Featuring an ambidextrous design, this pen has an ambidextrous grip design, making it equally comfortable to use with either hand. Thus, your child does not need to specify whether they are left-handed or right-handed to maneuver it optimally.

Fiberglass Composite Limbs

Designed for outstanding durability, fiberglass composite limbs are heavy-duty. A bow built with this level of integrity has the assurance that it will not break prematurely due to its rigid construction.


  • It is ambidextrous
  • Suitable for hunting small game
  • Strong fiberglass construction


  • The string quality is poor
  • After months of use, the armrest and handle come off

Bear Archery Firebird Youth Bow

Best Bow for Short Draw Length in 2022


  • Model Name: 1000416
  • Brand: Bear Archery
  • Color: Grey
  • Material: Other
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous

Wizard Youth Bow  Bear Archery

Oldest Company

We at Bear Archery consider ourselves to be one of the oldest companies manufacturing archery equipment in the world today. In particular, they specialize in the manufacture of archery gear that is primarily designed for children.

Bear Archery products will feature more often than other brands and models in our best bow for short-draw length reviews. Firstly, we would like to take a closer look at the Bear Archery Wizard Youth Bow.

Flexible Use

This bow is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 10 who are in the target demographic for it. With a high margin of error for positioning and shooting, it’s elementary and has a very flexible way of using it.

Starter Pack

A complete starter set for your kids for the first time at archery comes with a bow, arrows, and a target so that they can have an incredible experience for their very first time if they wish.

Best Apparatus

The Bear Archery Wizard Youth Bow is not a toy, even though it is designed for children of a minor age group. Young archers are highly rated for the effectiveness and efficiency of this learning apparatus.


There is nothing complicated about the bow; it is just as essential as it gets. Nevertheless, it does its job well enough for what it is supposed to be used for.

Despite its compact size, the rise features a wide grip that is easy to operate for extended periods and is comfortable to hold.

Light Weight

Its light weight adds to its maneuverability to a great extent, as well as its ability to be carried easily. Having an ambidextrous design, the bow can be used by anyone regardless of how their hands are oriented, and both men and women can use it.


Sight Pin & Finger Rollers

An improved archery experience is provided by the sight pins and finger rollers on this bow. In addition to the sight pin, the finger rollers allow you to grasp the bow firmly in your hands and lock in on the target.

Ambidextrous Riser

The bow has an ambidextrous riser design that makes it possible for both left-handed and right-handed users to use the bow comfortably from a left or right-hand position.

The grip is large and ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable grip on the riser.

Durable Composite Limbs

Enhanced durability with composite limbs: Once the composite limbs are attached to the bow, the bow takes on its complete form. It is no secret that fiberglass limbs take a lot of punishment, which is why you should expect them to take as much punishment as possible.


  • The build is durable
  • It is lightweight
  • An ambidextrous design
  • Suitable for low-age groups


  • The quality of the strings is poor

Wizard Youth Bow  Bear Archery

Best Bow for Short Draw Length in 2022


  • Model Name: Youth Bow Only
  • Brand: Bear Archery
  • Color: Only
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Range of draw weights: 10-18 pounds.
  • Range of draw lengths: 17 to 24 inches.

Titan Bow Bear Archery

For Mature Archers

Designed with a slightly mature archer in mind, the Titan Bow from Bear Archery targets a somewhat mature audience. Among the best bows for short draw length can be found here, and they will be suitable for pre-teens and young adults.

Intermediate Level

There is something wonderful and sturdy about the fiberglass construction. If your children are transitioning from a beginner to an intermediate archery level, this would be a fantastic choice to accommodate them.

Rubber Sized Grip

Considering that this unit is lightweight and has a versatile grip, we do not doubt that it will also apply to young users. It is highly ergonomic because of the rubberized grip on the bow.

Compatible Design

Combined with the ambidextrous compatibility of the limbs, the composite design makes this an efficient design for the hunter. With its light weight of just over 1.6 pounds, anyone can easily carry this bow around with no problem.


It packs enough power for a low-key hunter to pursue some low-key game with this Bear Archery Titan Bow. This bow could help snatch small games like rabbits and squirrels and more giant games like deer and elk.

There is no problem with you being able to penetrate foam targets from 25 to 30 yards away with ease. You can hit the spot from a range of 40 feet or even 50 feet if you have a good understanding of how a bow works.

Complete Package

As a part of the complete set, you will receive two 28-inch safety-glass arrows, a finger tab, a quiver, and a paper target. With a draw weight of 20 to 29 pounds, this bow is ideal for practicing at targets since the draw weight ranges from 20 to 29 pounds.


Ambidextrous Riser Design

This is because the riser is designed with an ambidextrous style that allows it to be used by both left-hand and right-hand users. No matter which hand your kids use to hold the bow, you can be sure they can use it without difficulty.

Sight Pin & Finger Rollers

It has a finger roller designed to safeguard the fingers and a sight pin to improve accuracy. When you grasp the bow, the finger rollers will house your fingers so you can concentrate on the target while looking at it.

Fiberglass Material

It is made of fiberglass material, which is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound simultaneously, for a stunning bow. As far as this bow’s power is concerned, it can serve users of all ages between 12 and 14.


  • Suitable for young adults
  • With an ambidextrous design
  • It is lightweight


  • The string quality is poor
  • Arrows can’t achieve an optimal trajectory due to plastic vanes

Titan Bow Bear Archery

Best Bow for Short Draw Length in 2022


  • Model Name: TITAN BOW ONLY
  • Brand: Bear Archery
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Composite
  • Item Weight: 1.5 Pounds
  • Size of bow: 60 inches.
  • Range of draw lengths: 22-28 inches.

Right, Draw Weight Selection


An archer holds on to a certain amount of weight when he draws a bowstring towards himself, a process known as drawing. As soon as the bowstring is fully drawn, the archer will hold precisely the amount of weight they intend to hold.

Draw Weight

An adult’s weight could range between 30 and 70 pounds, but a child’s weight must be significantly less. Each bow has a different draw weight.

Start with lower weight ranges for children and beginners. A heavy draw weight will prevent users from exerting enough penetrating force if it feels too burdensome.

Appropriate Draw Weight

Moreover, they are also likely to develop a variety of muscle injuries, which would be pretty disappointing for the parents. If children are given appropriate draw weights from the beginning, they will be able to adapt to them more quickly.


Best bow for short draw length in 2022

Hopefully, the information above has given you some ideas and insights into the best bow for short draw length in 2022. 

It is worth noting that your budget should not be considered an overriding factor, as it is possible to find quality bows within your price range. Your main priority should be what is appropriate for you and your kids.

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