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2024 Tracker 300 ATV Reviews: Specs, Top Speed

Are you in search of an ATV that combines affordability with outstanding performance? Look no further than the Tracker Off Road 300 ATV. 

In this comprehensive walk-around and review, we’ll delve into the specifications, features, and benefits of this impressive all-terrain vehicle.

The Tracker 300 is a 2WD ATV, known for its affordability, capability, and fuel efficiency. The 270cc engine produces 18 horsepower and is paired with a continuously variable transmission (CVT). 

The Tracker 300 ATV has a 500-pound towing capacity and is designed to carry up to 150 pounds of cargo on its front and rear racks.

The top speed of the Tracker 300 ATV is 45 mph. But you can increase it by installing a higher-performance engine, aftermarket exhaust system, or high-performance air filter. 

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Is the Tracker 300 Right for You?

Determining whether the Tracker 300 is the right fit depends on your specific needs. 

If you’re looking for an affordable ATV for work or recreation, the Tracker 300 excels in both areas. Its versatility makes it suitable for smaller properties, fence-line spraying, and as a first-time ATV for younger or inexperienced riders.

However, if your requirements involve heavier workloads, plowing in challenging terrains, or accommodating more passengers, the Tracker 570 and 700 EPS models might be better suited to your needs. 

For those seeking higher speeds or increased hauling capacities, exploring the 570 and 700 series is recommended. 

If you’re looking tracker to accommodate multiple passengers, side-by-side models like the 800 SX Crew with seating for up to six adults become more appealing.

Tracker 300 ATV Reviews

Here is the in-depth Tracker 300ATV Reviews:

tracker 300 atv specs

Key Features Table:

Key FeatureDescription
Compact DesignSmaller frame for versatile terrain compatibility
Affordable PricingGreat price for its size and capabilities
Suitable for New RidersIdeal choice for those just turning 16 and new to ATV riding
Durable ConstructionPowder-coated and welded steel frame for longevity
American-MadeDesigned, engineered, and assembled in the USA by Textron
Versatile Hauling and TowingFront and rear tracks can hold up to 50 pounds and 100 pounds, respectively; 500 pounds towing capacity
Comfortable SuspensionDouble-A arm suspension in the front and swing arm suspension in the rear, both with 5 inches of travel
Powerful Engine270 CC liquid-cooled four-stroke single overhead cam engine
CVT DrivetrainContinuously Variable Transmission for a smoother riding experience
Hydraulic Braking SystemEfficient and reliable hydraulic disc brakes for optimal stopping power
Warranty and “Tracker Promise”One-year warranty with an option to extend; backed by the “Tracker Promise” for quality assurance

Pros and Cons Table:

Affordable pricingTwo-wheel drive may limit certain applications
Compact size for versatile ridingLighter weight may pose challenges for heavy-duty work or plowing in specific terrains
Versatile for work and recreationLimited passenger capacity (not suitable for more than one rider)
Durable constructionLimited top speed compared to larger models
American-madeLimited color options
Comfortable suspension
Powerful engine with CVT drivetrain
Efficient hydraulic braking system
Extensive warranty and “Tracker Promise”

Specifications Table:

Here are the Tracker 300 Specs:

LengthOver 6 feet
WidthApproximately 3.5 feet
HeightUnder 4 feet
WheelbaseUnder 4 feet
Weight477 pounds
Fuel Capacity4.3 gallons
Available ColorsGreen, Red, Black
Frame MaterialPowder-coated Welded Steel
Engine270 CC Liquid-Cooled 4-Stroke SOHC
TransmissionCVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
BrakesHydraulic Disc (Front and Rear)
Towing Capacity500 pounds
Ground ClearanceOver 8 inches

Some basic specifications of the Tracker 300 are that it’s just over six feet long, about three and a half feet wide, and the overall height is just under four feet. 

The wheelbase, that’s the distance from the center of the front axle to the center of the back axle, is just under four feet. 

One thing to note: the chassis of the Tracker 300 is a couple of inches longer than most other brands in the 250 to 300 CC category of ATVs. 

This means it has a more comfortable ride with its longer wheelbase.

Tracker 300 ATV Weight

The weight of this vehicle is a feature too, at only 477 pounds. Even smaller-framed riders can move it around easily. 

The Tracker 300 holds 4.3 gallons of gasoline and is available in three colors: green, red, and black.

tracker 300 atv reviews

American Made

The frame of the Tracker 300 is powder-coated and welded steel, and here’s something else I learned: all Tracker off-road vehicles are designed, engineered, and assembled with skilled American labor by Textron in their U.S. plants, like Thief River Falls, Minnesota, and Augusta, Georgia. 

Textron is an American company, and like virtually every other high-quality manufacturer of modern equipment, they get their parts from both American and global sources.

What was the Tracker 300 designed for? 

Now that’s a great question. 

First of all, it’s a little bit smaller-framed, and maybe that fits in better where you want to ride. 

Secondly, it’s a great price for a vehicle of this size, and maybe that fits your budget a little bit better. 

And lastly, say you’re looking for an ATV for a new rider, especially if they’ve just turned 16 and it’s their first ATV, the 300 is a great choice.

Now, why do I say that? 

You might want your first ATV to be something that you can handle without jumping right into those larger frame or higher horsepower or higher speed vehicles. 

Or maybe you just have a smaller frame, and the 300 is less intimidating and easier to handle than those larger ATVs. 

But don’t let this make you think that the 300 isn’t ready to work and play because that’s not true. 

This vehicle will still run 35 to 40 miles an hour and handle all sorts of terrain like a champ.

Hauling and towing capabilities

With its hauling and towing capabilities, you can go to work on your property, and the 300 will keep up with you all day long. 

The Tracker 300 is an impressive performer too. It has impact-resistant tracks on the front and back that can hold 50 pounds up front and 100 pounds on the back. 

The towing capacity is an impressive 500 pounds. All you have to do is drop in a ball that fits your trailer, and you’re ready to go.

tracker 300 atv reviews


Now let’s talk about suspension. 

The Tracker 300 has double-A arm suspension up front with five inches of suspension travel. The swing arm suspension in the rear has five inches of travel as well. 

Why is it important to you? 

Well, suspension is what takes the bumps and jolts out of the ride as you’re traveling across rougher ground. 

The more suspension travel you have, the bigger jolts can be absorbed by it instead of your body. 

The Tracker 300 is designed to comfortably handle most situations you’ll likely encounter in a vehicle in this class.

Ground Clearance

Another feature that Tracker 300 boasts is ground clearance. With just over 8 inches, it will get you over a lot of obstacles with no trouble.

Power and Engine

Let’s talk about the power of the Tracker 300. This is a 270 CC liquid-cooled four-stroke single overhead cam gasoline engine. 

Liquid cooling is great, especially on those long work days in the summer sun and heat. 

The 300 has both high range and a low range, which many other brands in this class don’t have. That low range can be really handy when you need the torque without the speed.

The engine uses a CVT drivetrain, which means continuously variable transmission, much like you’d find in a Toyota Prius. 

The transmission settings are arranged: low range, neutral, reverse, and park. 

Connecting the drive wheels from the transmission is a shaft, not a chain. 

Why is that important to you? 

Well, on many other brands of ATVs, the chain is just exposed to all that dirt, dust, mud, junk that you kick up while you’re riding. 

That causes wear on the chain. And that drive shaft doesn’t have to worry about that. It’s also easier to maintain than a chain and sprockets would be.

tracker 300 atv top speed

Hydraulic disc brakes

The single handle on Tracker 300 ATV operates all four hydraulic disc brakes with a simple pull. Now, hydraulic is better because hydraulic is more efficient than mechanical drum brakes. 

After all, it requires less pressure at the handle to give equal amounts of braking power. 

This makes the 300 really reliable when stopping or slowing, especially when wet or muddy. 

Why Tracker 300 ATV is good for you?

Now, reasons the 300 might be a good fit for you is: 

  • You can strap on a sprayer and spot-spray miles of fence line. 
  • You can throw some tools on it and head out to your property to go work. 
  • You can even use smaller plow attachments. 

And like I said earlier, it makes a great first-time ATV for younger or inexperienced riders.

Why Tracker 300ATV is not good for you?

Now, the Tracker 300 might not be right for you if, for example, 

you’re wanting to push a plow in the north country. The lighter weight and the two-wheel drive might present a challenge. The Tracker 570 and 700 EPS would be a better choice. 

Want to go faster, pull more, or haul more weight? 

Again, take a look at the 570 and 700. 

Finally, if you want to take a second passenger, you’ll need to look at a side-by-side. And Tracker has a whole line of these from the 500s or the 800 SX to the beast known as the SPX 1001. 

Haul more than two or three people? Check out the 800 SX Crew, with seating for up to six adults and comfort, all while pulling 2,000 pounds and four-wheel drive.

tracker 300 atv problems

Tracker 300 ATV Problems

The most common tracker 300 ATV problems are related to clutch and transmission malfunction

Clutch Malfunctions

For clutch-related issues in Tracker 300 ATV, such as slipping clutches or difficulty engaging gears, you can try the following steps:

  • Check Idle Speed: Make sure that the ATV’s idle speed is within the recommended range (around 1100 to 1200 RPM). If the idle speed is high, it causes the clutch to engage slightly. As a result, it becomes hard to shift gears
  • Inspect Clutch Components: Also check the clutch components. The mechanical or the technical fault in clutch  for wear and tear, and consider replacing any worn-out parts if necessary.

Transmission Malfunctions

When dealing with tracker 300 ATV transmission problems, such as difficulty shifting gears or improper gear engagement, the following steps can be helpful:

  • Gear Lubrication: You have to make sure that the transmission gears are properly lubricated. It will help in avoiding any issues with gear engagement and shifting.
  • Diagnose Transmission Issues: If the transmission is not engaging properly, it’s important to diagnose the specific problem. For this you need to check the transmission components.


In conclusion, the Tracker Off Road 300 ATV offers a compelling combination of affordability, performance, and versatility.

Whether you’re navigating rough terrains, tackling work on your property, or introducing a new rider to the world of ATVs, the Tracker 300 is a reliable and capable choice.

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