tracker 800 SX side by side

Tracker 800 SX Side-by-side Review:2024 Update

This is an in-depth review of the tracker 800 SX side-by-side. I’m going to talk through the specifications, the features, and the performance of this vehicle.

The Tracker 800 SX side-by-side is a rugged and versatile off-road vehicle designed for the modern adventurer. 

With its powerful 800cc engine, durable construction, and advanced suspension system, the Tracker 800 SX is engineered to conquer the toughest terrains with ease. 

Whether you’re exploring remote trails or tackling challenging work sites, this side-by-side delivers the performance and reliability you need to get the job done.

Compare: Tracker Side by Side Top Speed: 800SX, 800SX LE, 800SX Crew

Tracker 800sx Crew Top Speed

The “TRACKER 800 SX Crew” boasts an impressive top speed from 45 to 53 mph. This performance range ensures a thrilling and dynamic driving experience for enthusiasts.

Tracker 800 SX side-by-side in under a minute

Tracker 800sx specs

Here are the Tracker 800sx specs:

Specification Value
Length 126 inches
Width 63 inches
Height 74 inches
Wheelbase 85 inches
Empty Weight 1,585 pounds (718.9 kg)
Fuel Tank Capacity 10 gallons
Cargo Bed Dimensions 40.5 x 54 x 11.5 inches
Available Colors Black, Green, Red, or True Timber Strata Camouflage
Engine Type Four-stroke, three-cylinder, dual overhead cam
Engine Displacement 812 cc
Engine Power 50 horsepower
Engine Torque 48 foot-pounds
Fuel System Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Transmission Options P, R, N, H, L
Ground Clearance Nearly 11 inches
Suspension Double A-arm with 10 inches of travel (front), 9.5 inches of travel (back)
Tires (Front) 26 inches tall, 9 inches wide, mounted on 14-inch aluminum wheels
Tires (Rear) 26 inches tall, 11 inches wide
Rear Wheel Lock Switch Selectable Locking Rear Differential
Brakes Hydraulic Disc, Four-wheel braking
Payload Capacity 1,500 pounds

Tracker 800sx Key Features

Here are the Tracker 800sx key features

Feature Description
Frame Material HSLA Steel (High Strength Low Alloy Steel)
Rollover Protection System ROPS (Rollover Protection System/Structure)
Body Panels High Impact Resistant with UV protection
Interior Easy Access with Doors
Suspension Double A-arm with transverse suspension, 5-way adjustable shocks
Ground Clearance High-end competitive ground clearance (nearly 11 inches)
Skid Plate High Strength Polymer Skid Plate
Tires Aggressive, 26-inch tires for off-road use with good traction
Engine 812 cc, 50 HP, 48 ft-lb of torque, EFI, Liquid-Cooled
Noise Reduction Whisper-quiet rear-mounted engine with sound dampening features
Transmission 75 Amp Automotive Alternator, Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
Steering Power Steering, Tilt Steering Wheel Adjustment
Payload Capacity 1,500 pounds
Towing Capability Equipped with a built-in 2-inch receiver hitch for towing
Instrument Cluster LCD Display with speedometer, odometer, tachometer, gear indicator, fuel gauge, etc.
Durability Built with solid materials, tight tolerances, and backed by an 18-month warranty
Customizable Warranty Period Extendable warranty coverage from 12 to 48 additional months

Tracker 800 SX side-by-side

tracker 800sx side by side review

Price: $12,598 USD

  • Length – 126 in.
  • Width – 63 in.
  • Height – 74 in.
  • Weight – 1,585 lb.
  • Wheelbase – 85 in.
  • Ground Clearance – 10.75 in.
  • Towing Capacity – 2,000 lb.

Tracker 800 SX side-by-side Review

The Tracker 800 SX is a versatile side-by-side utility vehicle designed for both work and recreation. 

Its 50-horsepower engine, coupled with a rugged suspension and ample cargo capacity, makes it ideal for tackling rough terrain, hauling gear, and conquering challenging tasks. 

Whether you’re navigating wooded trails, clearing brush, or towing equipment, the 800 SX delivers dependable performance and comfort. 


Here is a quick recap of the Tracker 800sx specs.

  • It’s 126 inches long.
  • 63 inches at its widest.
  • 74 inches tall at its highest point.
  • The 800 SX has a 10-gallon fuel tank.
  • The dimensions of the cargo bed are 40 and a half by 54 by 11.5 inches. 
  • The wheelbase is a measurement of the distance from the front axle to the rear axle and that’s 85 inches.
  • The empty weight of this unit comes in at 1,585 pounds (718.9 kilograms).

How the 800sx Is Built

The Tracker 800 SX side-by-side features a robust frame constructed from HSLA (high strength, low alloy) steel, combining lightweight design with maximum strength for enhanced durability and performance. 

This frame is engineered to provide a stable and secure foundation for the vehicle, ensuring reliability in various off-road conditions. 

Additionally, the 800 SX comes standard with a vibration-reducing frame, further enhancing its versatility and reliability for both work and play. 

The incorporation of a rollover protection system (ROPS) underscores the vehicle’s commitment to safety, providing added peace of mind during off-road adventures

Rollover Protection System

The 800sx also features what’s called ROPS which means rollover protection system or structure.

  • ROPS helps protect you in the event of a rollover but always wear your safety belt and helmets anytime you’re operating a cyber site.

High Impact and UV Resistant Body Panel

The body of the 800sx is made from high-impact resistant body panels that are formulated to take punishing UV rays for long life and a great look.

And the interior is designed to be easy to get in and out of with a door as opposed to nets like you’ll find on some other brands.

tracker side by side review

Front and Rear Double A-Arm Suspension

One thing’s for sure no side by side would be worth much if it couldn’t take the tough off-road conditions, you’re probably going to use it in.

But what makes a unit good in those conditions in a word: Suspension.

The 800sx features front and rear double A-arm suspension.

Front SuspensionDouble A-Arm with 10 in (25.4 cm) of Travel
Rear SuspensionDouble A-Arm with 9.5 in (24.1 cm) of Travel

Suspension travel is where the shock and spring move to absorb the jolts from hitting holes and bumps.

It’s what gives you a smooth ride but why should this matter to you. Because quality suspension allows the vehicle to be more stable and easier to control. It literally keeps the tires in contact with the ground for better traction and response.

Now here’s something the tracker 800 SX side-by-side has that many brands don’t, it’s called transverse suspension.

The advantage of transverse suspension is that it minimizes scrub.

This means it keeps the tires even with the surface they’re traveling on even with a heavy load. And that ultimately means better traction when you need it most.

5-way Adjustable Shocks

There are five-way adjustable shocks and they’re located in the back and, the front, and tracker. Also, gives you a tool where you can adjust it.

Let’s say you want to haul a heavier load just dial up the stiffness.

  • A higher setting increases preload and ride height to maintain ride quality when hauling more weight.
  • In the lower setting, decreases preload ensuring a smooth ride for normal operating conditions.

High Ground Clearance

When you compare the 800 SX to the competition as I did, you’ll find out that it’s the high end of competitive ground clearance.

Now the 800 SX has nearly 11 inches of ground clearance which is very important when you want to clear obstacles like logs and rocks or even go over ruts and ditches.

  • The higher the ground clearance the more easily you can go nearly anywhere without getting high centered.

Underside Full-Length Polymer Skid Plate

Tracker sider by side has a high-strength polymer skid plate. Now what that does is protect almost everything under the vehicle from debris that can be kicked up from the tires while you’re off-road.

  • When you start to get high centered, it’ll help you slide off because it’s slick.

This is really a cool feature.

General-purpose Off-road Tires

Let’s take a look at the tires on this vehicle.

Now these are a good balance for general off-road use but they’ll also give you a smooth ride and stability but they’re also aggressive enough to get you off-road and back again.

The tread pattern also helps to quickly shed excess mud or snow which helps the traction in slippery conditions.

Front Tires26×9.00-14
Rear Tires26×11.00-14

The tires in the front are 26 inches tall by nine inches wide and they are mounted on a 14-inch aluminum wheel. The back tires are 26 inches tall and 11 inches wide.

  • They are wider in the back because it adds traction and balances the vehicle’s weight better.

Electronically Switchable 2WD/4WD

tracker side by side switch

Now here’s a great feature the 800 SX can be switched back and forth from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive with this electronically switchable system.

  • The cool part about it is, you don’t have to stop, just let off the gas, flick the switch, back on the gas, and go.

This is so important because when you don’t have to stop first, you don’t lose your forward speed and that keeps you from getting stuck.

Selectable Locking Rear Differential

There is also a rear-wheel lock switch and it’s called a selectable locking rear differential. This ensures that both rear wheels turn together so you won’t spin out as easily in slippery conditions.

By the way driving across a nice yard then be sure to turn the locking differential switch off and you won’t tear the turf in tight turns

Brake System

You may not think much about brakes on Tracker side by side but brakes have to function great in a variety of conditions like mud, snow, water, and other crazy elements.

The Tracker 800 SX side-by-side has dual-piston front calipers and single-piston rear calipers.

Brake SystemDual-Piston Front Calipers and Single-Piston Rear Calipers

What does that mean for stopping power?

Well, I learned that the front dual-piston caliper brake pads are larger and that’s good because a larger pad will absorb more heat and have better wear characteristics.

  • Absorbs more heat
  • Better wear
  • Longer life

The dual-piston front brakes mean more force but also more even pressure on the brake pad to the rotor. This means greater stopping power. And that also means a longer life for your brakes.

  • Higher braking force
  • Even pressure from pad to rotator
  • Greater stopping power

Having brakes on all four wheels means balance braking so you’ll stop quickly and efficiently when needed.


The 800 SX is powered by a four-stroke, three-cylinder, dual overhead cam, gasoline engine with EFI, 812 cc displacement.

  • This 50 horsepower engine can generate 48 foot-pounds of torque for a wide variety of loads.

The tracker side by side has a liquid-cooled engine. That means it’s got a radiator that’s filled with fluid to keep the engine running safely in extreme temperatures and heavy working conditions.

tracker side by side review

Fuel System

The fuel system for this engine is EFI and that stands for electronic fuel injection. The tracker side by side has what’s called a closed-loop EFI meaning it has an exhaust sensor that constantly regulates temperature and fuel mixture.

This provides:

  • consistent throttle response in all operating conditions
  • improves fuel economy
  • improves cold-weather starting
  • regulates fuel flow better at higher elevations

Electronic Throttle Control

I also found out that the 800 SX has something called ETC or Electronic Throttle Control. This is a drive-by-wire ETC. This means there is no drive cable from the foot pedal to the engine.

  • It’s electronic so it provides smooth operation with no jerking and allows you to limit the speed.

This can be adjusted in one mile per hour increments from 25 to 50 miles per hour.

This is a great feature for a range of folks from commercial users, hunting camps, or large farms that can use it to control the maximum speed of the unit like most cars and trucks these days.

Noise Level

I found out that the 800SX is best in class at noise levels measuring just 58 decibels. Now to give you a reference a normal conversation between you and a friend comes in at 60 decibels. It’s that quiet.

But that’s not all tracker has done.

I found out that the overall design of the 800 SX is to reduce noise.

  • Tracker has built every inch of this vehicle to not only start quietly but stay that way.

It has a whisper-quiet, rear-mounted engine that reduces noise and vibration through its precision-tuned exhaust system.

It also has a sound dampening intake and even the frame has a vibration reduction design. The Tracker 800 SX side-by-side is nearly twice as quiet as the nearest another major brand by nearly 10 decibels.

tracker side by side noise level

How Much Can Tracker Side by Side Haul?

If you’re looking at a side-by-side, I bet you’re asking yourself this question too. How much can this thing haul?

  • Well, the 800SX is a true workhorse inside, there are
  • 17.9 cubic feet of storage and
  • the overall payload capacity is an impressive 1500 pounds.
  • You can load up the cargo box with a 1000 lb. of cargo.

On either side of the cargo box, you’ll find a lever that when lifted allows the bed to tilt upwards.

And if you got a heavy load, the gas assist actually helps the bed lift up and make that stuff easy to dump. Tracker calls it lift-assist.

Just imagine the work you can do with the 800SX from hauling feed for livestock, equipment for working on your property, or hauling parts to fix that fence you’ve been meaning to get to.

Towing Capacity

It can tow an impressive 2000 pounds. This means it’s going to handle a wide range of accessories like a plow or trailers or you can even pull my boat.


The bench seats of the tracker 800 SX side-by-side seat a driver and two passengers.

  • All three seats have three-point harnesses otherwise known as seat belts.
  • All these seats are removable.

It gives you all kinds of space for cargo, equipment, or even maybe a wet dog. And speaking of wet dogs, there are drain holes in the floor placed in just the right places that way when it comes time to clean up, you simply wash it out and you’re done.

  • Multiple floor drains for easy clean up

Digital Display

tracker side by side digital display

Tracker 800 SX offers an impressive digital display that will keep you informed during your ride.

  • There are three separate buttons that affect three different lines on the display.
  • It features a speedometer, an odometer for total miles, and two resettable trip meters.
  • The tachometer lets you keep an eye on the engine RPMs.
  • The gear indicator shows if you’re in the park, neutral, reverse, or high or low range.
  • The fuel gauge features a low fuel warning light when needed.
  • And there’s an hour meter for overall engine run time. This is especially handy for checking maintenance intervals.
  • Operating temperatures are monitored by an air coolant intake temperature and radiator coolant temperature.
  • Also, there’s a warning light if things get too hot rounding out the digital gauge.
  • You’ll find a clock, a high beam, a headlight indicator, and a battery voltage gauge.


The lighting system of the tracker 800 SX side by side includes dulled tail lights that are both running lights and brake lights upfront.

There are dual halogen headlamps that feature a high and low beam setting.

These are very bright which is especially helpful in really dark conditions you’ll likely encounter while off-road now.

tracker 800 SX side by side

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  1. Robbie Ferguson says:

    I have had my 800SX for two years now. I really wanted a Polaris Ranger but didn’t want to pay that price, and I am glad I didn’t.

    This thing is a work horse, and I work it. I bought it for the farm – hauling hay and grain, seeding and spraying, building fence and barns, and it has functioned without a single hiccup. I have almost two thousands hours on it now.

    It is also a fun and capable trail machine. We took it to the trails in West Virginia for two weeks of riding and camping. Excellent fuel economy, super payload, and just plain tough.

    I did out the heater in it as well as the hard top and windshield. Next will be the solid doors.

    I only wish I would have bought the Super Crew model so more people could enjoy it with us.

    Highly recommended and capable machine.

  2. John Trahan says:

    Does the tracker 800sx come with blinkers? Sometimes I would like to ride through the neighborhood where I live and it would be nice to have blinkers.

  3. Rodney Driggers Boe says:

    I am having problems with my 800 SX tracker the dealer can’t find what the problem is it will go into limited rpm mode without no warning you have to stop the vehicle turn it off and wait about a minute and then restart it if you have to travel on a road or highway for any distance this can be very dangerous very disappointed that they can’t find the problem has anyone else experienced this problem

    1. Allen Evans says:

      We are having same problem with rpm limit. It will only go about 4-6 mph. Going to service department there are no errors in diagnosing issue. We’ve had problems since we purchased it. Gear shifter broke then a tie rod broke and now the rpm limit issue. Ours has been in shop 4 out of the 8 months we’ve had it. Very frustrated with dealer and tracker.
      Have they found anything on yours causing the limit problem.

    2. This is a long shot, but I know the seat belt restricts the engine if it’s not connected. Maybe a connection issue in the drivers side seat belt…

    3. mine overheats then goes into limp mode

    4. After having this issue over and over they replaced the electrical system

    5. check and make sure your brake pedal is not sagging on brake switch may need adjusting

  4. Just doing some research on side by sides. I live on a remote Alaskan Island. Why is it, that no where can you find a range, or MPG values for this vehicle. I realize it’s not constant, but there are zero values out there whatsoever.

  5. My 800sx has a key ignition when I go to turn it off it keeps running even though the key is all the way over to off. I’m thinking it’s the ignition key switch.

  6. I have the waterfowler edition when the radiator fan comes on while riding I get a lot of heat coming into the cab from the dashboard also from the back of the cab. Has anybody had the heat issue and does anybody know a remedy. Just purchased this 800sx.

    1. Was told by Cabelas that there should be an adjustable setting in dash computer that allows you to set cooling fan temps.
      Also, Grenada Boys makes a radiator shroud that deflects heat down and out of front compartment rather than into firewall (that has huge gaping holes behind the dash (they also make a “heat shield kit” for behind the dash.
      Hope this helps!!
      (ALSO JUST FYI… We water logged ours… Cabela’s/Tracker / Arctic Cat/Textron cant supply rods or engine parts… but will sell you a NEW MOTOR for $5k…. Maybe thwy should know that you can purchase a new “Chery 372” motor FACTORY DIRECT for $1500…
      They just lost 2 quad sales based on their Shenanigans…🤦‍♂️

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