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The Recurve Bow: How Much Does It Cost in 2024?

Are you considering purchasing a recurve bow in 2023, but are not sure how much it will cost? Actually, the amount you’ll have to pay for a recurve bow will change depending on what you want. A simple bow will cost you between $100 and $200.

For between $300 and $600, you might be able to find a more potent bow if you’re more skilled. You might spend more than $8,000 for a handcrafted bow.

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Choosing whether to use it primarily for target shooting or hunting is crucial. This will affect the features you consider essential while selecting a bow. For instance, target shooters will prioritize accuracy, while hunters may prioritize getting a solid bow.

Different Examples Of Recurve Bow

Recurve bows come in wide varieties, with advantages and disadvantages and different prices. Let’s take a closer look at a few to recurve bow examples.

Southland Archery Supply SAS Explorer Metal Riser Takedown Recurve Bow

The Southland Archery Supply SAS Explorer Metal Riser Takedown is one of the least expensive models on the market. You should be able to get it for about $110, depending on where you buy it.

Positive Aspects

There are several positive aspects of this model despite its inexpensive cost.

  • First off, the riser is made to be highly durable. It’s constructed from premium aluminum. This will guarantee that it is bump-resistant, an essential quality for a novice bow.
  • There are pre-drilled slots on the riser that can accommodate a variety of attachments, and you can select from five different colors.
  • It’s a bow that is reasonably practical despite its low price. For instance, based on your shooting technique, you can employ a variety of draw weights. A 30-inch draw might be sufficient for larger animals, like deer, if you’re a hunter.

SAS Spirit

You might get the SAS spirit for approximately $70 in some circumstances.


  • Given the low cost, it’s reasonably accurate.
  • If you’re hunting, it might have the strength to kill a lesser animal.
  • Additionally, it has many various attachment ports, giving you a wide range of customizing choices.



  • SAS spirit recurve bow‘s vibration is very noticeable.
  • It has slow arrow speed.

Other Potential Issues

There are still several issues that you might run into.

  1. First of all, it usually vibrates a lot after being fired. You may find it challenging to utilize the bow as a result.
  2. Additionally, you could have trouble getting a suitable arrow speed. This may make it more challenging to strike the target, particularly on windy days.

Southwest Archery Spyder Recurve Bow

A cheap takedown recurve bow is the Southwest Archery Spyder. Let’s take a look at its different positive aspects.

Positive Aspects

Several benefits come with using this model.

  • First, it is available in both left- and right-handed versions, making it appropriate for everyone.
  • Additionally, it offers various draw strengths, and the limbs can be switched out for some of the other models.
  • This is one of the more affordable recurve bow, costing roughly $140.
  • It offers a wide range of draw weights to start. You can then get the configuration that suits you the most.
  • The possibility to swap out the limbs for other models is another special perk. The Sage/ Journey and the Spyder XL are your options in this situation. This will allow you to alter the bow further to suit your needs. You might be able to buy particular accessories to make shooting more enjoyable.

Martin Jaguar Elite

You should budget about $350 to get the Martin Jaguar Elite. For a recurve bow, this is still on the lower end.


Buying a model like this has several benefits.

  • It is pretty light, to start. You may be able to practice for a more extended period, thanks to this.
  • This bow has various customization options for many other takedown models. For instance, you can modify your shooting technique by inserting attachments into several slots.


There are some drawbacks that you may want to take into account despite the a above mentioned advantages of recurve bow.

  • First, the arrow rest that comes with this model tends to be fragile.
  • Additionally, finding the screws inside the riser makes it challenging to disassemble and reassemble the bow.
  • Another significant drawback is that there is currently no left-handed option. Therefore, it is only appropriate for right-handed people.

Bear Archery Super Kodiak Recurve Bow

One of the most exquisite hunting-specific recurve bows available is this one. It has been made as easy to use as possible. It, therefore, lacks a place for any attachments. Additionally, it could be a bit weighty and challenging to handle.

The Bear Archery Super Kodiak is available if you’re ready to shell out more cash. The average cost will be roughly $550, which corresponds to the middle price range. 

Positive Aspects

  • The recurve bow let you mix strength and beauty because a hunter created them. This guarantees their high level of functionality and gives you the precision and power needed to make a kill.
  • Additionally, they have Rosewood and Maple accented fiberglass limbs.

Note: Despite these advantages, beginners might not want to try it. Due to its size, it could challenge more difficult to handle than other bows on the market.

Martin Archery Hunter

The Martin Archery Hunter is one of the most adaptable models available. It was, therefore, once among the most widely used bows available. However, you’ll typically have to for over $650 to $720. Because of this, it is priced on the higher end of the market. Therefore, it could only be appropriate for archers with more experience.


  • Both target archers and hunters frequently use it since it delivers quick arrow speeds without making much noise.
  • You can get accurate shots thanks to the fast arrow speed because there won’t be as much wind resistan
  • It has an eye-catching design and combines wood and fiberglass to produce a robust model.
  • Additionally, it’s pretty simple to load and fire, enabling you to fire off several bullets quickly.



There are a few possible negatives, however.

  • Adding extras and adjusting the bow to your demands could be challenging.
  • It won’t be suitable for novices because it will need much practice to shoot it well.

Bear Archery Grizzly

Any archer can take the most accurate shot possible with this bow. But this cost can be in the $400 range, considered moderate. This choice is so well-liked for several reasons.

  • First, it is appropriate for both hunting and target shooting.
  • Additionally, it is lightweight and functional in all weather.
  • This is typically a medium-priced bow that should work for most archers at around $400.



The advantages of selecting this strategy are numerous.

  • It is often correct to start.
  • It also makes very little noise when fired and enables you to shoot quite smoothly.

Handmade Bow by The Blacktail Bow Company

A handmade bow can be the best choice if you’re seeking the most expensive bow alternative. Making your bow is usually one of the costliest solutions available. Handmade bows are available everywhere, but the Blacktail Bow Company is the most well-known.

The kind of bow you wish to buy will determine the cost you’ll have to pay. 

  • For instance, the Colombian Takedown Longbow will cost around $1,400.
  • However, if you’re considering a Legacy Series alternative, be prepared to fork over more than $8,000. In such circumstances, you could decide to have a bow explicitly manufactured for you. Depending on how long it takes to engrave.


Recurve bows come in a plethora of various designs. It would help if you considered which one is best for you. As we’ve seen, a good bow can be purchased for about $70. If you’re more knowledgeable, though, you might be able to get a higher-quality bow for between $300 and $400. To select the most fabulous bow, you should concentrate on reading various reviews and evaluating your possibilities.

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