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HISUN UTV REVIEW: (2023 Updated)

Here is the quick Hisun UTV review. The headquarters of Hisun Motors is located in McKinney, Texas. They’ve become a well-known name in the Powersports industry in the United States. Since its inception, Hisun has been supplying parts and components to other well-known Utility Vehicle manufacturers, such as Polecrs. After 25 years of working with ATV and UTV manufacturers, they’ve quietly become one of the largest suppliers of ATVs and UTVs every year.

Widespread Influence around the World (HISUN UTV REVIEW)

Hisun has more than 250 dealers in the United States, as well as hundreds of retail locations where their products can be purchased.

They have following influence around the World:

  • Ranked as the 51st fastest-growing company in the United States. 
  • Expands its McKinney headquarters by 300,000 square feet. 
  • Made in China. 
  • 27-point examination.

The Manufacturing Procedure:

Initially, Hisun began by producing motorbike parts in a small garage in Korea. Now stands at around 7.1 million square feet in Chongqing, China. A small movie theater and a two-story hotel are also included in the project.

UTVs by Hisun is unquestionably the best. Hisun adheres to industry standards and develops a high-quality automobile.

The company’s innovations and product revisions show that the craftsmanship is constantly improving. The fact that they have a specialized R&D facility shows that they intend to change the market in a big way.

The frame manufacturing facility’s Molding & Fixture Workshop and Stamping & Welding sections are distinct. Discover injection molding, painting, assembly, welding, and packaging in the China plant. Additionally, the company owns a component assembly plant in Texas.

Controlled Temperature Plant

A 25,000-square-foot, 100-worker constant-temperature workplace occupies the whole space. CNC-machined engine parts expand and contract frequently as a result of being manufactured at different temperatures.

 Machining and assembly at different temperatures might cause parts to fit incorrectly. The nice year-round weather makes it clear that CNC building works are in high demand. It’s the only CNC machining center with temperature control among Chinese Powersports manufacturers.

There is also a steady temperature in the engine plant (22-26 C). The engine’s development includes German-made Bosch torque assembly systems and BASF catalytic converters.

. Hisun had to rely on outside companies for its engine parts before opening the die casting building. Hisun sees it as a necessary step toward total control over the components of its engines, even though it appears to be a tough and unpleasant process. Although it’s just opened, it has already been designated for expansion in the near term.

Quality Standards:

As a bonus, Hisun tests one unit out of every 200 produced. Using this method allows them to keep their manufacturing standards up to date. Before they are sent to the dealers, all of the cars go through a 31-point examination and a six-mile test drive.

The organization uses a toothcomb method to ensure that none of the automobiles are compromised in their quality. Keep up with the competition and keep your position in the market by doing this.

In addition, the business is always looking for innovative ways to improve its manufacturing and testing processes. For all of Hisun’s side-by-side vehicles, the company places a high priority on quality and performance.

Hisun UTV series:

There are the following series of UTV.

  • Sport UTV
  • Utility UTV
  • HS Series

Sport UTV:

Strike 250

  • With the Strike 250, young riders get their first taste of off-road driving on the ultimate sport side-by-side.
  •  Powered by a four-stroke single cylinder OHC engine, the Strike 250 is equipped with an automatic CVT transmission and dual A-arm suspension. 
  • The Strike 250 comes with a roof, windshield, doors, and a 2,500 lb synthetic rope winch as standard equipment.

Strike 550

Regardless of where you ride, the Strike 550 is always there for you.

  • A 4-stroke single cylinder OHC and dual a-arm suspension ensure that the Strike 550 can handle any terrain. 
  • The Strike 550’s 53.5-inch small stance allows you to explore regions that many sports side x sides would not dare to touch.

Crew EPS of Hisun’s Strike 1000

The Hisun Strike Crew is one of the most powerful four-passenger side-by-sides currently on the market. You won’t have to compromise on power or performance if you choose a UTV that can fit the entire family.

  • The engine of the Strike Crew is a 976 cc 4-stroke with 65 horsepower, EFI, and liquid cooling. This results in a powerful, smooth-running engine that can handle even the most difficult situations.
  • Dual A-Arm suspension and hydraulic shocks with Nitrogen Assist are also included in the Strike Crew. When combined with its 27-inch wheels and 13-inch ground clearance, you’ll have no problem navigating even the largest rocks and deepest pools.

The following are some of the UTV SPECS’s other standout features:

  • Cargo bed weight limit: 350 pound
  • Winch rated at 4,500 l
  • Roof
  • Double-walled windshield
  • Indicators for emergency braking
  • Using the Turn Signals
  • Horn
  • Guarantee of two years
  • Three distinct hues
  • Maximum towing capacity: 1,764 lb

Compared to other UTVs, Hisun’s base models offer a wide range of equipment that would normally cost extra. The canopy, windshield, winch, side mirrors, and nitrogen shocks of the Polaris RZR 1000 EPS are all examples of add-ons.

Utility UTV

Sector 450

Two of the vehicle’s most important features are the winch’s 3500lb capacity and the vehicle’s four-wheel-drive capability. This strong mid-sized sport UTV comes with a slew of extras.

EPS for Sector 550

A 2-year warranty comes standard with the Sector 550 EPS, which is a full-sized model like the others in the series. Some of the characteristics of this vehicle are nitrogen-assist shocks and a CVT transmission.

HS Series

HS 400

Cars are judged on their durability, power, and overall performance. The 400cc engine is the initial displacement in the series. The CVT automatic transmission, dual a-arm suspension, and hydraulic disk brakes are just a few of the model’s standard features.

HS 500

Like the HS 400, the HS 500 is another well-known Hisun UTV. The HS 500, which came to market in 2006 with the same features, was also available on the market. The HS500 is the second 500cc engine in the HS series.

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Pros and Cons – (Hisun utv review)


Following are the pros of Hisun UTV:

  • Acceleration

Acceleration is smoother at the start. 

  • Comfortability:

UTV Cars have a low, medium, high, and reverse braking system, this make them very comfortable.

  • Decent Pricing:

Mid-range product with decent pricing.


  • Initial Model

Initial models were not so efficient, later they make a lot of improvements.

  • Dual Fan

Initial models heat up very quickly, so they add on a double fan system.

  • Engine:

Engine starting difficulties or no starting problems are most common.


So we can say that the Hisun SUV is a high-quality vehicle that performs well in a variety of terrains, has an acceptable amount of power, and delivers a pleasant ride. Before purchasing a Hisun UTV from a dealer, make sure you thoroughly understand the warranty and are happy with the company you’re dealing with. If you need to have your Hisun fixed, this will make the process go more smoothly for you.

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