Who Makes Oak ridge bows

Who Makes Oak Ridge Bows?

Do you love to use Oak Ridge Bows in archery? If yes, the next question that might come to your mind is Who Makes Oak Ridge Bows? While purchasing anything from the market, most people always buy products keeping in mind who is the manufacturer of the product.

Who Makes Oak Ridge Bows?

Oak Ridge Bows are made by Diamond Archery, Hoyt Archery, Bowtech, and Barton Archery.

Finding the best manufacturers of Oak Ridge bows might be tricky for you. You may get the best product from the market through the apparent and straightforward direction. So after detailed research, I came up with some best manufacturers of Oak Ridge Bows.

I’ll discuss all those manufacturers and their expertise in producing Oak Ridge bow. I’ll also discuss the significant differences in the product of all the companies producing Oak Ridge Bow. So, please read this article carefully. You’ll get valuable information after reading this article.

Hoyt Archery

The Company was established in 1931. Initially, they were producing simple draw knives and wooden billets. With time, Company started producing bows and accessories used for hunting and target shooting. 

The Company’s plant is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hoyt produces several kinds of compound bows and recurves bows. They are the world’s premier bowmakers. After detailed research, it was found that many people love their products (especially bows). 

The Company always listens to its customers’ queries and responds to them quickly and positively. This is the only reason they are getting positive reviews from their customers. Hoyt is one of the leading companies Who Makes Oak Ridge Bows.   

Bowtech Archery 

The Company was incorporated in 2013. They are producing accessories used in archery and multiple types of both hunting and target bows. The customer reviews show that the Company is working hard to bring innovation and deliver advanced archery products.

The Company is located in Eugene, USA. The company produces and distributes premium bows and accessories, and their prices are comparatively higher than others. 

The overall rating of their products is 4.5 or higher, which helps the new buyers to buy the product from Bowtech. They are also one of the premium archery companies That Makes Oak Ridge Bows.

Diamond Archery

The diamond Archery was established in 1996. With the passage of each day, they are growing well. They are part of Pure Archery Group Product. Diamond Archery produces different types of bows for other companies.

Diamond Archery’s plant is located in Bozeman, Montana, USA. The prices of their products are relatively lower than the Bowtech, but they also produce quality products for their customers.

Diamond Archery is one of the companies Who Makes Oak Ridge Bows. The overall rating of their products is more than 4.8. Customer reviews against the products are always helpful for other buyers. 

Darton Archery

The Company was founded in 1950. Initially, they were producing leather archery accessories. After some time, they started producing bows and other accessories. They are one of the few companies that produce new bows with wheels on each end.

Darton Archery is located in Hales, America. The Company has a huge variety of bows and accessories. The price range of their bows is from $439 to $1,399/-

Darton Archery is one of the companies with more than 70 years of experience Who Makes Oak Ridge Bows. Based on more than 70 years in the archery business, people have more confidence in Darton Archery than other companies. They also have well-rated products in their catalog. 

Final Thoughts

Keeping in mind the sensitivity of the archery field, you need to consider the following before buying archery equipment.

  • Bows and arrows have a significant role in archery, be careful while buying both of them.  
  • Read the specification and detail of the products before buying. 
  • Buy the product as per your requirements and as per the recommendation of your mentor. This is just because the requirement of each user is different. For example, for safety purposes, beginners always use a 2 to 3-inch longer arrow than the experts.

I have discussed all the companies That Make Oak Ridge Bows. It is requested that all readers of this article consider the points mentioned above for your safety. Improper use of archery equipment may cause hand injuries.

Some quick questions came up in my mind that may also come into the readers’ minds. I have answered those questions. If you have any queries, contact us using the email address mentioned in Contact us.


Who makes oak ridge bows?

The manufacturers of Oak Ridge bows are Diamond Archery, Hoyt Archery, Bowtech, and Barton Archery. Origin of all those companies in the USA.

Where are oak ridge bows made?

Oak Ridge Bows are made in the USA.  

Is oak ridge bows good?

Yes, Oak Ridge Bows are good traditional hunting bows. Pricewise it’s a bit higher than traditional bows, and some beginners modern recurve. It is for sure that if you want to buy a quality product, you have to consume more money. 

Which oak ridge bow is the best?

All the Oak Ridge bows are perfect, but you should buy your Oak Ridge bow per your requirements and the recommendation of your mentor. 

Who sells oak ridge bows?

There are a lot of suppliers available in the market from which you can buy an Oakridge bow. You can buy Oak Ridge Bow from online stores e.g., amazon.

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