Who Makes Mission Bows

Who Makes Mission Bows? Which Mission bows are the best?

Who Makes Mission Bows? That question arises in the mind when you are going to buy a mission bow. People always want to know who makes a product before purchasing it from the market, just because of brand awareness.

The game’s sensitivity restricts people from choosing the equipment based on prior experience or the recommendation of their mentors. If you are buying archery equipment without any research, it may cause some severe injuries. 

Who Makes Mission Bows?

Mission Archery is the manufacturer of Mission Bows. The company was incorporated in 2007, and the owner of Mathews and Mission Archery is the same. The site of Mission Archery is located at 919 River Rd, Sparta, Wisconsin, 54656, United States. 

The company has more than 25 years of experience in building Bows. People are more confident in investment knowing that all the bows in mission archery are built in the USA with the support of a lifetime warranty. The company aims to provide customer service and partner with the best retailers.

Which Mission bows are the best?

In Archery, you may get the best possible results if an expert opinion backs your work. So if you want to buy Mission Bows, you’ll have the detail of all the bows made by Mission Archery in this article. I’ll also explain the significant dissimilarities in all the products made by Mission Archery. 

So, please read this article carefully. It will help you buy a Mission Bow per your mentor’s recommendation.


MXR is a traditional hunting bow; the Bow is designed for expert archers. It’s a high-priced bow that offers efficient accuracy with high speed. It’s a powerful bow built around MXR’s Crosscentric Cam Technology. The Bow has a 30″ Axle-to-Axle and 7” brace height. 

MXR’s shoot speed is 324 FPS, and its physical weight is 4.02 lbs. It’s complete hunting bows of Mission Archery. The draw length of MXR is 23.5 to 29.5″. User’s reviews against the MXR bows are the impeccable justification of the product. 


The switch is the most flexible Bow in Mission Archery, designed for growing archers. The switch is one of the best bows in the list of Mission Archery. It’s a middle-priced bow providing an efficient cam system inspired by Crosscentric Cam Technology.

Switch’s shoot speed is 305FPS, and its physical weight is 3.84 lbs. The Bow has a 31” ATA and 7.125” Brace Height. The draw of the length of Mission’s Switch is 18-30″. The company is producing bows with black and Realtree excape color.


HAMMR is designed for emergent archers. The new design of HAMMR’s grip provides comfortability to most archers. It’s a budget-friendly bow that offers exceptional control and maneuverability.

HAMMR’s shoot speed is 300 FPS, and its physical weight is 3.4 lbs. The Bow has a 28” Axle-to-Axle and a 7.25” brace height. The length of the HAMMR bow is 17-29 Inches. The company produces HAMMR bows in six different colors.

The reviews of customers describe perfectly the built-in quality of HAMMR. The Bow has more than a 4.8 rating.


RADIK is one of the best bows of Mission Archery. It’s a low-priced product, and the company has focused on new archers. Compound grip and accuracy cut riser offer an excellent fit and impression for archers at the start of their archery drive.

The Bow has a 28” Axle-to-Axle and 6.125” brace height. The weight of the RADIX bow is 3.04 lbs. The draw length of RADIX is 17-28 inches, and raisers of the Bow come in six different colors. 

Words from the customers are a perfect explanation of Mission’s RADIX bow. The Bow has more than a 4.8 rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some linked questions that may arise in your mind after developing understanding. For ease of the readers, I have answered all of these questions. If you still have any queries, you can ask through email.

Who makes Mission bows?

Mission bows are made by Mission Archery. It is a USA-based company.

Where are Mission bows made?

Mission Bows are made in the USA.  

Is Mission bows good?

Yes, Mission Bows are decent bows. The bows are light weighted with a new grip design built for more comfort for their users. Pricewise all the bows are cheaper than other brands in the market.

Which Mission bows are the best?

My choice from Mission Bows is MXR. All the bows of Mission Archery are splendid, but you should have to buy your Mission bow as per your desires and the validation of your mentor. 

Who sells Mission bows?

Mission Archery is producing and selling their bows by themselves. The owner of both Mathews and Mission is the same.

Who owns Mission bows?

Matt McPherson is the owner of Mission Archery

Final Thoughts

If you are an expert archer and want to buy a bow from Mission Archery, I recommend going for MXR. It provides everything an expert archer demands. Pricewise it’s a bit expensive than other products at Mission Archery. Comparatively, it is cheaper than other brands available in the market with exceptional features.

Mission Archery accomplishes its goals efficiently. The company produces and supplies featured bows as per the need of their customers. They are producing bows for both beginners and proficient archers. 

Selection of Bow might be tricky. It is highly recommended to keep the following in your mind before selecting a bow:-

  • Mission bows are one of the excellent bows on the market, but you have to access your need before buying a bow for you.  
  • Please read and understand the specs of Mission Bows before selecting it for yourself. 
  • Buy the Bow as per the endorsement of your mentor.

Mission Archery is a company Who Makes Mission Bows for themselves. It is necessary to follow the points mentioned earlier for safety. 

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