Vertical pin bow sight Vs Horizontal

Vertical pin bow sight Vs Horizontal & which is best for you IN 2024?


As a hunter, your ultimate goal would be to hunt your target without any trouble and obscuration and see your target destination in a clear manner. In this regard, you might be thinking that which pin bow sight you should choose vertical pin bow sight vs horizontal?

These two-pin sights have their own specifications and merits and demerits that should be clear to you before your investment in any of them. The people who have experience in 3D shooting mostly use vertical or horizontal pin bow sights.

Here, we will walk you through the merits and drawbacks of each type of these pin sights. We will discuss which pin sight is better for you and which one you can buy to get the best target results.




Vertical pin bow sight Vs Horizontal

You will commonly see the horizontal pins in the sight window when there will be the use of multi-pin bow sights for the purpose of hunting or to get the benefits of 3D archery. The horizontal pins have their own specific merits, for which most archers and hunters choose these pins to get better target results.

Here, we will go through the pros and cons of horizontal pin sights.

Pros of horizontal pin sights

A clear target result

In the case of horizontal pins, you are able to see and check where you want to hit when you are shooting the pin gap. The better target result makes it possible for hunters to hit their specific point more precisely.

Adjustment of the pin gap

If the pins in your sight are pre-set, and your target is at a different place and position and not concurrent to the pins, then you can make an adjustment to a point between two pins. There is a definite and specific gap between the pins that are helpful for pins to be positioned according to the target.

Better Vertical Reference

Horizontal pins give you a reference for the specific point on your target that you want to hit and accomplish. They also give you references for your way of aiming. You can get to know how low or high you are aiming at your destined target; the horizontal pins will make you think about aiming high.

More clear target

Many hunters believe that horizontal pins make it possible for them to get their destined target more easily.

The hunters who are looking forward to finding the spot or dot at the centre of the window can see their target more clearly by horizontal pins.

Can use each pin for three exact distances

When using evenly spaced horizontal pins, it is possible for you to use each pin to get three exact distances and yardages.  You can do this by analyzing where the top and the bottom edge of the pin land on your final target.

This effectively turns a three-pin bow sight into a nice pin sight in terms of the distances and yardages you should be able to set yourself for.

Cons of Horizontal pins

Pins Clutter Up The Sight Window

It is a complaint that most of the hunters have about horizontal pins which have used the bow sights with more than three pins. It is a complaint by made by shooters that pina clutter up the sight window.

The hunters think that no matter how many pins are adjusted in the bow sight and whether they have been set in the sight vertically or horizontally, there are chances of some level of clutter in the window.

Crowded looking

Some hunters and sight users believe that bow sights that have more than three pins look more crowdy. In the case of multiple pins, the majority of the target is potentially obscured.

Vertical pin bow sight

Vertical pin bow sight Vs Horizontal

Vertical pins are also used most commonly in 3D archery. Vertical pin bow sight enables the hunters to tackle the target with a clear sight window. The hitting of the target is also much easier with vertical pins.

There are also some merits and drawbacks of vertical pins that most hunters feel when they use the pins. Now, we are going to walk you through the pros and cons of vertical pins.

Pros of Vertical Pins

Vertical pins are clearly looking

Vertical pins are mostly accepted by hunters who want to get a large and clear site window when they aim at their specific target. The vertical pins put all the pins in a single line in the window; therefore, they reduce the chances of noise in the window.

Better shooting experience

The clear sight window makes a clear appearance that is helpful for the hunter to shoot more clearly and precisely. It gives a clear appearance to the mind and eye of the shooter, which gives a better and more reliable shooting experience.

Helpful for longer distances

It is believed by some hunters that vertical pin sights give them a better and improved experience when they use these stacked vertical pin sights for shooting over long distances.

When using vertical pins set-up, practicing taking longer shots improves and enhances the confidence when out in the field.

Quicker Target Acquisition

It is another essential feature of vertical pin bow sight that has faster target acquisition. The hunters who mostly use vertical multi-pin sights have experienced that these vertical pins get faster target acquisition.

It is also believed that if you put the top pin on your target, the process and the ultimate result will be faster than acquiring the target with a horizontal pin sight.

Cons of Vertical Pins

You Cannot Hold Slightly Over Or Under A Spot

It is considered a drawback of vertical pins that there is no place or gap where we can see the target in between more clearly. While shooting, When you see the vertical pins, you can also see a black line with some bright dots spaced along with them; therefore, you cannot see the target clearly.

The no-gap adversity makes it extremely difficult and complicated for a hunter to shoot the gap when the target is not at the exact distance or place for which you have set the pins.

Obscureness of target

While using vertical pin sight, somehow, pins obscure the target, so you cannot see the actual point to which you are aiming.

Shooters who are used to hitting that gap and have become adept at determining distance based on those gaps find the vertical pin set-up and sight bow to be very complicated and restrictive in this aspect.

When using the middle pins in vertical bow sight, you lose the actual height and effectively cannot see what you’re shooting or aiming for.

Hard to see the bottom pins in low light situations

Another drawback that is found and felt by shooters is that in the case of using five pins in bow sight, it is difficult to look at and diagnose the pins present on the bottom area of the vertical bow sight and can be difficult to see in low light conditions.

Most of the hunters think that in low light conditions, it usually seems that there is only one pin in the sight window, and they have lost the other pins because they cannot see them clearly in low light.

Which one is better: Conclusive thoughts 

After discussing the merits and drawbacks of both vertical pin bow sight and horizontal, the conclusive thoughts are presented as follows:

  • In practicality, most hunters accept and use vertical single-pin sights, although many other shooters like to prefer vertical multi-pin sights.
  • The is a great range, and diversity is available in a horizontal configuration, and this may sway a lot of newbies and newcomers to the sport.
  • The idea would be to arrange or pick up two lower-priced 3-pin bow sights, of which one with horizontal pins and the other with vertical.
  • Try them out. You need to shoot and hit as many arrows on the practice range as you possibly can.
  • Once you’ve determined that you like the feel of hunting and shooting with this type of sight, you will then be able to decide whether you need to move from horizontal to vertical or vertical to horizontal.
  • The hunter can also choose any one of them according to his personal preferences, priorities, and user experience and keeping in mind the pros and cons of both horizontal and vertical pin bow sight.

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