Tracker OX400 Review

Tracker OX400 Review: off Road ride

If you’re working on a little farm or a great big farm, a construction site, a city park, or maybe you’re a homeowner with some farm-size chores to do, then check out our tracker OX400 review. It’s a hard-working utility vehicle with quality features and all at a price you might not believe.  

Today we’re going to be doing a walk-around and review of the tracker OX400. You know they call it the ox, and there are about a million ways to use this hard-working vehicle but is it right for you? In this article, I promise you a thorough review of the O X 400.

I’m going to talk about the specifications, the features, and the performance of this vehicle will drill down and see what makes this thing tick, and we’ll drive it in all kinds of conditions so you can see how it performs.


How to buy the tracker OX 400

First, let me tell you how easy it is to buy an off-road tracker vehicle. When you have a plan to buy, you’ll be introduced and informed of what’s called no-haggle, no-hassle pricing. No-haggle, no-hassle means that the prices are consistent across the country.

You won’t have to haggle back and forth about the price knowing that what you see on the price tag is the actual cost to own also means what tractor off-road you know what you’ll pay in advance. To see the price, go to tracker or an authorized dealer to see the price right now.

Features of the tracker O X 400

Here are the basic specifications of the tracker o X 400.

  • it’s just over 9 feet long and a little over 4 feet wide
  •  The height is 77 inches.
  • The wheelbase the distance from the front to the rear axle is about 77 Inches.
  • The dry weight of this vehicle is 1032 pounds.
  •  its overall hauling capacity is 900 pounds

For a complete list of the specifications, visit the website for the O X 400 at tracker off-road com. I’ll say it this thing is built like an ox, and it’s all about hard work. I bet if you’re reading this article, you got some serious work to get done.

Work Load of OX 400

Go to Machine

The Ox can help you with that; the O X 400 would be right at home at a nursery out on the farm, working on construction sites or taking care of grounds maintenance. It comes standard with rugged 23-inch tires, a lifted suspension, and a dependable EFI for cycle gasoline engine; it’s a do it and get it done now machine.

Polyethylene Made

Now, I am going to look at and discuss some specific features and benefits to back that up when it comes to hauling loads. The ox is ready for you. Take a look at the heavy-duty cargo box; it’s 12 cubic feet that will haul up to 500 pounds.

It’s made of rotomolded cross-linked polyethylene, which means it’s a tough material like a good bed liner. 

Left Assist

The bed tilts using something that tracker calls left assist now that’s a piston that makes dumping a load much easier now it also has slots in the bed where you can add bed dividers to secure loads to keep them from sliding around and four threaded inserts to add cargo tie-down points the tailgate is removable.

It also features a cam over latch mechanism which is easy to fasten and stay secure and on the gate, there’s also a molded end measuring stick which is easy access In the field. 

When it comes to towing, the ox is ready to go with a standard 2-inch receiver hitch mount that’s welded to the frame; just insert your hitch and pin, hook up the trailer and start towing, and the O X 400 will pull up to 1,200 pounds. 

What are the places where OX 400 can work?

Muddy Area

Now you might not want to take it through a big muddy filled with water and muck clear up through the axles, but isn’t it nice to know that the Ox can handle soft sand, mud plowed dirt, and most other situations out there, after all, it’s called tracker off-road for a reason.

Steep Hills, Off-road, Fields

From steep hills to backroads and travel across open fields, it’s all no problem. The big 23-inch tires have an aggressive tread because the Ox sets up so high. I was surprised at where I could drive it without getting stuck.

Take a look at the height from the center of the vehicle down to the ground. This is very important to prevent becoming high centered. 


The overall ground clearance is great for a vehicle in this class, too; at the differential housing, it’s 7 inches, and that’s higher than at least four other brands, and I’ve compared it to including Yamaha Kawasaki, John Deere, and club car let’s take a look at the power plant of the O X 400.

It has a 401 CC 4 cycle motor with electronic fuel injection, and it’s designed to be used with something called a CVT drivetrain. Ok, here’s what that means to you.

The working mechanism of Tracker OX400

CBT Technology

It just works, it’s reliable, it’s smooth, and it has excellent power even if you’re fully loaded, and it won’t bog down those steep hills you might have where you’re working. CBT means the continuously variable transmission, and it’s much like the ones you find in many of today’s cars like the Toyota Prius.

It doesn’t pause or jerk around changing gears, which helps keep your load from shifting.

Smooth Ride

It’s smooth from the start all the way to top speed; now everybody’s vehicle is good on level ground, where the Ox shines is on a steep hill. I learned it has a heavy-duty clutch, and that means it’s smoother when you first take off and has more power to climb even steep hills; the Ox has something called a closed-loop EFI.

Better Fuel Flow

It’s easier to start, especially in cold weather, and it has better fuel flow, so it runs smooth, and it gets better gas mileage. In fact, the oxo or hundred should get about 130 to 150 miles on a tank of gas which is about six and a half gallons, and one last point I found out the Ox carries from one to two gallons more fuel than five other leading brands.

So you’ll go farther and get more work done without having to stop as often for the guess.

Speed of Tracker OX400

Questions I get a lot are how fast this thing will go and what kind of turning radius it has. The Ox will do about 17 miles an hour over the flat ground, all while carrying its 900-pound load capacity and when it comes to its turning radius, the Ox has an outside clearance circle of just 23 and a half feet. You can turn this thing around practically anywhere.

Maintenance Intervals of OX400

Easy Maintenance

So let’s be honest you don’t want to own something that requires a lot of work when you’re just trying to get work done. Right, well, I was happy to learn that the Ox doesn’t require much maintenance, and it’s easy to work on. About once a year, change the oil, change fuel, and air filters.

driving Dependent

Swap out a single spark plug, and you’re good to go. Now, this depends on how often you’re using the vehicle and just how dusty the conditions are. So please be sure to check your owner’s manual for complete details about maintenance intervals.

Your off-road tracker dealer can also answer any questions you have and even do the work for you if you’d like.

Premium features

From the drivers’ position, you’ll find a footswitch horn, dashboard storage pockets, massive cupholders, a fuel gauge low oil indicator, and a premium steering wheel overhead; you’ll find the canopy top that’s standard on the O X 400.

The ox also features front halogen headlights and rear taillights standard you can work long after dark and still see -bring it all home.

Warranty of Tracker OX400

Now I’ve told you these vehicles are reliable and they’re built to be durable and very little maintenance is required but there’s one more feature you might want to know about and that’s the warranty isn’t it nice to know that the tracker o X 400 has a full two-year warranty and the warranties that protect off-road tracker vehicles are the best back in the industry.

It’s USA  proud combining the military DNA of Textron, a leader in aeronautics and defense technology, with the vast outdoor knowledge of Bass Pro and Cabela’s, and you can quickly get any service warranty or otherwise through your local authorized tracker off-road dealer.

To me, that’s peace of mind. Here’s something else I learned: all Tracker off-road vehicles are designed, engineered, and assembled by Textron.

Accessory packages of OX400

Right here in the US, in Minnesota and Georgia, Textron is an American company. Like virtually every other high-quality manufacturer of modern equipment, they get their parts from both American and global sources. A Hauls-All accessory package is available for the O X 400.

It comes with a split windshield that raises and lowers for protection from the elements. There’s a rear-view mirror and a cargo box measuring. You can always ask your dealer about this package and other optional equipment for the ox.  

Tracker 800 SX

500 Pounds- 500 X

By now, you can probably see that the ox can tackle complex work jobs with ease but think about it, is it right for you, or maybe not. Do you need a vehicle or other tracker that can haul more and is overall faster, then consider the tracker 500 X it’s just a little bigger overall, and it can haul 500 pounds in the cargo box and up to 1500 pounds?

1200 Pounds- 800 SX

It adds four-wheel drive and a top speed of 45 miles an hour, and it’s still priced less than many other brands of utility vehicles. If you want to haul even more significant and much heavier loads and pull more than 1,200 pounds, you might consider the tracker 800 SX.

800 SX Crew Specifications

TRACKER OX400 review

Large Capacity

It’s got three-across seating, and with it, you can put up to a thousand pounds in the cargo box and pull up the 2,000 pounds. There are 50 horses under the hood plus four-wheel drive and a locking rear differential. The 800s sx is a beast of a Sipho sight that can do nearly anything;

if you want to haul up to six people and get all the great features of the 800 SX, then check out its big brother, the 800 SX crew. Six seats four-wheel-drive fantastic performance no matter how you slice it; it’s always good to see one in person, so stop by a Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, or an authorized tracker off-road dealer and see one for yourself.

Thanks for reading this review of tracker OX400.

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