Joe Rogan Bow Hunting

Joe Rogan Bow Hunting: Gears, Setup, And Everything

Joe Rogan is widely recognized for his interest in archery. Bow hunting is his passion. If you are in archery, you must have heard of his name, and if you want to know more this article will help you.

Who is Joe Rogan?

American podcaster, actor, comedian, and former television host Joseph James Rogan also provides color commentary for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (U.F.C.). He is the host of the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, where he and a range of guests debate current affairs, humor, politics, philosophy, and hobbies.

Why did he opt for archery?

Joe Rogan opts for archery because he wants to do bow hunting. He uses compound bows and enjoys playing with all the extras to improve his accuracy and range when hunting. His drive is to achieve greatness and a clean kill. 

List of Joe Rogan Archery Gears

Here is the list of equipment used by Joe Rogan

  • PSE EVO NTN 33
  • Nock on Pro Series F.M.J.
  • A-TAC Trophy Taker
  • Spot Hogg Fast Eddy 2-Pin
  • Nock On Raise Offset Mount Rest
  • Radiance stabilizer
  • Max Hunter
  • B.C.Y. 3D string

Joe Rogan Setup

The PSE EVO NTN 33 bow that Joe Rogan is now using has a Bee Stinger stabilizer, a Carter Target 4 release assist, and a Spot Hogg Fast Eddy Sight. The bow was explicitly made for Joe by John Dudley, who customized it by attaching the nock tips to the bow sight mount.

Why does he prefer PSE EVO NTN 33?

He preferred PSE EVO NTN 33 to others because of the following specs:

  1. It has an Optimized Fall Away Riser Shelf, which is broader, resulting in an enormous whale tail, and it has a convenient deep dip to hold the arrow in position for the shoot.
  2. Thanks to the Direct Drive Rest Cord Connector, the drop-away rest can be quickly and consistently dropped into place.
  3. The D.T. Rest Mount is rock solid and remains still while being used. The arrow is launched effortlessly and without slipping and is also silent.
  4. The cable guard is tightly locked in with hefty fines for movement with the precise lock cable guard.
  5. Parallel limbs and ideal string angles cause reduced hand vibration and noise.
  6. Riser Ready for Integrated Quick Stand holds the bow upright for steady shooting on the range or when blind-hunting. It may be quickly taken out and fits nicely in the quiver.
  7. A comfortable synthetic grip may be removed if you prefer a narrower grip that is warmer to handle in cold weather. It helps to prevent additional torque of the hand grip.

Nock on complete metal jacket pro series:

Joe Rogan uses nock on pro series for bow hunting. It is the best choice for bowhunting because of the following features:

  1. The Nock on Pro Series F.M.J. is a 5mm Easton arrow with a carbon core and an aluminum outer jacket. 
  2. The Pro F.M.J. offers heart-stopping penetration, Match Grade Straightness (.001+-), and weight tolerance. 
  3. It has a lower wind drift and less friction, allowing for more penetration. 
  4. You get a higher F.O.C with the regular brass inserts for superior long-range ballistics.

A-TAC Trophy Taker:

He attaches the A-TAC trophy taker to the tip of his arrow. It is a broadhead with sharp blades. A-TAC for Trophy Takers In addition to being robust, broadheads are designed for precision and destructive penetration. The four-blade configuration is completed with a single-piece stainless steel blade that slides into the ferrule and locks into place.


Two broadheads per pack with a single component cut-on-contact ferrule and the main blade with a cutting diameter of 1-1/8″ and a thickness of 0.080″.

Spot Hogg Fast Eddy 2-Pin:

Joe now uses the Spot Hogg Fast Eddy bow sight. The FAST EDDIE XL, based on the hugely successful Fast Eddie, has a freshly created 6-inch mortise bar and bow attachment. To enhance strength and save weight, special consideration was paid to the design of the bar. Perfect sight markings may still be maintained when the FAST EDDIE XL is easily removed and reinstalled. The FAST EDDIE XL is up to the task, whether you’re going into the forest or pounding the competition trail.

  1. A lightweight aluminum body (of the same caliber as aircraft) measures slightly over 10 ounces. Although it weighs more than the lighter Trophy Ridge Pursuit (just under 8 ounces), the Fast Eddie still offers several outstanding advantages.
  2. Multi-ring technology makes it possible to align your eyes even in dim lighting.
  3. Durable—Spot Hogg wants to know if you manage to break it while using it.
  4. Three-pin sizes, as well as single, dual, triple, and five-pin configurations, are available. Depending on your preferred pin setup, the Fast Eddy is adaptable.
  5. The front portion of the sight may be adjusted in four different ways along the second and third axes.


The Nock On Raise Offset Mount Rest is a limb-driven fall-away rest that keeps your arrow in a ready position thanks to a half cage confinement mechanism. But it is rapidly and readily adaptable to a cable-driven fall-away rest system or a full confinement cage. Each rest comes complete with the narrow and wide 0.010 blades and a launcher blade block that accommodates three different blade widths and is easy to install. The launcher blade may be adjusted to any angle thanks to the rest’s complete micro-adjustability for both horizontal and vertical motions.


Joe Rogan uses a Radiance stabilizer. The Riddance Stabilizers are the outcome of many years of research and development to discover the ideal blend of unique materials and technology to precisely combine for the lightest and most deadly hand feel on the market.

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You will understand why the RIDDANCE lives up to all the hype after only one shot. Each snipping component is ideally tuned to eliminate any vibration and noise in the bow.


He uses Max Hunter, which has been demonstrated to be more precise than other well-known hunting vanes. Max Hunter is a perfect choice for long shots. However, it is small but can resist wind and support a fixed broadhead.

  1. Improved performance is provided by robust “ElastiMax” material.
  2. Thinner cross-section for less weight.
  3. Thicker profile vanes for more excellent broadhead performance and increased durability 
  4. Weight: 7.5 gr. 

Max hunters are noisier in flight due to their ribs, but no animal has jumped the string. They are dangerous. They fly well with broadheads in wind gusts and are almost 5/8″ tall.


For this purpose, he uses B.C.Y. 3D string. The 3D bow string service from B.C.Y. is a great all-purpose material. It is made up of three-ply twisted Dyneema or spectra material and has a diameter of.017. It enables tight yet flexible servings. The B.C.Y. 3d serving works well to tie in drop-away rests, peep sights, and nocking points and functions as the end serving on a bowstring or cable. A jig spool has 120 yards, and a breaking strength of 65 pounds is required.


Joe spends most of his time thinking about and practicing archery; he compares it to coffee. Joe Rogan is very busy traveling and recording his podcast. But he always makes time to hone his abilities

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