How to Wear a Hip Quiver Correctly (& Why It Matters)

So you want to know how to wear a hip quiver properly.

Well, there is no right and wrong way to wear a hip quiver. You can wear it on the right or left side with arrows facing forward or backward. But it should be comfortable and do not hinder your movement.

How to wear a hip quiver?

Traditionally hip quiver is worn on the same side as the hand that will be drawing arrows from it. Right side for a right-handed archer, left side for left.

how to wear a hip quiver

Arrow Quiver

Now many people will start archery without getting a quiver. And this may be because you’re a cutting cost or perhaps the kit that you bought your bow with didn’t come with the quiver.

Getting one is a bit of a luxury for some people but it is actually quite an important accessory.

There are different types of arrow quivers and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But here, we will be discussing hip quiver in detail.

Hip Quiver

This is probably the most popular and common type of quiver. It’s quite simple. As you wear a hip quiver on a belt, it sits along your hip. And you put arrows inside it.

This is very easy to use and probably the one that will come with your bow kit when you buy your first bow.

There’s nothing very complex about this. Often the hip quivers have multiple compartments or multiple tubes to get separate arrows according to whatever system you have.

Using a hip quiver is the easiest thing you can do. The arrows are right in the place to pull them out with just one single motion

Advantage of a Hip Quiver

The advantage of a hip quiver is that as I said earlier it is the easiest one to use.

All your arrows are right on your side. So it requires the least amount of effort to pull an arrow out. Another clear advantage is that you can literally see the arrows in your quiver. (target quiver)

This is good for a couple of reasons. One you can see how many arrows you have left so it is user-friendly.

Additionally, because you can see the arrows. For example, if you are marking your arrows in any way like numbering them and shooting them in a particular order then you can actually see which arrows you are shooting as well as any damage they may have visually.

So if you see a damaged arrow, you’ll probably detect it before you pull it out. Considering that the hip river’s normally come in multiple compartments, you can keep broken arrows in the last slot.

Disadvantage of a Hip Quiver

The main disadvantage of a hip quiver is that the arrows stick out forwards.

The fact that they protrude outwards means that you can bump into things. You can bump into doorways. So you have to be careful with how you carry this quiver and it might be a safety issue in some places.

Additionally, some hip rivers can be quite awkward. They can flap around on your leg. The better ones are heavier and they don’t do that. But the cheaper ones tend to do so.

Apart from that, the main reason why you see these hip quivers primarily on the shooting line is convenience.

The fact that the arrows are near your hand and you pull them out to shoot, you put them back in when you’re done makes it very convenient.

How to Wear a Hip Quiver

The question “how to wear a hip quiver” seems simple. But many beginners often get confused.

  • Should they wear hip quiver on the right side or left side?
  • Should the arrows be angled forward or backward?

First and foremost, how you wear a hip quiver depends on what is comfortable for you. There is no right or wrong way, it is just what is comfortable to you.

It’s a matter of personal preference and I have seen people do it in different ways. However, there are some efficient and practical ways that most archers would suggest.

Well technically, the only wrong way to wear a hip quiver is with the mouth facing downwards

Right Side Or Left Side?

Obviously, a hip quiver will be on the side of your draw hand, otherwise, your bow will strike the quiver as you shoot.

If you are right-handed and shoot with the right hand, you’ll draw your arrows with that hand as well so it’s best to hang the quiver on your right side. The same applies to left-handed.

How to wear a hip quiver?

As a general rule, wear a hip quiver on the same side as the arm that is drawing the bowstring. Right side for right-handed archers, left side for left-handed archers.

Facing Forward Or Rearward?

It can go on either way.

Note that there are two types of hip quivers.

  • field quivers: face toward the rear
  • target quivers or commonly known as hip quiver: face toward the front
Field Quiver
Field Quiver
Target Quiver
Target Quiver (commonly known as hip quiver)

As the name suggests, field quiver is designed for hunting and target quiver is designed for target archery.

Both the hip quivers; field quivers and targets quivers are made right and left-handed. So if you are right-handed you need to buy a right-handed field or target quiver. Also, the same for left-handed.

How to Choose the Best Hip Quiver

First, you need to determine the usage of your hip quiver.

Are you planning to use it for field hunting or do you need a hip quiver for target archery?

By answering these questions, you will narrow down the type of hip quiver that you will need.

  • If you need to place your arrows in quiver for the hunting game, look for field quiver. The main advantage of the field quiver is that the arrows are out of the way. You have complete freedom of movement in front of you.
  • If you need a hip quiver for target practice, get a target quiver. The main advantage of the target quiver is that you are able to see the arrows making it easier to draw the arrows.

Secondly, the selection of hip quivers also depends on whether you are a right-handed archer or left-handed.

Quivers are made right and left-handed

It’s better to get a right-handed quiver if you handle the arrow with your right hand. No doubt the better option for a left-handed archer will be left-handed quiver.

Best Hip Quiver

Easton Flipside 3-Tube Hip Quiver

best Hip Quiver

Great for Left and Right Shooters

  • Comfortable, Lightweight, and Durable
  • Detachable pocket attached with velcro
  • 3 tube quiver to keep arrows separate
  • Easy clip to snap on your belt or pocket

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  1. All the hip quivers in on-line catalogs have arrows facing backwards. I like may arrows facing front, and this seems to be “wrong” for target shooting in my area. USA

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