How Hard is it to Load a Crossbow

How Hard is it to Load a Crossbow? Safety Guide

Do you know how hard it is to Load a Crossbow? It might not look easy because the powerful bows have a draw weight of more than 300 lbs.

But loading a crossbow is not very hard. It is easier to load a crossbow using cocking rope and crank device.

However, the level of difficulty varies for different kinds of crossbows.

The compound crossbow’s draw weight is around 80 lbs, and recurve Crossbow’s weight is around 300 lbs. Keeping in view of the bow’s weight, the compound bow is easier to load than recurve Crossbow.

Crossbow manufacturers also produce cocking ropes to pull the cock; you don’t need to pull the bow with your hands. Although you can pull the cock with your hand, bow manufacturers recommend using rope instead pulling with your hands.

There are two primary reasons due why the manufacturer recommends using cocking rope. 

  • You might get injured when cocking your bow with your hands.
  • It can create uneven pressure on the bow limb. 

Loading Crossbow with Hands

Following is the procedure to load the crossbow bear handed:-

  • Make sure that the safest option is switched off. It means the safety feature should be in a position of fire.
  • Place the Crossbow’s front on the ground and put your foot on the strap.
  • Use gloves while pulling the strip of your Crossbow.
  • Put the strip into the trigger box, and it creates a sound which means that the safety feature of your crossbow switches on automatically. Do not load the arrow by putting your hand in front of it. You need to switch off the feature if you want to shoot.

Loading the Crossbow with your hands is a bit difficult and dangerous. The only reason bows manufacturers recommend using cocking rope to pull the string. Pulling the string is 50% easier with the help of cocking rope.  

Using Cocking Rope

Following is the procedure to load the bow with the help of cocking rope:-

  • Place the Crossbow’s front on the ground and put your foot in the stirrup. This will offer a uniform strength for cocking your Crossbow.
  • Place cocking rope on the stock. Usually, a crossbow has a groove behind the stock. Set the middle of the rope in the groove.
  • With the hook facing away, position it beneath the crossbow cord too close to the shooting rail or on it. Do the same on each end. 
  • Pull the cocking rope from the handles and put it into the trigger box. It will create a sound which means the safety feature of your Crossbow is switched on automatically. 
  • Get rid of the cocking rope and load the arrow carefully. It is necessary to switch on the safety feature while loading an arrow.

Using Crank Device

Loading the Crossbow with the help of a crank device is the third option, and the following are the steps to load the Crossbow using a crank device.

  • Loading crossbow with the help of a crank device makes the complete procedure easier than other procedures. It would decrease the draw weight and will become 15 lbs only.
  • With the help of a crank device, you can decrease the stress on your body.
  • Cranks are either fixed to the stock permanently or fixed and then removed once cocking and earlier to the shot. A crank’s function is the same as a boat winch’s function. It helps to reduce the draw weight. Crank cocking devices also support predators to counter mobility issues. 
  • Loading with a crank is the same as using a cocking rope, with the change that you are not drawing the cord by hand. You draw it by rotating a lever.


How solid do you have to be to load a crossbow?

You should aim for 150 pounds to load a crossbow, but feel free to go even higher. Remember that the most significant game type comprises Grizzlies and Kodiak. Get the solid Crossbow you can, even if a crank is required. The Draw weight may be up to 200 pounds or possibly more than 200 pounds draw weight.

Can you load the Crossbow with your hands?

You can load the Crossbow with your hands, but it is necessary to use gloves for loading the bow. It would help if you carefully loaded the bow with your hand.  

Are crossbows difficult to cock?

No, crossbows are not difficult to cock. Use devices like cock rope and crank device to cock the crossbow

How long can I leave my Crossbow loaded?

You can leave your Crossbow loaded for up to 24 hours.

How far can a 150 lb crossbow shoot?

It’s a mighty crossbow. It is the best fit for shooting games. The swiftness of its bolts (210 fps speed for a maximum distance of 164 yds and perfect shot at 27-33 yds) will fulfill both hunting and target archers.

Final Thoughts

With development and innovation in archery products, you don’t need to think about How Hard it is to Load a Crossbow. I have discussed all three methods by which you can load a crossbow. My recommendation is to use the method of the crank. It’s one of the best methods to load a crossbow. It reduces the draw weight with a considerable margin.

The bow manufacturers are building crossbows in which the crank is fixed permanently for the ease of their archers, or cocking rope is included in the package. You can use one of the methods given above, but you have to be more careful while loading the bow with the help of your hands.

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