5 Highest and Heaviest Draw Weight Compound Bow

5 Highest and Heaviest Draw Weight Compound Bow

A compound bow is a bow that employs a levering mechanism, often made of cords and pulleys, to bend the limbs in contemporary archery. Compound bows are often employed for hunting and target practice.

Heaviest Draw Weight Compound Bow

PSE produced the heaviest production model compound bow, which had a draw weight of 100 pounds. The maximum bow weight for the most widely used bows is 80 lbs., according to the makers. However, bigger weights could be made to order or fabricated just for you.

Common Draw weights available

It might be challenging to discover a compound bow with a draw weight of more than 70 pounds because most of the major manufacturers provide 70 pounds as their heaviest draw weight. However, those searching for exceptionally high draw weights have a variety of possibilities.

Heavy Draw Weight Bows

In the past, some very enormous compound bows have been made. After extensive research, some main are listed below:

Hoyt Maxxis Dangerous Game

The Hoyt Maxxis 35 Dangerous Game is a limited-edition model, the normal Maxxis 35 is offered in weight ranges from 40 to 80 lbs. The second set of limbs in this unique configuration can support objects weighing between 80 and 90 pounds. The Maxxis 35 Dangerous Game also boasts a wood grip, stronger components, and special graphics on the limbs.


  1. The draw length may be changed without the need for a bow press.
  2. The bow is light and well-balanced.
  3. It has a smooth back wall and no vibration.

In summary, the Hoyt Maxxis 35 is a lightweight, balanced bow with excellent shoot ability and minimal vibration. This premier hunting bow, which comes in weight ranges of 40 pounds to 90 pounds, is perfect for large game hunters or anybody searching for a high-quality rig. Despite not being the most affordable bow available, many shooters agree that this top-notch setup is enjoyable to use.

Mathews Monster Safari Bow:

In 2013, the Mathews Monster Safari hunting bow was the best. It is fast and of incredible quality. This bow is at the very top of the market and raises the bar far higher than anything else. It is fit, strong, and of high quality.  It has incredible strength and can generate over 115 ft/lbs. of kinetic energy. The Safari is one of the greatest bows with durability, smoothness high speed, and quality. Despite these only rich can afford it.


  1. It has high strength and steadiness.
  2. It is powerful and unbreakable.
  3. It is made of high-quality material.

This is the most expensive bow Mathews has ever produced, and it has the resources to back it up. The main distinctions that give the Safari its worth are the AVS cam system, Honeycomb Core Technology throughout, and African Wood Inlays. The twin cam bow produces incredible speed and power. It is easy to fire and has enough ammunition to kill any animal on earth. It may have a slightly smaller market because it is only available in 70- and 85-pound draw weights. For those who can afford or are prepared to spend more than double the price of most top-end bows, however, its price tag will make its niche even more limited.

PSE Mach 4:

PSE sold the Mach 4 before coming out with the Gorilla. The Mach 4 was listed by PSE as having been manufactured for the 1992 model year and had an additional peak draw weight of 90 pounds.  The bow has 41 inches axle to axle length.

For Mach 4, there was a variety of draw lengths available from 28 to 32 inches, but if you needed the 90-pound draw weight, your options were just 30 to 32 inches.

PSE Evoke 35 EC:

The Evoke 35 EC is a true all-purpose bow that can handle any type of archery with ease. The Evoke 35 EC has an IBO rating of just 328 feet per second, which is quite sluggish by 2019 standards. However, it has 35 inches of axle-to-axle stability and a brace height of approximately 7 inches. For the Evoke, PSE included two riser bridges, which significantly increase the riser’s strength and stiffness while limiting the overall empty bow weight to a comfortable 4.5 pounds. Overall, the Evoke 35 EC meets the needs of shooters who want one bow to handle all types of shooting or who want more steadiness on target. For those looking for a longer, more forgiving model, the bow shoots and targets quite well.


  1. Evolve Cam System is available in a 35-inch axle-to-axle bow.
  2. The new bridging riser design increases the strength.

The Evoke 35 EC is a Pro Series bow that may be utilized in the woods for those looking for a longer axle-to-axle hunting bow, as well as at the highest level of competition archery. The Evoke 35 is not a very quick bow, but the accommodating platform and simplicity of holding this bow on target make up for the few feet per second slower arrow speeds.

Hoyt Helix:

As carbon riser bows gained a lot of fame among archers, Hoyt spends a lot of money and launched a bow named Hoyt helix. The Helix is a great option for those shooters, delivering all the advantages of the RX-3 series without the carbon riser. To keep everything operating perfectly, the Helix receives the same updated grip, new cams, a new riser design, and broad limbs with zero tolerance pockets.


  1. With an aluminum riser, it offers all REDWRX rig benefits.
  2. A small design with 30.5-inch axle-to-axle spacing is available.
  3. It provides 350 feet per second of arrow speed.
  4. It has a new grip, new clutches, and new cams

The Helix is a bowhunter’s dream bow because of how easily it draws for the down-range speed and precision generated, yet it is small with a 30.5-inch axel-to-axel measurement. The Helix is a real winner for individuals looking for the most recent Hoyt technology without having to pay as much as the carbon model.

Benefits of Heavy Bow Draw Weight:

Primarily, heavy draw weight bows tend to transfer more energy to the arrow thus increasing its speed. But some other advantages are also mentioned below:

  1. The depth of penetration is a highly important factor for hunters. You must penetrate deeply enough to eliminate your target.  Faster arrows will pierce your target more deeply and it can only be possible with a heavy bow draw weight.
  2. You may shoot stiffer, heavier arrows with a heavier bow. The wind has less effect on these heavier arrows. At long distances, this advantage is most apparent.
  3. Thick materials are used to create limbs with higher draw weights. As a result, these limbs are stronger and less likely to break.

Disadvantages of Heavy Bow Draw Weight:

Heavy bow draw weights don’t cause any disadvantage in archery, but you surely need to get trained to handle it. Most of the archers suffer fatigue and discomfort issues. In severe cases, these heavyweight bows may lead to shoulder surgery.


Heavy draw weight bows are the best choice for hunting and archery competitions. If you are a professional archer, you should invest in one and give yourself a new hot experience

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