hay bales for archery target

Hay Bales For Archery Target: How Does It Work?

To start practising archery, it is essential to have the best material for archery targets. In addition, the target should be something you can easily practise with. Therefore, many people prefer reusable archery targets. Before you decide to buy a 3D target option for your practice, You must consider various types of archery targets being available and affordable. One of the most ideal yet affordable options that come to mind is hay bales for target practice.

Hay Bales for Archery Target

Hay Bales For Archery target can surely be used and comes with many benefits and disadvantages, which users must know about. It is the commonly used and quite old way of practising targets. It is ideal for beginners trying to learn archery to target hay bales.


Pros Of Hay Bale Archery Target

  • Hay bales for archery are ideal for beginners. They are cheap and big in size
  • The arrows easily penetrate hay bales, target
  • Can easily handle large target faces
  • Can be constructed easily
  • Can be positioned as required
  • Helpful in stopping targets

Cons Of Hay Bales For Target Practice

  • Hay bales for target practice can degrade quite quickly
  • It can get affected by weather 
  • Sometimes it may not be dense enough to prevent the arrow
  • It can prove to be expensive in case of long-term practice


Easy To Make Them 

One of the fundamental reasons that have increased the popularity of hay bales for target practice is that they are indeed quite convenient to make. These are just straw bales for archery targets that you can easily pile together and target at. In Spite of their simple and average design, there is quite a lot to it as well as what meets the eye.

All you require is that you must stack them in a proper manner. Keep in mind you can’t stack hay bales for archery like you are working in a hayfield. You can even throw them all together and can also consider them as types of archery targets, but it will not be as efficient because the arrow cannot pierce it properly. And it will kill the overall purpose of practice as a whole.

Therefore, the ideal way to stack hay bales for target practice is to compress them. Keep in mind you will not be able to compress it fully as the best material for archery targets. Instead of this, you must try to stack them properly. This can be done by putting them together properly and then fixing them with a rope or wire. This will make the hay bale archery target as tight and rigid as possible.

After this, you can easily add an actual target on hay bales for archery, and you are all set to practise. All you require is to maintain it quite properly to make hay bales target as a long term and reusable archery target.

Try tossing these Morrell targets over hay bales for target practice in a great manner, having all entire points and zones in itself. If you are someone who requires visual representation and references before you start making archery target hay bales, then don’t worry because this tutorial video is all you need.


Easy To Maintain Them

One of the best things about hay bales target practising is that they are highly easy to maintain for the long term. The only thing you will require is to keep hay bales for target practice safe from places where extreme hot conditions are present or prevent them from getting near the water or wet area.

Maintaining them is as simple as this. There are two basic reasons to keep them safe from hot or wet conditions. If you put them alongside a source of heat or even let hay bales target in the sun, there is a lot of chance that they may get burned. Therefore, you must keep them far from the source of heat.

Similarly, you must also keep them safe from water and any type of source that can make archery target hay bales wet. The entire worth and makeup of hay bales for target practice lie in their dryness. If the hay bales target is dry, then you can easily control it, move it and use it properly. On the other hand, if it’s moist, you can still make hay bales from it, but you cannot be able to use it as a type of archery target.

So as long as you are keeping it safe from water or rain or electric power or heat exposure, make sure that you can easily use these hay bales for target practice without incurring any issues. Considering all these benefits, another most important benefit of using hay bales for archery is that they are quite affordable.

We have also mentioned here how you can make your hay bale archery target for practice to be used for a longer time period.


Quite Affordable 

Another great thing about hay bales for target practice is that they are easily available and affordable to use. You don’t require lots of money to opt for the option of hay bales for target practice. Except if you want your hay bales for target practice to look presentable and also professional, you can spend some money and simply make one in your spare time.

All you require is hay bales for the target. You can also spend some time on market research to find out the quality of hay on the local farm nearby. By doing so, you can easily make hay bales for target practice by tightening and unifying all the original hay bales for target practice in a combined manner.

You can even find hay that you can use for hay bales for target practice by yourself. In both ways, you must expect that you will create a straw bale archery target within a limited budget. The aspect that will separate you from making your archery target hay bale is that you have to collect hay for it.

Now you can easily practise it at any time as a popular quote in a movie says,” Built It, and they will come.”


Begin Training For Archery Today!

As mentioned above, you can easily start practising archery by using a straw bale archery target. It is considered the part and beauty of the discipline itself. You are not required to have high-end or fancy equipment to begin our training for archery. You can easily start it today by collecting some hay. 

Sooner you will find out that your journey has evolved with time. It will become one of those where you will get the chance to follow your passion and do something great for yourself. All you need is to collect some hay and bind it together and begin practising.

Hay bales for target practice is indeed an accomplished feeling that associates you with the essence of archery from various centuries ago. Soon you will realise it.

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