DryShod Boots Vs Muck Boots

DryShod Boots Vs Muck Boots: InDepth Comparison & Reviews

If we compare dryshod boots vs muck boots, while Mucks have their customer base but Dryshods are considered superior for multiple applications and are also a safe option for ice fishing too. So, it is safe to say that you’ll be more happy and satisfied if you opt for Dryshod. 



As per the surveys and data collected from users about the experience regarding Dryshod boots vs Muck boots, we got these findings:







✓(Arctic Ice -60)




✓(Big Bobby)








Check Price on Amazon

Check Price on Amazon

Can’t go through the full article? Here’s the highlight. Muck and Dryshod both are quite similar in terms of performance, but most customers prefer choosing Dryshod Boots.

While it can be seen that the Dryshod are better in finishing when we compare Dryshod vs Muck right out of the box.

Also, customers have shown dissatisfaction when Muck boots have been used in the brush after which rips can be seen in the neoprene lining, and on the other hand, Dryshods are more durable in the same.

Are dryshod boots any good?

When we compare Dryshod vs Muck for farm work, customers  mostly preferred Dryshod and also  made fewer claims for warranty in comparison to Muck.

On the other hand, people also prefer Muck Boots for the fit, also they are preferred choice for ice fishing as they provide better results in cold conditions and Muck’s Arctic Ice model can handle tough temperatures to -60F.


Dryshod vs Muck: Breathability

Dryshods are more breathable if we compare Dryshod boots vs Muck boots due to the 4-way stretch mesh lining. On the other hand, Muck uses the same material which gives additional warmth and if you are not in extreme weather conditions, then Dryshod is a preferred option to avoid sweating. 

Another reason is that waterproof neoprene is used while constructing Dryshod and due to the Hydrokote water repellent process Dryshods keep the feet dry in wet conditions. While Mucks are constructed using neoprene bootie that isn’t much efficient. So, Dryshods have better breathability and waterproofing if we compare Dryshod vs Muck.


Dryshod vs Muck: Durability

While most of the consumers feel satisfied with the durability of both brands. But an aggressive outsole and reinforced tuck board is the reason why consumers feel Dyshods are more durable than Muck boots. However, both of the brands having a good rating for durability.


Cold Weather Performance: Dryshod vs Muck

While both of the brands have a satisfactory performance in cold weather conditions. The nano-scale hydrophobic coating enables Dryshod to repel water and avoids getting iced up in freezing weather conditions.

In extreme cold situations, Mucks Arctic Ice sport Model can provide protection down to -60 F. This is also the reason why Mucks are preferred by ice fishermen and also because Mucks have better ice traction than Dryshods if we compare Dryshod vs Muck.



In terms of value for money, Dryshod are usually preferred and seem to be the first choice for consumers.

On the other hand if we compare Dryshod vs Muck, Mucks have both positive and negative feedback from customers. This is also because of the misconception regarding the size and fitting which may result in reduced comfort for users.

This can be avoided if the purchase is being done from places like Amazon where there are no questions asked upon return.



For the customers this seems to create confusion for both brands. So, to avoid this it is preferred to shop from a place like Amazon where the return policy is simple and easy. After all, the better fitting will create fewer problems.

Keeping this in mind, if you have wide feet then it is preferred to go for Dryshod’s Big Bobby as these are made specifically for this purpose.

Mucks on the other hand come with ‘unisex sizing’ and for women finding a proper fit Muck, the boot is easy if we compare Dryshod vs Muck.


Customer Reviews

Most of the customers have provided much positive feedback for Dryshod boots when we compare Dryshod vs Muck. A few customers have also provided positive feedback for Mucks and that too for the better fir and sizing. But, those same customers acknowledged that even though they liked the boots, they feel these are not much durable.

“If we compare both, Dryshods seem to have a better build than Mucks. They Feel great, even though they may look a lot like Mucks, but are much better actually”.

“I have tried, bogs, Lacrosse, even Mucks but I guess Dryshod are the best. That maybe because of the premium materials that they are made of and you can easily tell that”

“I have tried both Mucks and Dryshod but bought Mucks. Though the Dryshod looked better in quality, Mucks fitted me better so just bought them”.

“I decided to buy Dryshod because the shank was much stiffer. The Mucks at the store had a more soft shank and that did not feel comfortable”.

So, it is safe to say that you’ll be more happy and satisfied if you opt for Dryshod.



While comparing Dryshod boots vs Muck boots, these are the favorite models from both brands.


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