Buying Archery Equipment

Buying Archery Equipment: Full set 2024

Learning archery is a fascinating adventure in any case. It’s critical to get the correct equipment once you’ve gotten into the activity. The appropriate pieces of equipment are as necessary as your talent in the sport. Having a bow customized to your draw length and arrows that are cut to the proper length will significantly improve your accuracy. You’ll feel more at ease shooting if your gear fits you well.

Read our archery buyers’ guide to help you purchase the correct archery gear. The article includes details of buying archery equipment sets as well as specific beginner archery bow and shooting types with prices.


Various Types Of Bow

Below mentioned are three significant types of bows.

Traditional Bows With Budget £350+

Buying Archery Equipment

Traditional bows such as flat bows or longbows are permanently considered the joined length of wood. It is composed of either a single piece of timber or various wood strips glued together. These bows do not break down into tiny pieces and can be up to 6 feet long, making storage and transport quite considerable.

Quality longbows or flatbows are known to be more expensive compared to good recurve bows. Traditional bows cannot upgrade, and the price in general for a starter kit is the same compared to a recurve setup.

Recurve Bows With Budget £325+

Buying Archery Equipment

The term recurve refers to the appearance of the bow, which is generally used to take down bows that possess a riser with a variety of detachable limbs and accessories. An extensive array of parts is available, starting from budget through professional. The significant advantage of a recurve bow is that the components can be upgraded in various stages separately. It will not let you upgrade the whole bow at once. It is the kind of bow that many people get training with.

Compound Bow With Budget £1,225+

Buying Archery Equipment

Compound bows are the most innovative and high-end bows available, focusing on accuracy and speed. Significantly shorter than a longbow or assembled recurve bows, these are intended to be left-aligned. Various benefits of compound bows include utilizing peep sights for accuracy and using “let off,” which minimizes the force.

However, these are not budget-friendly to purchase, and their accessories are pretty expensive compared to recurve bows. Additionally, these bows require high customization for the archer. There isn’t any bow in the market with a wider variety of adjustments that focus on accommodating the juniors while they learn and grow.

Various Types of Shooting

Below mentioned are three significant categories of shooting.


This kind of bow is shot without any accessories such as stabilizers, sights or arrow rests. The traditional bows and sometimes recurve bows are usually shot barebow.

Typical Recurve

The recurve bows can be fitted with the help of arrow rest, sight, stabilizers, clickers, and vibration/weight dampers. You can utilize a cheap and good arrow rest for the initial phase or starting point. The long rod and various other accessories can be added later on or upgraded.

Typical Compound

The compound bows have pretty different rules than recurve bows and are convenient to shoot with higher accuracy. These are generally fitted with the help of arrow rests, magnified front sights, stabilizers, and peep signs.

What Does The Complete Package Involve?

Various items and equipment are required that help you shoot and maintain a bow properly. These accessories are mentioned below with some typical prices.

Arm Guard £5

Time and again, the bowstring is likely to contact your arm. An armed guard helps deflect the string and keeps you safe from any injury or bruising. These are considered comparatively cheap and are present in almost all sizes.

Finger Tab £10

If you are shooting off the fingers, a finger tab is required. These are used for two main reasons. One is to prevent fingers from the forces exerted by the bowstring, and the second is to help the bowstring pass smoothly using minimal friction. 

Arrow Rest £18

Many archers are recommended to have a quality magnetic arrow rest such as the Spigarelli Magnetic Arrow Rest. It is not considered that expensive as it ranges under £ 20. Compound bow shooters can access various arrow rests ranging from £20 to £100.

Pressure Button £10

This device is needed to counteract the variety of movement and forces developed due to arrow shots and deflect with the help of recurve bows. Various recurve risers consist of a free pressure button ideal for use and don’t require replacement till archery skills are improved.

Sight £30

Many sights include top-end sights with fine adjustments and excellent stability and are required to shoot from long distances. Therefore, a comparatively low-budget presence is advised to be utilized initially to decrease the outlay.

Stabilizers £15

These are used by adding to the bow, helping archers hold the bow firmly, and reducing the vibration level.

Bow String £7

There are various options available, of which the most quality one includes for modern recurve a ‘Fast Flight’ type string should be purchased. Dacaron (aka B50 or B55) strings should be considered for typical bows.

Arrow Puller £4

These are known as lumps made of silicon to facilitate arrow gripping and allow removal from the target boss conveniently. They come in two forms: a larger cylindrical body with a slot cut to fit in the hand and a small square form that wraps around the needle.

Bow Stringer £5

A bow stringer adjusts over the ends of the limbs allowing the archer to deflect the bow sufficiently via removing or installing string.

Stand £10

These are responsible for holding the bow safely and above the ground when not in use. A U-shaped holder helps to sit the bow grip. Various complex stands include the SF Chrome (YAM) stand.

Bag / Case £35

A bag or bow case offers enough storage for a bow, arrow, and various accessories to keep them protected. Recurve bows are generally carried around in backpacks, including an arrow storage tube. At the same time, compound bows can be brought in hand-carried bags.

Quiver £15

A quiver allows you to store arrows and various accessories while shooting. It comes in a wide range of pockets and extra pouches, as well as a simple arrow holder.

Clickers £8

Clickers are magnetic devices or spring strips that involve the arrow inserted under them until it is drawn back. The clicker is then made available to swing back and hit the riser while making a clicking noise. Clickers assist by ensuring that arrows are drawn back within a consistent distance every time.

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