Bowtech realm SR6

Bowtech realm SR6 Full Review: 2024

For several years, bowtech has been the best creative manufacturer in the archery industry productions. One of its productions, the bowtech realm SR6, is considered the most powerful, fastest, and extraordinary outcome of the realm series. The optimization of the speed is the thing that every archer wants.

So, to optimize the speed, it is designed as a new strategically-overdrive binary cam system, which has made it possible to enhance its speed to 352 FPS.

The harsh draw cycle is only associated with the bows that have the ability of high speed, but there is nothing like that with the Realm SR6. It is so comfortable, and its engineers have worked a lot to make its structure according to the best market requirements in the industry of archery.

This review will discuss the specifications and extraordinary features of the realm SR6 that have made it a unique model in the realm series.

Here, you will know the specs, let off, draw length adjustment, and much more qualities and information about Bowtech realm SR6.


Bowtech realm review

The bowtech Realm is excellent for shooters who want a significant and compact hunting bow. In the bowtech realm series, bowtech realm SR6 arises as a new advancement and up gradation in bow and archery technology.

Its user-friendly structure, compatible size, and feet per second (FPS) speed have made it unique in realm series as well in the industry of archery.

Grip and Size

The ideal grip of bowtech realm SR6 and its conformity with the User’s hand made it a distinguished bow among the archers. Its grip is comfortable and repeatable.

The balanced structure of SR6 is a unique quality of this bow that makes it adorable for people with a great interest in archery. The balance is the thing that shooters care about most during a shooting. It is made balanced, and it sits vertically in a user’s hand in a comfortable way.

Bowtech Realm SR6 Let-off

What is meant by let off? When the cams rollover, then with the help of cams, the draw weight reduces, so the shooter is holding considerably less weight at full draw. The amount of the weight which is reduced is used to calculate the let off of the bow. When the reduction in the holding weight occurs at full draw, then it is known as Le off of the bow.

The let off of the bow is calculated in percentage. And let off is so helpful for the archers when they are in competition or shooting because it enables the archers to hold a bow at full draw (FD).

As long as Realm SR6 is concerned, its let-off has created a significant part in its acceptance among the archers. The percentage of let off in Realm SR6 is 80% to 86%. This let-off percentage of SR6 allows its users to hold less weight at full draw. With the help of this great let off percentage, the archers can use Realm SR6 in hunting and shooting easily.

Bowtech Realm SR6 Draw length Adjustment

How far a bow is pulled back can be measured by the bow’s draw length. The draw length of every bow depends on the archer and his size and his compatibility with the bow. The draw length is different for different persons. The archery company can estimate and measure it from where you have bought the bow. Sometimes, it can be adjusted by the archers.

Bowtech realm SR6 has introduced great features in draw length adjustment. You do not need to use or make a chart while adjusting the draw length on the Realm SR6 because draw length numbers are already marked on the cam of Realm SR6. Therefore, with the help of these marked numbers, we can easily adjust the draw length according to our requirements.

The draw length adjustment of the Bowtech Realm SR6 ranges from 25.5 to 30 inches and are made by revolving and rotating the “module” on the cam of Realm SR6.

Bowtech Realm SR6 Specs

Accuracy is the prime focus for all bowhunters and shooters. Realm SR6 is designed and built to represent the brand’s accuracy and authenticity towards accuracy in the archery industry.

To understand the distinguished qualities of Bowtech realm SR6 properly, we are going to discuss the specs of realm SR6.

Bowtech Realm SR6


  • Height: 6 inches
  • Axle To axle Bow Of 32 Inch.
  • Speed: 352 feet per second (Fps),
  • Best Speed In Archery Industry
  • The Draw weight (DW): 50. 60 and 70 pounds.
  • The Draw length (DL): 25 to 30 inches
  • Let off is 80% to 86%

BoWTECh realm SR6 vs Realm SS

Bowtech realm SR6

The bowtech Realm SS and Realm SR6 are comprised of great features and archery technologies that have made it possible for you to improve your hunting and shooting arrow experience in every way.

The balance, grip, accuracy, let-off, and all other bows’ features have made them the fabulous creations of bowtech in archery. Many differences, similarities, and collective behaviors can be seen in the overDrive Binary Cam system.

Here, we will discuss some similarities and dissimilarities of bowtech Realm SR6 and Realm SS

  • SR6 is defined as “Speed Redefined” due to its remarkable speed of 352 feet per second. And Realm SS is known as “Super Smooth”. And bowtech made all efforts in Realm SS to make it the smoothest bow in the history of archery.
  • Both the bows are similar in axle to axle. SR6 and SS are both 32 inches in Axle-to-Axle.
  • The brace heights of Both the bows are 6 Inches.
  • Draw length of Realm SS is 25 to 31 inches, the DL of Realm SR6 is 25.5 to 30 inches.
  • The mass weight of both bows is 4.3 pounds.
  • The Draw Weight (DW) of Realm SS and Realm SR6 is 50, 60 and 70 pounds.
  • The speed of Bowtrech realm SS on performance setting is 337 Fps, and the speed of Realm SR6 is 352 Fps.

Both the bows played a great role in the industry of archery. The speed of SR6 and smoothness of SS has made them a remarkable contribution in the archery technology for which the shooters were waiting a lot.

Realm SR6 Usage Scenarios

The bowtech realm SR6 is known as a hunting bow by its structure and design. Its 32-inch axle to axle measurement is compatible during hunting situations. Its accuracy and feet per second speed create a remarkable influence among the archers.

It has a compact design and longer brace height that is suitable for hunting and shooting. Its 80% to 86% let-off makes it possible for the shooters to make it comfortable according to the size and requirements of the shooters during shooting.

Pros and Cons


  • Bowtech Realm SR6  Is The Upgrade And New Model Of Realm Series By Bowtech.
  • It Has A Remarkable Speed Of 352 Fps Produced By The Weighed Overdrive Binary Cam System.
  • A Compact And Designed Hunting Bow With Faster Than Average Speeds.
  • It Is So Comfortable In Shooting And Hunting For Archers.
  • Realm SR6 Is a 2019 Outdoor Life Editor’s Choice Award Winner Bow.
  • It Is A Bow With A Highly Smooth Draw Cycle


  • The Specs Are Similar To The Previous Models Of The Realm Series.
  • The MSRP Of Realm SR6  $1099 Is High For An All-Aluminium Bow.
  • Faulty Limbs And Poor Finish Has Caused Some Issues For Bowtech In Previous Years.

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